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This group is not to offend people, but to help them. We put artwork into a bigger audience of people to get the exposure and attention that someone's artwork deserves.

For starters, in case you're curious on the group's name, the group was meant for "the freaks" and "weirdos" of DA :3 Because I'm one myself and I'm proud of it. It was based off this group:… It then became an art group.. After a difficult day or two.. People accepted it as an art group and not a hate group. I learned how to organize it, etc. So, for a summary: This group is to expose people's art into a bigger community of people giving that artwork the exposure and attention it should get.

Next: To upload artwork you follow these easy steps:

1. Go to the group Gallery

2. Look for the folder you would want to put your artwork into.

3. Once found, click the little + next to it and it'll bring up two options: "Submit a new Deviation" or "Contribute an Existing Deviation"

4. Click on "Contribute and Existing Deviation" and it should bring you up to a screen with your artwork on it.

5. Select the artwork you'd like and click submit.

If this doesn't work, you must've messed up on something. You'll know you've submitted because the artwork will turn green and say: "You Artwork Has Been Submitted"

I hope this helps :3


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16,728 Members
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A lot of my old adopted OC's are collecting dust...

These are the only ones up at the moment.

Here is a better look at them

My logo and JPG is protection for the designers!!!
Once I have received the payment, you will get their real files
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Dragon Ball Oneiron Chapter 1.14 (Ark Saga)Episode 14:(Ark Saga)Past Nobodies/Future Warriors Scene 14.0: Seiya Paradise Resort, Lathia [Dreamscape Recreation], 16:30 [Frozen Time], Age 790 Phase 1:The Saiyan TwinsArk snaps his fingers and transports everyone to Luminescence’s favorite area in the Dreamscape: Seiya Paradise Resort which seems to have grown on everyone as they are loving being there because of the weather, the sea, the sound, the beauty that none have seen on Earth or on any planet they have ever been as Prince Vegeta wants his father, King Vegeta to know his family, but he’s being a little indirect on it which is complicating things more than they should; so Bulma, Bra, Tights and Panchy with the help of Queen Vegeta who is helping them move things along. Bra:(Speaking In Saiyan Tongue)Hey, Grandpa! Would mind telling me the history of the Saiyans of your time? King Vegeta:(Proud Smile)Very well since you asked in our tongue. In exchange for my story I demand you no longer fuse with that Low Class Filth. Bra:(Annoyed)Pan is my best friend! You can’t ask that of me! King Vegeta:(Annoyed)You are a Saiyan Princess and as such you should not even consider her a friend. She should be considered— Prince Vegeta:If you finish that sentence, I will make you eat your words. This line of thinking is what caused our eradication. This is the reason I made peace with Kakarotto and Broly. And as you noticed: Bardock is now more powerful than you and if you are using that outdated ideology, A Low Class Is More Powerful Than A Royal Elite. I can even bet that if you transform into an Ozaru, you would still lose. King Vegeta:(Furious)How Could You!? My Own Son Betraying Our Legacy!? Prince Vegeta:A Legacy that that ceased to exist as soon as Frieza killed 99% of the Saiyans. The 1%…Kakarotto, Broly, Tarble and Myself have seen that your ways is why we were hated by all. I learned to discard your ways in full when I met Broly and Granolah. The Saiyan you exiled and The Last Cerealian. Meeting Beerus-Sama was the start that made me realize how wrong said legacy truly was. Queen Vegeta:I actually love the New Saiyan Ways Our Sons, Kakarotto and Broly created. Speaking honestly…I love Earth Fashion. The shoes, the outfits, the jewelry…all of it trumps anything we, the Frieza Force or any planet could produce. I even took a liking on certain tasteful outfits. Speaking of such…Ark! Ark:(Appears Besides Queen Vegeta Using Instant Transmission, Evil Smile)You called, My Queen? Queen Vegeta:(Evil Smile)You did promised me those outfits. I want to wear one right now. Prince Vegeta:(Shocked)Wait! Mother!! You Don’t Mean—!!! With an Evil Sneer, the Queen of The Saiyans closes her eyes as Ark snaps his fingers and dresses her up in a Sexy Lingerie, the same one Master Roshi had Lunch wear the first time they met which makes her son stare at her in complete distraught seeing his own mother wearing an outfit that a perverted old fool would give women. However King Vegeta finds her degrading, but he can’t deny he is finding her more attractive especially as her condescending sneer makes her look more desirable. She notices both her son and make giving her looks that actually is making her feel empowered. She looks at Ark, giving him a look that she wants another outfit. He snaps his fingers and now she is wearing the same Bunny Outfit Bulma wore in her youth while traveling with Goku searching the Dragon Balls; Bra, Tights, Panchy and even Bulma who at one time hated the outfit is actually cheering her on much to Prince Vegeta’s Annoyance, but King Vegeta is actually discreetly approving of this as he gives the same attitude as his son when he is happy for his family, but turns his nose away in annoyance but in reality he is happy that his Queen is happy. Next outfit would be a Maid’s Outfit in a traditional dark dress and white apron. This infuriates Prince Vegeta as he can’t stand it anymore. Prince Vegeta:(Furious, Ashamed)ENOUGH!!