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Twilight almost got the bad side of the two pegasi.
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Actually, I think it was just Rainbow who was about to tear Twilight apart while Fluttershy just sat there.
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Oh Fluttershy's been mad a
few times.
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nightshadowmlpHobbyist Artist
EQG Applebloom Icon #17 < Pinkie that wasn't funny!
BivGalPanAndRaa's avatar
Yeah, especially since Bloom has a Cutie Mark, now.
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Saiol1000Hobbyist General Artist
Apple Bloom is not amused. XD

Great comic, man! :D
PouncingwithpawsOwO's avatar
SPOILER!!!! But you now have a cutie mark Apple bloom :)
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LucyxKimiStudent General Artist
Good end!!
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1DATMLPHobbyist General Artist
Wait, at the end of the last one, Flutters still had rainbow colored hair.
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ZetaRESPHobbyist General Artist
It was still changing back. Besides, what happened was that they switched bodies.
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starfox365Hobbyist Digital Artist

you should do more cutie crashes with the other ponies lol
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Yeah; I wanna see what happens if Pinkie switches with Rarity.
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brigth-doddles99Hobbyist General Artist
that would be interesting
flutter-butter55678's avatar
flutter-butter55678Hobbyist General Artist
Dear Lord, that won't be pretty. ESPECIALLY if it is with Applejack and Rarity. And if you are thinking about Rarijack, I don't even want to hear it, because I don't ship those two.
animals10's avatar
Rainbowdash and Fluttershy: YEAH!! yay... 

Pinkie: Hehe... good times! *runs away*

Apple Bloom: Hm...?!
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GlitteringStarsHobbyist General Artist
You have earned a watch.
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DarthTriforceHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ha ha ha oh gosh that was hilarious xD
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XD Pfft. Dash is about to murder Twilight when Pinkie points out that she and Flutters are back to normal and... OMG!Goddammit Pinkie, don't pick on poor Applebloom.
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AbellaStarStudent General Artist
I...don't get it.
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Then read previous comics (CUTIE CRASH #1 and #2)
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