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Candle Fire

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Don't even have to put it in the oven. It cooks itself.

Ha, Ha, Ha Princess Celestia’s expressions here are priceless. GIF My Little Pony - Laugh Princess Celestia annoyed

Reminds me of a story abt a king who was really old and had A LOT of candles that nearly burn the cake. So he asked the firemen to put out the fire. But when the firemen sprayed the water on the cake, the cake was all wet! (And for some reason everybody was also wet) Nobody wants to eat a wet cake, do they?

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reminds me of a similar comic where Luna bakes a cake for Celestia, it's a single layer, and really, really, really long XD.

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Did you edit this "recently"?  I don't remember that "She likes bananas, chocolate cakes!" parts.
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Yo mama so old! Her birthday candles... caused GLOBAL WARMING!!! XD…
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The commoners aren't showing proper respect. Time to repeal those anti-torture laws. ;)
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Lol celestias face at the end
When 1000 years old you reach look as good you will not.
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See, this is why they make candles shaped like little numbers.
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celestia's birthday cake is a fire hazard.
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I think luna and the last one that can play with celestial age being that she is only one or two years younger
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i was just wondering "how did it take me so long to find all your awesome stuff..."
and then i stumbled upon this one, and realized that it's MY fault for not looking you up hen i saw this one
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Celestia is not amused, it seems. XD
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Why does Rainbow Dash looks like an aggressive Emperor? o.O
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That's what you get on your cake for living 1000 years
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At least a thousand years!
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My father did that for my mother's 40th birthday. There were so many holes in that cake when the candles were pulled out. We use number candles now. Or just leave them off.
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:iconcelestianoplz: "And WHY weren't there numbered candles for me?!?"
:icondiscordtrollplz: "But where's the FUN in that, Princess?"
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no finger remember...
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Come on Celestia, do not be a party pooped.
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every party needs a pooper that's why they invited you

party pooper

party pooper
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