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!! HOW CAN YOU WEAR SUCH DEMEANING OUTFITS!?!?!? YOU ARE A QUEEN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! ACT LIKE ONE!!! Queen Vegeta:(Evil Smile)Didn’t I tell you when we went to get your father? I learned of a way to punish you in a far more creative way than I used to. This is the result. I should be thanking— Ultra Ego Vegeta:(Instant Transformation)ARK!!! Ark:Don’t look at me! I had nothing to do with her getting this idea. It was Luminescence. Ultra Ego Vegeta:WHAT!?!?!? Queen Vegeta:She might be a monster, but she is quite insightful. She told me that in a certain country in her world that mothers wear outfits like this to publicly humiliate their children in front of the world in order to punish them in a very sadistic yet non-violent way. Ultra Ego Vegeta:I’LL KILL HER!!! Queen Vegeta, Ark, Chronoa, Future Trunks:(Annoyed Expression)Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep! Ultra Ego Vegeta:And how can I get back at her? Ark:Simple! Do you want to know her plans? The ones I am aware of, not all of them mind you. Ultra Ego Vegeta:You mean…are you planning in betraying her? Luminescence:(Annoyed, Death Glare At Ark, Invisible, Undetected)……………………………………………………………………… Ark:Not necessarily. All I’m going to say will not cross her, but instead will inspire her to give me ideas on how we can make this work. Luminescence:(Curious, Puzzled Gaze At Ark, Invisible, Undetected) ……………………………………………………………………… Prince Vegeta:(Base Form)Start talking. Ark:Might as well show you. With a snap of his fingers, Ark shows everyone a pair of Young Saiyan Twins with Blue Eyes which is a rarity among them and still have their tails intact as they all see them through a portal in the sky. The Saiyan Girl is wearing a Traditional Royal Saiyan Armor with a cape that resembles Vegeta’s in his Youth except it sports the same colors as his father and with a different royal crest; while her Twin Brother is wearing an armor that resembles Bardock’s Black/Green Armor except that he is wearing a black spandex shirt. Much to everyone’s surprise they can sense their high power and it is evenly match. Prince Vegeta:They are pretty gifted. They remind me of Trunks and Goten when they were at that age. Ark:Glad of you to noticed. These are the Saiyan Twins your mother spoke off. I am interested in making the Princess my Apprentice. I want her to attain the same level of power as you and Son Goku. Prince Vegeta:That won’t be that hard for you since they are powerful for their age. But I believe they cannot become Super Saiyans. Ark:You are right. Just like Universe 6, the Saiyans of Universe X are aware of the Super Saiyan Legend, but they see it more as a myth than a legend which none of them has attained the power. Queen Vegeta:Unfortunately days ago…Mauka’s brother left and now their power has dropped drastically. If I had my scouter, they power level would be 2 Million because of their Twin Telepathy, but now that they are apart…their power level dropped to 200. Ark:Mauka and her Twin’s power were linked due to them being the direct descendants of the Saiyan Gods. At first…the Saiyan Royal Family of Sadala X were born with Yellow Eyes, but as time went on their eyes gain a shift in color due to natural selection, turning their eyes slowly to blue. That is why they were born with a power level of 2 Million, but since their separation their power level drop 100 fold. Fun Fact: Saiyans from Universe X do not turn into Ozarus. They haven’t for over 1,000 Years after the Death of the Past Legendary Super Saiyan, Yamoshi’s Counterpart. The Namekian Counterpart of the Elder that befriended Yamoshi, used his Universe’s Dragon Balls and wished for all Saiyans to Not Transform into Ozarus upon looking at the Full Moon, but…in doing so, the Saiyans of this Universe still becomes a little feral upon doing so. Saiyans’ Eyes turn Yellow because of this and it only happened to Saiyans that are physically able to mate. As they age, they gain more control of this feral power, but the aggressiveness that comes with it is not possible. Prince Vegeta:You said a Namekian wished for this. Who was he? Ark:Mauka is your counterpart Prince Vegeta. Allow Me to introduce to you…Piccolo’s Counterpart, The Long Living Namekian, Sax. Phase 2:The Ancient NamekianWith a snap of his fingers, Ark shows everyone a Warrior-Type Namekian wearing a version of Hide Battle Costume from 238 Before Age around the same timeline as Yamoshi, but this costume has less armor than the current New Hide Battle Costume that the Namekians from Age 850 wear in Conton City. As soon as everyone sees him, they notices that he resembles Piccolo but this Namekian has Green Eyes with similar glow as the Super Saiyan Eyes. Piccolo:You said his name is Sax, right? His Name is Namekian for “Sage”, but he seems to be a Warrior-Type. Ark:He is and because of his heroic and honorable deeds, he was granted a wish from his Universe’s Porunga. His first wish was for the Saiyans’ Ability to become Ozaru was null and void; but the dragon told him that making that wish would result in the Blutz Waves to accumulate within the Saiyans and destroy them from the inside out, turning them into living bombs. So he made the wish that the Blutz Waves are sent to other biological functions that can help their race. The reason he made that wish was because the Universe X version of Yamoshi was killed by the Evil Saiyans that were in Ozaru Form. Sax believes that if the Evil Saiyans weren’t in Ozaru Form, Super Saiyan God might have won his fight against them. His second wish was to have Eternal Youth so he can expand his wisdom in order to be a better Namekian. His third wish was to find a Planet that can teach him to be a more adept warrior; so he was sent to Yardrat. There he meet West Supreme Kai’s and Majin Buu’s Universe X Counterparts. Phase 3:The Twins Of Chaos Once again with a snap of his fingers, Ark shows everyone sees Sax interacting with a dwarf-sized Majin with a similar appearance to Majin Buu but with 2 Antennas instead of one and wearing the Majin Race’s Dynamic Suit. Majin Buu and Ms. Buu are moved to see a small Majin like him because he looks like a child-like version of Mr. Buu, laughing, Having fun and being really strong for his size. Ark:That is Gigas. Majin Buu’s Counterpart. He represents Goku’s Catchphrase when he’s a child: “Small But Strong!” He’s one half of a pair of Twins as well. Ms. Buu:Twins? Majin Buu:I don’t know what that means exactly. Ark:It means he has a sibling that was born at the same time he was born. May I ask you all a question: Can The Universe Exist With Just Pure Innocence Alone? Grand Priest:That is impossible. You cannot have The Purity of Innocence Without The Darkness of Evil. Ark:(Evil Smile)Thank for confirming it. With a snap of his fingers, Ark shows everyone an Evil Female Main that resembles The Evil Super Buu, but she is wearing what seems to be wearing Bikini Armor that resembles what Chi-Chi wore when she was a kid except for the cape and helmet; and what’s odd about her is that she is surrounded by beautiful women in chains wearing slave bikini outfits while she is sitting in a throne drinking and eating like an Evil Warlord. After she is done eating, she stands from her throne, walks towards a group of scared women, grabs