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Dazzlings - Tsundere Ver.

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They look pretty nice here, although I'm sorry ... Aria Blaze is the real Tsundere of 3, and the only Tsundere-Chan of MLP.
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Ya boi outta left field:
Kleiner-Jay's avatar
reformed? oh hell.
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Aw... I'm dying of cuteness!
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Oh they're good.With my help they could be the best. 
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Can i use it please
I'd do anything for them!Love 
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I know right?

But if I had a choice on who to reform, it would definatly be sonata dusk
caballero-nocturno's avatar
So really really cute!!
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They might be reformed in the next movie.
I didn't like how Rainbow Rocks ended, I wish they were reformed like Sunset was
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Now do Yandere version!
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Aria's really made me go daw

In my opinion #Ariaisbestdazzling
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this is their reaction to you calling them cute. ..............heart exploded again.
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WOW Evil can be cute.
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HNNNG!!! My black heart hasn't beat this way in forever
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So freaking cute
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Cute, why they blushin'?
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A tsundere is a girl stereotype from japanese anime (cartoons). A tsundere is the type of girl who looks hard on the surface but has a soft and shy inside. So that's why tsunderes blush when someone compliments them, usually followed by the phrase "oh, shut up fool"
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Sonata and Aria look absolutely precious here.
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(Redmond and blutarch aare my ocs inspired ny the tf2 characters with the same name)Redmond and blutarch: heelllo ladies!
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