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CHS CON - Sunset Helper #10 -

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I respect :icondoublewbrothers: 's works! 

Otaku by doubleWbrothers
by doubleWbrothers
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andrewtodaroProfessional Artisan Crafter

Really Awesome pic of the Equestria Girls as the cast from Evangelion. I watched the series on Netflix this year. Very deep for and anime.

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TheEnderRebelHobbyist General Artist
Id love to go to this booth
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Thanks for making this, I used a closeup of Maud here for the cover of a Neon Genesis Evangelion / Friendship is Magic crossover story I wrote.

(Which is here, if anyone is interested: www.fimfiction.net/story/45500…)
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The funny thing is that, in the shorts, we later find out that it was Sunset all along the one with the artistic talent.
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Do you mind if I use part of this for cover art for a story on fimfiction please?
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Damn,those references.
I'll would be grateful for give a look and buy some art.
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Excellent matches for each pilot - Sunset in particular makes for a GREAT Asuka!
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V1EWT1FULHobbyist Digital Artist
maud pie as Rei, that is freaking ideal casting
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ScarletDawnsetHobbyist Digital Artist
I guess I wasn't the only one who saw the similarities between MLP and Evangelion. Nice work and nice concept!
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AskGoverntaleStudent Traditional Artist
*Red eye glow*
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bondbrother11Hobbyist General Artist
Evagalion should not be associated with mlp
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Mate, it's hopeless. Warhammer 40,000 has got associated with pony! If it exists, there is a ponification of it!
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Whoever Sunset's cosplaying as she looks super sexy doing it!
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Asuka Langley Soryu
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From Evagelion?
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Fluttershy is...**wearing glasses**!  HNNNNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!
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DSX62415Hobbyist General Artist
I'm guessing they couldn't get Flash and Timber to put on Shinji and Kawrou's plug suits.
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Funny enough fast forward to today and Sunset would be the one having a booth since Sunset Artist is a thing now in the more recent shorts.
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Fluttershy is shy, but proud. Angel Bunny is being cute and supportive. Sunset Shimmer is putting on her best face while showing her enthusiam. Twilight is feeling embarrassed in her cosplay suit. And Maud.....is being her usual self. 
Is it just me or is Maud always feel passive about everything?
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sonicspeedster92Student Digital Artist
Pinkie Pie (Me why me) plz: "She emotes on the inside. Like how Applejack cries."
Applejack Blink Icon: "She's at least right about that." 
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All my hopes and dreams are in this picture.
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