one by the chains on her collar and drags her away to her chambers with an Evil Sadistic Smile filled with Perversion and as soon as she does so, Ark immediately switches the view back to Gigas and Sax. Beerus:Well now that is something I have seen too many times before. Ark:Yeah…That was Gigas’ Twin Sister: Valkyrie. When she was young, Valkyrie was just like her brother: Laughing, Having Fun and Being Really Strong, but just like Mauka’s Brother, Gigas left his home planet, but unlike Mauka, Valkyrie cheered her brother off hoping he’d get stronger while she decided to live with their parents until she was ready to leave and joined him one day. Tragically their planet was attacked by Chilled’s Universe X Counterpart, a Frost Demon named Wren and killed all of the Majins living there. Valkyrie and Gigas’ Parents fought him, only for him to obliterate them with a Supernova. Valkyrie was hidden by her parents and luckily Wren didn’t find her. After seeing her planet turned into a derelict wasteland, she suffered an emotional damage so severe…she spawned an evil version of herself, this evil version turned Good Valkyrie into Chocolate and ate her. Just like the Evil Buu did to you, Mr. Buu. Majin Buu, Ms. Buu:(Saddened) Ark:However unlike you Buu, Valkyrie ate her Good Self around 1104 Before Age, so it has been millennia since then Good Valkyrie has been fully digested just like the Grand Kai and South Kai. Good Valkyrie is gone. Luminescence:(Appears Next To Ark)But not forever… Merus:How? When The Grand Supreme Kai came back, he reverted back to Buu after Moro’s Defeat, he couldn’t be removed from Majin Buu since he is as Ark stated, Digested. Luminescence:True, but unlike the Supreme Kais that were absorbed, Majins cannot digest their own kind in the same manner. Instead when a Majin absorbs another Majin, it is like recycling attributes from his/her weaker self. When the Evil Majin Buu did that, he couldn’t bring himself from Killing Mr. Satan and that’s because Good Buu’s Attributes were recycled when Evil Buu ate Good Buu. It might not appears that Valkyrie is a Good Majin, but if you motivate her to pursue in being Good, Good Valkyrie might awaken within her. Gohan:I know I am going to regret in asking this but…What was Valkyrie doing with all those women? Luminescence:(Sighs)Well…Gigas and Good Valkyrie’s Mother was a…Neko Majin. ???:(Male Voice)Did Someone Say My Name? At that moment, a small Blue Cat-Like Majin appears out of nowhere wearing the same Turtle Hermit Gi Goku used to wear but bearing this Majin’s own Kanji, wielding Goku’s Power Pole and alongside him are Kuriza, Frieza’s Son and Onio, One of the Few Surviving Saiyans. Goku:(Salute, Smiling)Yo! Neko Majin Z! Kuriza! Onio! How did you guys get here? Luminescence:(Smiling)They are Gag Manga Characters. 4th Wall Breakers. It wouldn’t surprise me if Arale shows up out of the blue all of a sudden. Prince Vegeta:(Annoyed)Get them out of here. I want nothing to do with Gag Manga Characters. Luminescence:Stop Tempting Fate, Vegeta unless you force Fate to bring Arale here. Prince Vegeta:(Annoyed Scoff) Luminescence:Where was I? Oh yes! Since Valkyrie is part Neko Majin, she loves cute things. But ever since she became Evil…Her love has become an obsession and now she needs to own all things Beautiful. If she sees something more beautiful than herself, she will absorb it into herself. Have you ever hear of a famous Eastern Story called “Journey To The West”? Goku:No. What is that? Luminescence:It’s a story about 4 Main Characters: A Buddhist Monk and his 3 Disciples, But the Monkey King, his most powerful disciple is the main focus of this story.(Looking At Goku Then Looking Away)Well…there has been many interpretations throughout the Ages…(Whispering To Herself)Even Though This Reality Was Inspired By Journey to The West…(Out Loud)There is a very adult version of this story where all 3 Disciples are Gender Bent. Rule 63 as they call it. And in that Adult Version, The Monkey “Queen” had a harem of men and which ever of them piqued her fancy, she would…(Clears Throat, Blushing)Mount Them…Cowgirl-Style. Goku:That sounds— Everyone:(Blushing, Furious)NONONONO!!! NONE OF THAT!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! Luminescence:(Relieved Sigh, Annoyed Expression)Thank You All For Shutting Him Up For Me! I didn’t want to hear his opinion on this! Even I wonder how his sons were born in the first place if he doesn’t understand this type of conversation. Back to the topic at hand…Valkyrie is just like this R63 Monkey “Queen” except that she doesn’t think Men are “Beautiful” Or “Cute”; Men are “Gorgeous” and “Handsome”, to adjectives that Valkyrie does approve for them. What I am trying to say is…Valkyrie is into women because of their beauty. But she only see them as trophies. She only interact with them when she’s feeling hungry for some skinship bonding. Goku:How do you eat that? Everyone:(Hard Facepalm) Luminescence:(Thinking, Annoyed)Saiyuki Son Goku must be furious seeing his counterpart being this dumb. That’s Why I’m A Gohan Fan. Gohan is everything Goku isn’t and that Is A Damn Good Thing!!!(Out Loud)The Reason Valkyrie is this Evil is because she’s trying to fill the hole in her soul Wren created and that hole has been in her heart for too long that she accidentally killed a Supreme Kai she fell in love with. Shin:She fell in love with a Supreme Kai? Who was that? Luminescence:The Supreme Kai next to Sax and Gigas. Everyone looks at this Supreme Kai and much to Shin and Chronoa’s disbelief, this Kai resembles West Supreme Kai but she seems more social with mortals, something most Kais are reserved to do as she is having fun with Gigas much to Sax’s Annoyance since the Namekian is the Stoic-Type just like Piccolo. Ark snaps his fingers and shows everyone this Supreme Kai fighting Valkyrie as this Kai is trying to make Valkyrie see reason as she is trying to restore Valkyrie back to her Good Self on behalf of Gigas. Seeing all of this effort that the Kai is willing to go through for her sake, something the Evil Majin never been treated before after losing her way, Valkyrie got excited as her heart starts to beat in a way she never felt before that she went all out on the Kai, not out of malice like she usually does, but playfully that she accidentally kills the Kai. Noticing that she killed her, Valkyrie breaks down as she screams like never before that she felt the emotion she never thought she would feel again, the same emotion when her Parents and Planet were wiped out by