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So crispy creamy tasty doughnuts...

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Luna probably eats dark chocolate because she's evil.
Godzilla278's avatar
Deleted scene go nightmare moon
TheCartoonWizard's avatar
we always get upset when someone eats our food without asking. Like when Marceline's dad ate her fries
Kleiner-Jay's avatar
Zoey - Left 4 Dead Emoticon (Princess Luna):watch out for the... *opens door* WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!
rochelle (Celestia is mentally crushed icon):mother of mercy!
evangelian007's avatar
Luna must have gotten those donuts from Rita Repulsa.
Macgyver644200's avatar
Luna immediately dove to save her poor doughnuts from her sister's merciless stomach.  It took a few hours for Cadance to stop laughing and help extract her.
LilllyEevee's avatar
Chibi Princess Luna Icon :SISTER WAY ARE YOU EATING MY DONUTS!! ;-;

Celestia smile : Forgive, my dear sister... I thought this where the uh... I kitchen was... M-my mistake... (put back the box of donuts back on the table, then exit the luna room)

Princess Luna (Cereal as well) Plz : Really?
Arancaytar's avatar
This happened five seconds before Nightmare Moon.
Yokuvika's avatar
Celestai, you fat bitch!
LucyxKimi's avatar
Oh no, Celestia, what did you do?
Yami-D-Sparx's avatar
OK seriously , what's up with fans depicting Celestia as a sweet-freak ?
CollectorsPrize's avatar
In the episode "Ponyville Confidential", the cmc wrote an article revealing that Celestia really, really likes cake. 
Robin-and-Foxy123's avatar
mmm Krispy Kreme...
xXAngelionXx's avatar
How dare you, Celestia!
SilenceDJ's avatar
Ooh, Celestia's tail is so long XD
Stegoraptor's avatar
Poor Luna... She can just get revenge with some cake
calliethecandycat's avatar
Krispy Kreme reference xD
LunarSolstice123's avatar
oh no! Tia what the heck! Poor luna XD
testfish123's avatar
luna in dat first pic though
DarthTriforce's avatar
Ha ha sneaky Celestia xD
keaton-furman-prower's avatar
And that's how Nightmare Moon was born :dummy:
supersonicfan110's avatar
good enough back story for me XD i would turn evil if someone took my doughnuts 
Giggling-Gabi's avatar
me when someone eats my doughnuts...
ALSO me when im caught eating someone elses doughnuts xD
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