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Babs and Sunflower -in AppleCon45-

Reference --- My Little Pony : Friends Forever #9
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SongbirdSerenade's avatar
Did you make up Sunflower's cutie mark?
JustinNF's avatar
I've no idea why but it took me a long time to find Zecora...
notsm's avatar
This ... this is the cutest Silver Spoon I have seen to date.
Do I want more sleeping ponies? Yes. Yes, I do.
Shafty817's avatar
I Found A Cutie Mark For Sunflower.
SonataBlaze's avatar
sunflower seems a lot to June bug in her blindbag version!?!?!?

anyways is too cool!!!!CURSE YOU! 
ConorXPetunia's avatar
I love that Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara have been waiting in line for so long that Silver's fallen asleep and Diamond's getting stir-crazy. :XD:
Erin-Hardwicke's avatar
We haven't seen pony sunflower yet, have we...
Here's hoping Sunflower shows up in Season 5.
K4nK4n's avatar
They all look so adorable here! :heart: Especially sleeping Silver Spoon.
PyramidHead90's avatar
Okay, i didn't see the "Z"s floating over Silver Spoon's head so for a second i saw the thumbnail and thought she was sticking her nose into Diamond Tiara's crotch.  Which would have been perfectly normal behavior for dogs admittedly...
TheNervousMedic's avatar
Twilight is looking at them...SHE KNOWS *inception duuuuuur music XD*
Miss-Barker's avatar
Is she Babs's bug sis?
YugiohPonyAvengers's avatar
Yes, she's Bab's sister.
MorphiusX's avatar
How was it down at AppleCon? Did you have fun there? :)
Shadow-Games25's avatar
I see that Zecora in the background... that Zebra....... i dont trust her.....
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