Wren. But as soon as this Supreme Kai was almost killed, she did something that neither Shin nor Chronoa was expecting she would do and the other Gods also notices this and are disgusted she did this. Grand Priest:(Smiling)Interesting. Ark:Aaah! You noticed. Grand Priest:Indeed. What she did is a very forbidden technique among the Kais. It’s a reincarnation technique. This technique was designed to make any Kai into a Human so he or she could perform his or her duties on a specific subject. It seems on why she did this was for that Majin’s Sake. Are you aware on where was she reincarnate? Phase 4:The Heroic Family Ark smiles mischievously as he snaps his fingers as the images changes to Earth and shows a young Teenage Male Earthling around the same age as Mauka is piloting a Jet with reflexes that everyone watching are in awe. After the Air show as the Jet land, the young man steps out, takes off his helmet and shows he has Platinum Mohawk Hair, glowing green eyes, skin as white as snow and a smile that makes all women woo at him. Just then a little girl runs to him and hugs him and this little girl has the same eye, skin and hair color, but upon closer look, this girl is in reality the reincarnated Supreme Kai that got killed by Valkyrie. Ark:That young man is Blade, Heir to Steel Corp. The biggest company of metal supply in the world. He is also a test pilot and the Strongest Earthling. His younger sister is Saber who you all have noticed, is the reincarnation of the Supreme Kai killed by Valkyrie. She is completely unaware of her past life, but one day she will. However since she is still a child right now, I really can’t tell how it will affect her when the time comes. Their Power Level are around 300 which makes them slightly stronger than Mauka and her Twin Brother now thanks to their Twin Telepathy Disconnection. But even if Blade, Saber, Sax, Mauka, Gigas, Mauka’s Twin and Wren’s Descendant Powers combined can’t defeat Valkyrie since her Power Level is on the same level as Evil Buu after absorbing Gohan. Bardock:Wren’s Descendant? You said Wren was Chilled’s Universe X Counterpart which makes his Descendant…Frieza’s Counterpart. Ark:Not quite…Allow me to show you what I mean. Phase 5:The Honorable Emperor Ark snaps his fingers and shows a Galactic Armada in the same vein as the Frieza Force which fills everyone with negative emotions seeing all of these vessels. On the bridge of the Main Ship, it shows a Frost Demon in his First Form with a Mask Covering his Mouth he is not wearing armor and the smooth long tip of his tail looks like a blade; as he looks at a Planet that he is planning on attacking. Upon setting foot on the surface post-invasion, this Frost Demon moves around looking at the civilians and as soon as he sees someone that was hiding, this Frost Demon use Hyper Movement to sneak behind this man, smacks him down, stomps on his back and points his finger at this man preparing a Death Beam. ???:(Tom Hardy’s Bane Voice)This is the end of the road for you, Vyrre. You are the last of the Tyrants that has terrorized this Sector of the Galaxy. My forces have already disposed of all of your warriors and supporters. We can do this The “Easy Way” which is me handing you over to the Galactic Patrol or “The Hard Way” where me and my warriors gets to torture you until you beg for mercy which we will have none…not after all that has happened. What will it be? Suddenly, the Frost Demon is being attacked, but his speed is so high, he manages to defeat and kill all of his attackers by decapitating them with what it seems he didn’t move from where he is with his smooth blade-like tail covered in blood. Furious at this, he fires a Death Beam on Vyrre’s leg as he applies pressure to his foot that is stepping on top of Vyrre. ???:It looks like you have chosen “The Hard Way” Option. Too Bad. If you had chosen “The Easy Way”, The Galactic Patrol would have given you a light sentence that you could have gotten out and resume where you last left off. But since you chose “The Hard Way”…you are not going to survive the week…I will make sure of that. Take him away! Elder:Thank you for saving us from those monsters, Artyk-Sama. Artyk:(Touches Mask)No need to thank me. The scar under my mask was burning. The only way for it to settle down was to finally take down this dictator that my family has promoted for years. This is…my Atonement for that…Whatever damage Vyrre, his warriors and supporters has done, do not hesitate in requesting our help. Elder:We will And thank you for everything, Artyk-Sama. =========================== Everyone:(Annoyed Scoff)What A Load Of Bull! Luminescence:No, he actually means it. You all think Artyk is Frieza’s Counterpart or even Frost’s, but the reality is…Artyk is not the counterpart of the majority of Frieza’s Race. He is actually the counterpart of Time Patroller Jierra’s Family Tree. Jierra:He’s the counterpart of someone in my family? Luminescence:Yes. At first Artyk was like King Cold’s Family, but after being betrayed by a close relative that scarred him, his views turned 180 and now he’s on a redemption tour destroying Governments placed in power by his family and doing so with prejudice. He gives all of their leaders the 2 Options you all heard: An Easy Way Out Or A Hard Way Out. They all take The Hard Way Out. Artyk is Lawful Neutral, but if you piss him off, he will become Chaotic Evil and go on a rampage destroying everything around him. Prince Vegeta:Just like Frieza. Luminescence:No matter. It seems I won’t be able to convince you to think differently of Artyk. But did you know Universe X mirrors not just this Universe, but all universes as well? Everyone:WHAT!? Luminescence:You don’t believe? Allow me to show you a possible future then. Phase 6:The Perfect Warrior Luminescence waves her hand and the images changes to a world in ruins and sees a monster in the same image as Cell absorbing people indiscriminately and after absorbing an entire city, it attains its Perfect form and much to the Dragon Team’s Surprise, this Cell looks more Female than Male and she looks slightly similar to Mauka. She looks around and instead of being pleased in finally attaining her Perfect Form, she is disgusted on how she went about to get it and instead of killing the remaining survivors, she just up and flies away into space, not caring for anything around her as she sheds tears of sadness as she leaves. The Dragon Team never thought to see a version of Cell like her as Luminescence changes the image to this Female Cell fighting Valkyrie