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I bet Drum Role and Bass Keys gave him grief after that

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I like coming to this every now and then and I really wished this happened. I don’t know why it didn’t. Maybe because the focus is mostly on the main 6, or maybe because the brony fandom hated flash because of the “waifu stealer” crap back in the day. Instead we got twilight with a camper who is probably in his twenties I think. Now that the show is over, I guess there’s nothing to do about it. All i can do is appreciate this ship and go on my day.

fr man. this is why you just gotta be a fan and appreciate the show without having to start a ruckus with the creepy fandom. like honestly, is being a lowkey and appreciative fan of the show that hard? fandoms are just annoying

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Drum Role: yo, Flash! What happened man?
Bass Keys: You look like you've seen a ghost.
Flash: Um . . . I kinda did.
Bass Keys: Told you this place was haunted.
Drum Role: NO YOU DIDN'T!
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¿Qué te parece este pequeño comic, Ro994?
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Recuerdo cuando lo vi por primera vez, antes de Friendship Games. Me hizo empezar a shipear SciFlash, así que es muy especial para mí :heart: Me encanta.
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Me alegra oír eso.
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Someone recolored your Art
Crystal Dawn meets Twilight by Angela911 Mark meets Lulu by Angela911 The first t snow met Snoopy by Angela911 (It's the Same Person)
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Who is this art thief you guys have been talking about?
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gawd, i hate art thiefs so much, just left a comment on all three.
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Their page is TERMINATED!
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I can't comment she blocked me :(
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did you report her before she blocked you?
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Not really I still don't understand the Reportsystem on DeviantART:(
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i just reported it, however the thief is very rude and called me a bitch xD
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I reported too!

But still not deactivated...
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Not only this one. I found some other recolored arts and reported them. I can't believe she can still do something like this and even argue with people telling her to delete it. 
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question is, why didn't deviantart do anything about my report? i reported the recoloured art pieces on 1st of November, it is now the 24th of December. DA needs to stop sleeping around and do something about it.
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Everyone works to have money. Hasbro works to have money and cares about money and for toys like transformers and that. stop about shippigns and  bla bla bla I prefer that the real human stays with him. Not with the princess. He overcame her and forgot about it by the words of sunset shimmer. But I want sci twi with flash.
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Look, I don't know why they do this. Because I can't stand this anymore. Stop saying about  flashs sentry with bla, bla bla they are not couple they are just friends.
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buddy. I respect your automatic image. but I do not like. Everybody hates this. But I prefer that the real human twilight (sci twi) is qude with flash.
In fact he forgot about her by the words of sunset shimmer and she is coming back with her but I prefer that sci twi stays with him.
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I understand your upset, but every buddy is a free man, he has his choice, his dreams, Like me, I love Twila and Flash and They are more than just friends. You do not see this, How do you hate this, ignore such a thing and solve the problem. Do not change people, if you can not change yourself the same. :omgomg: 
CrazyBrothersStyleR2's avatar
how change myself! If is just a simple drawing.
I like more sci twi the real human with him. And the only fault that was is Hasbro, and for that reason he was not considered as a boyfriend.  And you want me to change myself. You're big and old and we're not kids to play with.
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