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Bad Student

In the case of Twilight.
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They say bad handwriting is the mark of a genius!

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More Like Princess Dyslexia

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I nearly snorted milk out of my nose! Lmao!

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Ah, so this is the real reason she was late in Friendship Games; had to decipher the message...
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who is this Princess Selestia?
The sister of Princess Loonuh.
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lmao these comments made my day XD
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lol, that is funny.
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That handwriting made most of us cringe... :XD:
What da frick!? Ah just copied her essay! No one said she couldn't write!....
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That bottom right corner is some pretty lewd stuff.
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That movie REALLY missed out on that joke.
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In high school and can't write proper English???
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Hey cut her some slack. I never lerned proper Italian despite the fact it was a mandatory third language to learn in every school I went to
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Well it's not like the horses use a different language in Equestria, they speak English!  
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depends on the dub of the seryes
but I here what you are saying.

but - in her deffence

YOU be born an unicorn, use your horn to write for... I will say she was 20 when she left ponivil... 18 years, and than move to human world and lern to use hands in proper way.

It's hard.
It would be like you loosing rigt arm and had to ler to write with left one (or vice versa if you are left handed) it's hard, but not imposible.
ol lern to write with your feet after loosing both arms. that's even harder
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That doesn't explain the terrible spelling though; only the bad handwriting.
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Unicorns use magic to write
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And she has been in highschool for years and she still doesn't know ho to write?
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