and she loses against the Powerful Majin. Instead of killing her or enslaving her, Valkyrie walks away emotionless as if she isn’t the Majin she used to be who would relish in enslaving another woman for her amusement which everyone found odd. Prince Vegeta:What was that? Luminescence:A possible future where the same fate as Future Trunks’ timeline. What help create this horrible future was because of Mauka’s Twin Brother. The reason this Cell looks more Female is because Mauka and her entourage went to Earth looking for him, Blade and Saber were the Strongest Earthling. Artyk was on Earth because he’s Mauka’s Rival and Sax was on Earth because he’s her Brother’s Rival. They went there because of a Tenka'ichi Budōkai was taking place and Mauka’s Brother destroyed the Equivalent of the Red Ribbon Army. The Universe X Version of Dr. Gero hated Mauka’s Twin just like Gero hated you Goku; so he decided to fight “Fire With Fire” by creating their own version of Cell. But Universe X is pretty balanced when it comes to Men and Women Warriors. But the scientist died before he could filter and complete his Cell’s Programming. That’s why Universe X Cell is an emotional. I’d say she’s like Androids #8 and #16. #18:How did the Scientist die? Luminescence:Old Age. #18:(Furious Scoff) #17:(Disappointed)How Anticlimactic. We killed our doctor. No offense, Hedo. Dr. Hedo:None taken. I hate him too for all that he has done. Luminescence:Well this doctor didn’t trust cyborgs, even if they were programmed to be loyal to him. He knew the organic components of someone converted into a cyborg would rebel sooner or later. But a full mechanical or a Bio-Android created from scratch would be easier to control since they are programmed from Day 0. That’s a day earlier than 1. Everyone:(Annoyed Facepalm) Luminescence:Some people can’t take a joke. But know this, even if they were created artificially, they can still rebel against their creator sooner or later. Anyhoo…that’s how this Cell was created. Well that’s all of them. I know Ark is planning on making Mauka his apprentice, so the other 8 won’t be involved…unfortunately. It would have made things interesting. Ark:Maybe I will. I’ll be honest, Luminescence. I have been looking for 2 Apprentices. I could pit them against each other for some friendly rivalry. Since you told me Mauka and Artyk are Rivals, I could use them both for what I have planned for you. Luminescence:Can’t you add the other 7 Warriors? Ark:I don’t know how. Chronoa:I could think of a few ways we can. Luminescence:Same here, so long as you allow me to get a little more involved. Ark:I will so long as you don’t overstep on our deal. Luminescence:(Fingers Crossed Behind Back, Raises Right Hand)Scout’s Honor!(Thinking, Evil Smile)Jokes on you, Ark! I have never been a Girl Scout, so I have no Scout’s Honor. Chronoa:So we can use all of them then. Luminescence:Not quite. They need to be willing to take part in this. If they decline, then we can’t force them to do so. Putine:That’s normal for us Demons. We make offers and it we are turned down, we can’t do anything about it. But of course we can be persuasive about it. Ark, Chronoa:(Annoyed, Disgusted)Of course you do… Putine:(Notices Their Mood, Devilish Smile)Whatever you say, You Closet Lovebirds! Ark, Chronoa:(Furious, Blushing)STOP THAT ALREADY!!! Neko Majin Z:Hey, Goku? What’s the deal with these guys? Goku:(Smiling)Oh! That’s Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time and that’s Ark, an all powerful ancient that exited before Zen-Chan. He’s so powerful, he can summon anyone we fought or haven’t fought before and make them even stronger. Kuriza:Did you fought against Father? Gohan:(Nervous, Sweating, Smiling, Covers Goku’s Mouth)No, Kuriza-San. We didn’t fight your dad. Luminescence:(Heavy Sigh, Relieved Smile, Thinking)Nice Save, Gohan-Kun. Ark:So how are you two going to incorporate the others into this game of ours, Luminescence? Luminescence:Say Putine? Want to be my assistant? We can do a lot if we all work in pairs. Putine:In Pairs? Then who is going to be paired with—? As soon as not only Putine realize the answer to this question, but everyone have as they look at both Ark and Chronoa with a devilish smile. Luminescence:(Addressing The Readers)Allow Me To End This Episode, SS!”(Clears Throat)As Ark and Chronoa notices the devilish gaze, they are disturbed that everyone, including the Gods are shipping them altogether and much to Chronoa’s Dismay even her Time Patrollers are—”Stop with the Shipping Already. You are sounding like Certain Rotten People Everyone Hates. Just tell the story in a way that everyone is going to enjoy it without your shenanigan inputs.” Luminescence:Whatever do you mean, SS? I’ve been a good girl all this time!”By rewriting some of my Story Points…LIKE NOW!?!?!? I never intended to ship these 2 and now you are forcing my hand by painting this idea in the Readers’ Heads!!! If you keep this up, I won’t be able to walk it back! So please stop it already…” Luminescence:Fine! But I already placed the seeds. Let’s see if you can walk it back without getting backlash from our Readers.”I’ll reflect on that every single time I come back here. I really wanted to end this episode with a little mystery, but it looks like it ended with a little 4th wall break humor. It sucks to be me! LATERS!!!” Luminescence:(Whispering To Readers)Psst! I promise to make Arkronoa Ship for you, guys! Or should I call it Chronoark? I really suck at names for situations like this…SeE yOu LaTeR!!!” To Be Continued…
MLP: Platinum Shadow 1.20 (Apple Bloom Arc)Episode 20:(Apple Bloom Arc Finale)Stardust’s Wish Scene 20.0: Limbo, Time: Unknown Stuck in a dark and endless abyss, Apple Bloom is being tormented by Black Heart Trotter Poisonia by taunting her in horrific ways like how she took sick delight in ending the lives of her parents; how much she laughed herself to sleep to learned that Goldie Delicious died without telling anyone about Shadow’s Mother, Stardust Memory, herself or what she did over 40 Moons Ago in Equestria. Just when all hope seems to be lost, Apple Bloom’s surroundings flashes in a bright light, dispelling Trotter as she screams in agony. As everything clears, much to Apple Bloom’s disbelief, the ones who saved her was none other than her Family led by Bright Mac, Pear Butter, Granny Smith, Grand Pear and Goldie Delicious. Among them is a Strange Filly that in a way, she resembles Shadow and as Apple Bloom was about to approach her, she gives Apple Bloom a sad look and disappears