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Eye of The Derpy

Reference: S6E23"Where the Apple Lies"
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Dalek: Exterminate.
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Well, no wonder she doesn't want to straighten her eyes. :XD:
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Did her eyes reverse the laser surgery by absorbing the lasers, then shooting them off again? xD
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Actually, I had a friend who had that surgery. There’s nothing wrong with the eyes themselves, per se, but rather, the socket muscles just can’t coordinate to keep them in sync. What causes that varies from paralysis, to Damage to just plain laziness in one eye. Normally not a big deal for a horse, since stereo isn’t that important to most herbivores.

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Literally laser eye surgery
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i knew somebody would beat me to that joke
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Quickly, give Derpy some ruby shade glasses.
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Derpy... is Cyclops?!  Actually, come to think of it, she'd look kinda cool with a visor like his.
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She's the "pride of the X-Men"?  The franchise is doomed. LOL
I don't know who I feel sorry for more: Derpy or the doctor.
demoman crab: that wasn't suppose to happened... 
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I don't get how it's a reference to the episode
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You can see derpy having eye surgery in the hospital
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Ah thanks, I saw it now. Somehow I missed it when I first watched it
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laser eye surgery gone wrong ;-)
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Laser Surgery!
I get it!
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Wickedly terrifying power I might say. 
One day her power will grow to the point that she simply shoots lasers in two different directions when her eyes are derped. Then the world will be doomed.
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Hmm, I wonder if this would happen if they did that to Cyclops?
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