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Equestria Girls Celestia and Luna

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I have wrote a book about Princess Celestia became ruler of Pony Equestria once again after she became young. Same with all of the ponies, including the Mane 8 young again, reverting Twilight Sparkle back to her original form but still kept the wings. She then helped her Human Counterpart (the one with glasses) be rehabilitated into a princess and true leader just like her after setting her free from the Midnight Demon thanks to this one hero. The hero wanted all the ponies and their human counterparts to be young again, reliving their teenage years with NO EVIL ruining their fun. It‘s also the only way to have them forge the Hero’s Sacred Sword with the Magic of Friendship. Uotapo, you should see it. I wish Lauren Faust should see that book I created as well. Maybe you should tell her, Uotapo. What do you say?