in a puff of black smoke and shinning glitter. Bright Mac:You alright, Sugar Cube? Apple Bloom:(Tearing Up)Pa? Ma? Granny? Goldie? Everypony? Is It Really You? Pear Butter:(Warm Smile, Crying, Hugging Apple Bloom)Yes, Deary…it’s us. Lord Thanatos is planning on allowing Shadow to save you, so he sent us to give you a chance to see us one more time. At that moment, Apple Bloom couldn’t contain herself and starts to sob loudly in both joy and sorrow that she is reunited with her family for the day. For a long while, Apple Bloom told her parents all about her life with Applejack, Big Mac, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Jersey Mac, Sugar Belle and for some odd reason she has been mentioning Shadow a lot even though she has only known him for over 2 weeks only that she thought it was weird mentioning him, but none of them laughed or reacted oddly, but instead they listen to it he has always been a part of the family which made Apple Bloom see this as odd. Apple Bloom:Why are you so accepting of Shadow? I only met him almost 2 weeks ago. Goldie Delicious:Because his mother was a close friend of mine. I met her a long time ago… Goldie tells Apple Bloom all about Shadow’s Mother and her Clone who would become her daughter and sacrificing herself to save them all. She also said that their party consisted of Spitfire when she was still a filly and was kidnapped by Trotter, a Ghost Pony who was over a 1,000 Moons Old named Specter, Goldie herself, a Mysterious Crystal Pegasus Mare and a Young Pink Unicorn Mare whose wisdom could be on par with Celestia named Tia. Apple Bloom couldn’t believe the story Goldie just told her because there are inconsistencies in there that she gives Goldie a puzzled look. Goldie:Is something wrong? Apple Bloom:I’m not doubting you or nothing, but…A Crystal Pony 40 Moons Ago? Goldie:She’s a descendant of a group refugee that splintered from the Crystal Empire when Sombra took it over. This Group also happen to be Shadow’s Home Villagers. Apple Bloom:So in a way this Crystal Pegasus is Shadow’s Aunt? Goldie:I don’t know since I haven’t seen her ever since that time. She disappeared after all was over. The same for Tia and Specter. Apple Bloom:Did you know Jack was Shadow’s Pa? Goldie:Jack was pretty reserved, so he knew how to hide it. Imagine my shock when I got here and found out. Apple Bloom:I would like to meet Shadow’s Ma! Is she here? Apple Family:(Worried, Looking At Each Other) Apple Bloom:Is something wrong? Granny Smith:I don’t know what to tell you, Apple Bloom but…Stardust Memory isn’t in Elysium or anywhere in the afterlife. Apple Bloom:Is she with the Ancients? ???:(Little Girl Voice)No…Neither Me and Mama aren’t Ancients. Otōto is the Ancient between us. Apple Bloom looks at where the voice came from and she finally gets to interact with the Little Filly with the same colors as Shadow, but she is a Pegasus since she is a clone of Stardust, but she is really cute that Apple Bloom already likes her. Starry Night:(Ladylike Bow)Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Starry Night. Shadow-Chan’s Big Sister. Apple Bloom:Hello. So you are Shadow’s Big Sister? Starry:Yes, but I am not the one he is looking for. He doesn’t know I even existed. But…I will meet him one day once I am resurrected. Apple Bloom:Resurrected? What do you mean? Starry:When my body died, Mama managed to keep my soul safe and secure in her Element of Life until she could find a way for me to a new body. The one you call Rose has A Fragment Of My Soul and you soon will too. Apple Bloom:Why is that? Starry Night:As I stated: My Life-force is within the Element of Life and every time he needs to infuse his life-force into someone, I bypass it and infuse my own like I did with Rose. Since Trotter did a number on you, I am sure Otōto will use his Element to restore you along with the Anima of Eden which is within Rose. Apple Rose:(Smiling)I’m happy you named her after me. Granny Smith, Goldie Delicious:(Annoyed Stare At Apple Rose) Apple Bloom:Well she wanted me to give her a name so that’s what I did and her colors helped me pick the name easily too. Apple Rose:(Disappointed Groan) Granny Smith, Goldie Delicious:(Laughing) Starry:Also…since a fragment of my soul will be a part of you and Rose, that makes my Otōto, Rose’s and your brother as well from this point onward. Apple Bloom:(Surprised)Shadow…Will be my brother? Starry:Yes. Even if I manage to attain a new body of my own, a part of me will always be with you. So please look after Otōto for me. Apple Bloom:(Smiling)I always wanted a younger brother. Sure! I’ll look after him for you. Starry:(Warm Smile)Thank you, Apple Bloom! Apple Bloom:I knew it. You look better with a smile on your face. Starry:That what Mama always told me. Apple Bloom:I want to know more about her. Can you tell me? Starry:Yes! I will tell you everything! For a very long time Starry Night told everything about Shadow’s Mother, Stardust Memory and since Starry is her clone, she knows everything about her up until she was created and her relationship with her then mother, she even reveals that Shadow is an Alicorn which shocks not only her but all of the Apples around them. After learning everything about Stardust, Apple Bloom started focusing her attention in bonding with her parents. For what felt like an eternity is now coming to an end as an Apparition that resembles Applejack approaches Apple Bloom. Eden (Applejack?):Apple Bloom. It is time to go home. Apple Bloom:Applejack? How are you—? Starry:That is not Applejack. That is Eden, the Entity of the Anime whose is named after. Since she is here then that means Otōto and Rose are here to save you. Eden (Applejack?):Indeed. I can also sense that a fragment of Starry Night’s Soul is being inserted within you. Come. It is time for you to go back to Ponyville. Bright Mac:It was good to see you again, Sugar Cube. Pear Butter:Please be careful next time. I don’t want to see you under these circumstances again. Goldie Delicious:Please look after the family, especially Little Rose and Platinum Shadow. Apple Bloom:I will now that I know that a part of Shadow will always be with me. After all…(Warm Smile, About To Cry)He’s My Little Brother Now Too. Scene 20.1: Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres, Apple Bloom’s Room, 12:20 PM, Day 16 Of 365 Apple Bloom’s Family and Starry Night smiles at her and both Bright Mac and Pear Butter hugs her one last time as her entire surroundings flashes brightly as Apple Bloom wakes up and sees all of her friends