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Roundtable Corps Insignia

Along with writing this interesting story, Basil has kindly made us a piece of art to go with the fan-fic. Great job Basil! Here's a brief from him about this insignia: 

"The Roundtable Corps are the elite special operations group of the European Federation of Great Britain. They specialise in acquiring high-priority targets and securing positions for the European Federation Armed Forces outposts, and are extremely effective at the job.

At the top of the Corps, there are 12 Knights, each wearing highly specialised combat armour designed to enhance their basic attributes and give them a wide range of firepower. At any given time, only one Knight holds the position of Supreme Commander of the Roundtable Corps, while the other Knights hold the authority of commanding their own regiment of Guardsmen.

With this in mind, it is wise to consider the Knights as the European Federation's 'Super Soldiers.'

Each Knight also has their own personal callsign, intended to keep morale high during combat operations. The current roster of the Knights (rank, name and callsign) is as follows:

*Supreme Commander Percival, Sentinel of Prosperity
*Lieutenant Lancelot, Black Knightmare
*Captain Galahad, Golden Centurion
*Sergeant Kay, Sky Warrior
*Captain DeGore, Grey Titan
*Lieutenant Bedivere, The Boltmaker
*Lieutenant Bors, Knight Titanicus
*Sergeant Gawaine, Blue Archer
*Lieutenant Tristan, Crimson Arrow
*Ensign Elyan, White Legionnaire
*Sergeant Leon, Knight Leonidas
*Lieutenant Pendragon, Guardian Angel"
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