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March 16, 2017
Cambot 406 by uoa7
Featured by cosmicbound
Suggested by Andorada
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Cambot 406

Cambot, short for Camera Robot, is a type of robot that will go around and shoot photos under its owner's command. 
NO. 406, however, had a glitch when it was made. It doesn't follow orders, and instead, it likes taking photos of things it finds interesting.
It is now looking at a photo of something it profoundly misses, and yet as a robot, there's no way for it to express the feeling.
However, the rain trails running down its "face" kinda tell everything...

Software used: Maya, Mari, Zbrush, Nuke. 
I put up a WIP page on my website if anyone wants to know my workflow for this piece:…

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Magnificent render ! Somehow its very emotional, cute and sad at the same time. I loove it.
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...lovely design idea.
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VERY VERY cool :icontxrabbit:
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The concept and idea behind this artwork is so adorable! (*´︶`*)
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Lovelywork Uoa7
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I don't know if you've already been told but this gorgeous picture of yours inspired a beautiful story over on the Writing Prompts Reddit:…
Between your digital art and that user's writing I don't think I've ever felt so attached to a robot since I saw Wall-E.  You did beautiful work here and it inspired something beautiful from someone else. Well done to you!
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Woooww, this is amazing!
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Me in a Nut-Shell when taking pictures.
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very creative and very cute! Is the model available somewhere, and if so, in what format?
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Hi there, sorry the model is not available on the internet
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Did you use ZBrush to texture the robot? I'm not too familiar with Mari and Nuke. But I do use Maya and am looking for ways to improve the quality of the textures. Any advice for someone just starting out?
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I used Mari to do the texturing. 
In terms of advice...keep learning and practicing :)
this should be a new star wars droid
lucasarts,make it happen
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What is my purpose?
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you pass the butter
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Aww the Cambot looks so sad... and it looks so cute at the same time. 

You did a great job on this. Congrats on the well deserved DD~!!! :D
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