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Templar Group Insignia

And along with a new chapter, Basil has kindly designed a new insignia for us. Take it away Basil!

"If the Roundtable Corps are the elite special forces for critically important combat operations, then the Templar Group are their counterpart for covert operations, and other matters of European National Security, of which include assassination, infiltration, and in some cases, working as a secret police.

Because the European Federation of Great Britain has administrative powers over all Commonwealth nations, as well as Canada and the continent of Europe, the Templar Group have footholds practically anywhere in the world. Their elite Templar Agents not only focus on protecting the Federation through somewhat duplicitous methods, but also occasionally assign handlers to the Knights of the Roundtable Corps, as a way of keeping the eponymous super-soldiers in line, if deemed necessary.

One such Templar is Derek Anderson, the handler assigned to the Knight codenamed 'Guardian Angel.' His job is to not only give Guardian Angel access to materials and resources he may not be to acquire on his own during the investigation by the Knight, but also relay his mission's developments to high-ranking officers in the Federation government such as Supreme Commander Percival of the Roundtable Corps, His Royal Highness King Alfred IV, and Spymaster de Molay."
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