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Look at my new light bulb!

The story is about a group of anglerfishes who live in the deep sea. They have replaced their esca (the fleshy growth from the fish's head) with some wasted light bulbs they found among the trash on the sea floor. 
Look! One has just found a super cool disco laser!

At first, I wanted to make a clean, colorful, full-of-life underwater scene, but eventually I went with the ugly-and-polluted style as I believe this is what the 
ocean floor will look like in a few years if we don't drastically reduce the pollution.
Hopefully, this mildly e
xaggerated depiction of the current ocean environment can raise our awareness of the gloomy situation.  

Tools: Maya, Mari and Photoshop

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I would watch a movie about these guys.
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Original and funny characters! Nice work!
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This is very cool. I love the models, lighting, effects, background, and style. Awesome job :D!
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This is so cool.  Thanks for making it.  I have fun just looking at it.
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:D ^^  Great work !

regards Bernd
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lmfao! what a great scene. I can picture them bobbing to the undersea music and the back one singin. xD
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This is god damn adorable. XD Great job on the style of the fish! 
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thank you!
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This is soo cool :D Love the details, lighting and the mood. I also use maya. Can you tell me how you made the wate look dirty and polluted? And what part exactly did you do in PS? Is the lighting from the disco bulb from the original render or done in PS? Once again, great job keep it up :D
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to make something look polluted you just need to model a lot of garbage around it. The lighting from disco bulb is rendered. I made the floating particles a little bit blurry in Photoshop using motion blur. Hope this answers you question =)
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Thank you for your answer. I will make use for it one day :D
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Awww this is so adorable! I can imagine this becoming an animation short film! Or a full-length film, haha. So cool!
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thank you! I do hope it can turn into a short film one day
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Thank you =)
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No problem I'm followings your profile
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haha thanks mate =)
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love this :D (Big Grin) pretty easy to imagine what sort of voices these fish might have and their comments back an forth 
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i actually named all of them and each has a line. Hehe
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