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Toshi-the-Panda-1996Hobbyist Traditional Artist

*Inhale*...Boi! He gonna die! 🤣🤣🤣

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Flash! Don't you dare get in between true love Lyra x BonBon forever

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Lyra looks cute there. Giggle Meow :3 
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so does Bon Bon
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Oh really, Sunset?...
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I hope Twilight doesn't kill Flash... :( (Sad) Worried 
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He's in trouble, either way
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infraturbopigcartHobbyist Traditional Artist
She's like: I will destroy you Flash.
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AskGoverntaleStudent Traditional Artist
Twilight been learning some dark sh*t for this moment exactly.
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ShimmeringStarsungStudent Digital Artist
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1be14a48-faf7-4a93-b4f5-ff587574b8b5 by Conmac98  Twilight: TRAITOR!!!!! 
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Oi, ye all, cut him some slack, eh? He's not her prope'ty, ye know? Possessiveness sucks, me lads.
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Twilight will cut him in half.
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Well, that was disturbing!
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Hey, would you mind if I made a dub to this and put it on YouTube?? I love your comics and artwork and of course would credit you :)
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SapphireBoopHobbyist Digital Artist
RUN BOI RUN!!!!!   :Twilight Sparkle Meme Icon: :Twilight Sparkle Meme Icon: :Twilight Sparkle Meme Icon: :Twilight Sparkle Meme Icon: :Twilight Sparkle Meme Icon: :Twilight Sparkle Meme Icon: :Twilight Sparkle Meme Icon: Flash Sentry EqG (angry) plz Flash Sentry EqG (angry) plz Flash Sentry EqG (angry) plz Flash Sentry EqG (angry) plz Flash Sentry EqG (angry) plz Flash Sentry EqG (angry) plz Flash Sentry EqG (angry) plz 
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Run? Stand and explain!
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Well, you gotta admit, that was clever. ;P :rofl: :dignity-laugh:  Laughing 
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blara (me): uh oh

flash sentry (eg version): what??

bladra: twilight is here and she knows of you hanging out with other girls and she is mad

flash sentry: uh-oh

bladra: you best run i'll try to calm her down so things can be more peaceful

flash sentry: you sure??

bladra: yes don't worry if i can face a alternate dimension version of her enemies even a fully powered tirek that tried to enslave everyone with minor injuries i'll be ok i also have a magic barrier pendent that can add extra protection now go

flash sentry: ok *starts running*

bladra: good thing i also know a genjutsu that should calm her down instantly but i wanted to see him run for abit of humor hehe now best get to twilight and calm her down
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oh i foget to tell the pic is funny
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but real flash help boy or girl were then want be helped! flash dont want be a jeck but what a apent with the siren, i think flash will got some nightmare of him the big his dont
want be! me to i feal like this and i help outer but not in thing i cant help, i got my limite. flash got the same problem. but i am sure if flash meet a evil version of his self so his
nightmare will be real. the problem of mose the fan dont like flash for he fall with Princess Twilight and with the oc the fan make and make then mad for this! so is the shit of call
him with stupid name like bard( i think is cuz no one his first) but the name he be call the mose is flash sentry the waifu stealer were he do nothing be hate for real reason. no the fan hate with stupid reason and try the prove what this fan say is right on flash. i see one pic who a fan use shining armor to make him the big brother overprotecter were
shining is not like this but yes shining will his sister for not get hurt but stop twilight to fall in love? the reaponse is no and for a good reason 1- shining marrided cadanse who the love princess and protector of the crystal empire. if shining do something like , his wife will be mad on him for make twilight be sad for be to overprotecter. 2- his mother want twilight happy and hope fond day love like all mother (will mose all) but if shining do this, his mother be mad on him for make his little sister sad for stop twilight to with flash. but shining got big heart got no hate on outer for stupid reason sure he can be mad but shining only want twilight happy but he worry for got never be in love like the same way were shining worry for twilight never get friend but twilight got more friend and this is good. Princess Celestia to she worry on her sometime! 1- twilight never get some friend. 2- twilight will never love. 3- twilight be turn evil like her sister or sunset. this worry the more but 1&2 is not the mose worry cuz twilight got some wonderfull friend and one day love be to. but she continue to watch twilight for reason she dont want become Luna and the same for Luna and Cadane. but back on the fan, were equestria 2 come out and flash made twilight sad the use this to prove flash is bad character he mose be hate. 1- is the faulet of the sirin for this not only flash become a jeck but all school.
the only one who never be on this madness is Twilight,Applejack,Pinkie pie,Fluttershy,Rarity,Rainbow dash,spike and Vinyl Scratch. 2 were spell broke what the first think he do be sorry for what he do and twilight fogive for cuz he not be he real self but i think he never fogive his self for this but i am sure one day flash will fogive he self.
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