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uh, what just happened?
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"The party with my sister ended pal."
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Wait why does she have a dragonfruit.
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Er... Play Skyrim. You'll learn that its a Briar heart
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You have committed crimes against Equestria and her people!  What say you in your defense?
RadioactivePotato123's avatar
Hehe I knew it was a Skyrim reference 
Diancieschampion's avatar
Pinkamena Wins 
Flawless Victory 
Shao Kahn Emoticon 
alexwarlorn's avatar
Maud's better as an singular independent mare anyway.
GalaxyNebula10's avatar
Pickpocket: 25 bounty added to Ponyville.
Murder: 1000 bounty added to Ponyville

OK I had to, come on =P (Razz) Wink/Razz Sweating a little... 
Diancieschampion's avatar
Yuuko Clapping Icon Well done, my friend, well done. 
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You can tell this guy's gonna be in a LOT of Pinkamina fics after the last episode...
The4thHomunculus's avatar
most definitely. : 3
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
Maud found a stallion more awkward then herself, how? 
brunoprower500's avatar
When Maud was awkward?
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Yeap, be careful, you haven't seen her Pinkamena mode. :o
ILoveIceAreas's avatar
Mudbriar (a.k.a. stick in the mud): Technically! Technically! Technically! Technically! Technically! You mad now Pinkie?
templar127's avatar
I can't tell if she stole that thing from him, or she's gonna shove it in his ass! XD
The4thHomunculus's avatar
"It's going up your ASS darling" - Rarity 

- Had to use that meme quote. x3
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