and love ones, she starts to sob nonstop as her family hugs her and cries with her while Shadow and Rose look at them with a warm smile. But Apple Jack looks at them and signals Rose to join in. She nervously walks towards them only for Shadow to push her carefully so she inadvertently trips and hugs the Apple Family as they lovingly hug her back as Shadow notices why Apple Bloom was crying: She was visited by her Parents, Bright Macintosh and Pear Butter in her dreams as their ghosts smile and nods at Shadow as they are thanking him for helping their family as the move on to the afterlife without any creature noticing them being there.Suddenly Shadow’s Diary Crystal he obtained from Lord Thanatos starts to go active without him interacting with it and starts to project Shadow’s Father, Jack-Of-All-Trades entering the Mausoleum Of Hate and confronting Lord Thanatos in the same way it projected Jack’s interaction with Discord. Lord Thanatos:Bright Courage. An Ancient Survivor of the Great Alicorn War Of Arcadia. Jack:That name has no longer any meaning to me. I am Jack-Of-All-Trades and I am here for your assistance. Lord Thanatos:I assume it is for the behalf of Stardust Memory. My Sisters, The Keres were meant to collect her after being murdered by Sombra. But her Element of Life saved her from them as she was found by the Crystal Ponies Of Shard. Allow me to disclose right now…“Jack”…Stardust Memory was meant to be collected then and there with your son dying unborn along with her. But it seems her ancestors has other plans for both her and your son, Platinum Shadow. Jack:I don’t care for any of that. I came here to request her life be extended. Lord Thanatos:What you request cannot be granted. All Life has an Expiration Date. Sometimes that life expires sooner due to the actions of those around you as well as your own decisions. My Sisters are furious beyond belief that Stardust Memory was saved by a power that is on the same level as our own, but since she was pregnant at the time and life is prominent in the world, the Element around her neck is by far the greatest power there. Jack:That won’t matter if she takes it off one day. Lord Thanatos:She will. Her fate is already been rewritten once and my counterparts will not allow another life extension rewrite. You have approached me today for nothing. Jack:(Furious)SHUT UP!!! I WILL SAVE HER NO MATTER WHAT!!! Lord Thanatos:As an Ancient, you are aware of the Evil of both your Ancestor, The First Platinum Shadow and Your Mortal Enemy, The Second Platinum Shadow. If you manage to extend the Life of Stardust Memory, your son who bears the same name will fall in the same evil. You do know the Prophecy of Twilight Sparkle? Jack:That she won’t outlive her friends? What about it!? Lord Thanatos:If you extend the Lifespan of Stardust Memory Once Again…it will be your son, Platinum Shadow that will end Twilight Sparkle's life. Jack:HOW DARE YOU!!! Lord Thanatos:The Fates has written many possible futures. It’s our decisions that decides which future is the one that matches said decisions. If you pursue this path, your son will be the Third Platinum Shadow that will bring the world into chaos. Mark My Words, Bright Courage…what you seek will cause more suffering than happiness. Jack:You are not doing this because of a Future you are trying to prevent. You are doing this because of the bad blood between us Ancients and you Gods. Lord Thanatos:You can think what you like, but we Gods cannot turn a blind eye to a being with unlimited potential like your son. We will not allow a Fourth Apocalypse to come about because of your feelings. I know this will sound odd coming from me but all life has value. Sacrificing a large amount of it just to save one is ludicrous and heinous thing to do and I believe Stardust Memory would agree. Jack:You will regret this, my lord… Lord Thanatos:Before you go, Bright Courage. Are you aware of your mate, Stardust Memory’s Greatest Wish? Jack:What Wish? Lord Thanatos:Her Greatest Desire Is For Your Son To Attain Happiness. Due to him being born with that power, The Darkness Within Platinum Shadow’s Heart is Ever-Growing. If remained unchecked, he will not only be the catalyst for the Demise of Twilight Sparkle, but all of Equestria and beyond as well. In order for him to attain the happiness she wishes him to have…he must be accepted by all…even her death. Jack:That won’t be enough if he refuses to accept all that are accepting of him. Lord Thanatos:You underestimate what he is capable of. Jack:He’s still a child. I highly doubt his patience will be at my level at such an immature age. But…since he is my son, I believe he will surpass me one day, just not yet while he is this young. Lord Thanatos:Underestimate your son’s potential at your peril, Bright Courage. Remember this: His Name Holds More Weight To The Balance Of Reality Than You Think. For That Name Is A Title Of A Being With The Power To Bring Either Salvation Or Destruction On A Whim. The Prophecy Cannot Be Undone Once It Has Been Told. Stop It, You Cannot…Undo It, You Cannot…The Fates Has Deemed It To Be. So has the Fate of Stardust Memory. With rage in his heart, Jack leaves before losing his temper and starting the war between the Gods and the Ancients. The Diary Crystal from its blue color turns slightly purple, meaning that Shadow is progressing in his collection, but he is disturbed after seeing what was in it. His father was really looking for a way to save his mother that he even went to Thanatos to beg him to save her. His emotions are so turbulent right now, everycreature begins to worry as his dark aura is visible and seeping out of his body. Even though she’s in a weakened state, Apple Bloom jumps out of her bed and hugs Shadow which catches him by surprise and scares everycreature and worries them because she just got saved from he situation. Apple Bloom:(Crying)Stop this! Both Your Mom And Starry wouldn’t want you to get this angry! Shadow:(Shocked)How…? How Do you…know that name? Apple Bloom:I met her before you and Rose saved me. She told me to look after you and to make sure…that you don’t cross a line that you shouldn’t. So please…don’t let this bad memory ruin all the good you have done. I don’t want to see my little brother turn into a monster. Shadow:But I am not… Apple Bloom:I became your sister because of your Element of Life. Your life is linked to it. When you infuse too much power into it in order to save somecreature’s life, you also put a part of yourself too. Rose is your sister too because of that. Starry told me everything!!! Shadow:Apple Bloom…(Calms Down, Sad Smile, Hugs Apple Bloom)Thank you… Scene 20.2: Fillydelphia, Big Boss’ Dine & Grill, 8:09 PM, Day 20 Of 365 4 Days later, Blaze blindfolds Shadow with the help of their friends enter a restaurant that the smell actually is making Shadow hungry which makes him remember who is the only one that can make him crave food this badly. Shadow:I know that smell! Are we in—!? Blaze:Take the blindfold off. Shadow takes the blindfold off and sees that he is inside his favorite restaurant: “Big Boss’ Dine & Grill” and at the counter is a female dragon with a sour look on her face as she is locking down the store for the night. This dragon is a very beautiful looking one with her spines as razor sharp that looks like she could seriously hurt others just by stabbing them with it. Shadow:(Nervous Smile)Hey, Sis… ???: Hey Kid! Goodbye, Kid. Blaze:You aren’t staying, Spines? Spines:(Foul & Horrible Attitude, Mean Look And Glare, Furious)Tartarus No! I want to get to bed and stay there. I worked my scales off all day. I need my “Me-Time” Now. So step off already! Spines leaves without looking back as she slams the door as she walks out. Luster:Talk about a very Anti-Social Dragon. Shadow:Sis has always been like that. Judging by the smell, Boss must be cooking up a storm. ??? (Male Voice):And it’s all for your victory, kid. At that moment a Unicorn Stallion with dark blue coat and a light blue mane with white highlights exits the kitchen with a large vanilla cake with cold chocolate frosting decorated with Blueberries, Strawberries, Goji Berries, Mulberries, Physalis, Raspberries, Cranberries, Acai Berries, Gooseberries and Blackcurrants and as soon as Shadow saw all of the berries in the cake as tall as a Wedding Cake, Shadow started drooling which everyone laughs because they have never seen Shadow fall head over heels for this cake, but Slipstream knows why as she flashback at what Sunset told her…***Sunset:(Teleports In Front Of Slipstream, Devilish Smile)But before you go, if what Blaze has planned for Shadow is what I think it is then let me tell you this.(Whispers To Slipstream)Shadow is crazy for berries. If Blaze is going to give Shadow a Big Cake, decorate it with blueberries, strawberries, goji berries, mulberries, physalis, raspberries, cranberries, acai berries, gooseberries and blackcurrants. Do that and you will see him go crazy.***Slipstream:(Amused Yet Annoyed Chuckle, Thinking)How In Tartarus Did Sis Knew About This On Shadow’s Berry Craze? Everyone celebrates Shadow saving Apple Bloom and bringing Rose back. They all party all night especially that the restaurant was closed for the day just for them have this party. Since they all partied all night, they all spend the night at the guest room of the restaurant. Spines lives on the top floor, so she doesn’t have to bothered being next to everycreature. Shadow is sitting on the rooftop while still eating what is left of his cake as he gazes at the stars. The Unicorn which Shadow calls “Boss” sits by his side and he brought bottles of milk for them to drink. ??? (Boss):Oh, Yeah! Now That’s Delicious! Shadow:Thanks for the cake, Boss. I know this party was Blaze’s idea. He always believed in me that I always will win. But I wonder how did he found out that I am crazy for berries. ??? (Boss):Actually it was your friend, Slipstream that brought them to me. Shadow:Slips? Oh! I already have a good idea how she found out. ??? (Boss):(Hearty Laugh)I envy you kids. The struggles of youth is a wonderful thing. Shadow:You sound like an old man looking for love. ??? (Boss):I might. But I highly doubt I’ll find anyone. Shadow:You have been living here in Fillydelphia for over 10 years and you haven’t found anyone? Dusk Shroud (Boss):You do realize that I used to be “Dusk Shroud”, The Element Of Power in my reality until I was stripped of it when I was banished to live here. Thanks to your dad, I was able to keep my true form hidden. There are no Bicorns in this reality and from what I have heard, Bicorns are considered Ponies Of Great Evil. So trying to find a special somepony is next to impossible for me in this sunshine and rainbows reality that Spines Hates So Darn Much. Shadow:Well you could always make peace with the princess. Dusk:Twilight is my alternate counterpart and Spines is Spike’s Counterpart. You know that old saying, right? “Opposites Attract, But The Similar Tends To Fight”. She and I seeing eye to eye is impossible and not happening. Shadow:Who knows? Maybe she put everything in the past, especially that you have been hidden for so long and done nothing bad since. Dusk:I really don’t think they’ll forgive me even if the stature of limitations has ran out. Shadow:I can vouch for you whenever you are ready. Dusk:(Smiling)Thanks, kid. Shadow:So…when did you meet my father? Dusk:He was there when I invaded this reality up until my defeat. I never expected for him to show me and Spines such mercy. And we definitely wasn’t expecting to learn that Jack is your father. Shadow:No one did…to my dismay. Anyways…I can tell you are not ready to reveal yourself to everyone, but I will be there to vouch for you and make sure that everyone knows that you are reformed. No villain can cook food as delicious as how you can. Dusk:But you are just as good, kid. You might be even better than me. Shadow:No way. Dusk:I’m sorry about your mother. Looks like a lot of things are coming out. Shadow:But luckily not fast enough. I don’t think I can handle all of the truth flooding and drowning me like a tsunami wiping me out instantly. Dusk:Luckily all of this is just among your inner circle and not the whole world finding out. I wonder…what will you do with what you know right now, boy? Shadow hasn’t thought about that since he wasn’t expecting to learn so much in less than a month and this worries him as he thinks to himself that if this is just the very tip of the iceberg about his parents, what lies at the very bottom of it all once everything is out. Scene 20.3: Canterlot, Secret War Room, 8:09 PM Inside Canterlot’s Secret War Room, Twilight along with all of the leaders and heroes of Equestria along with a few members of the Royal Guard to act as bodyguards are present to discuss the situation involving Shadow and the revelations that was revealed when he went the Mausoleum of Hate and confronted not only the New Pony of Shadows named Limbo, but Shadow also refused to return the Alicorn Amulet when he revealed that it has become sentient. All of this information was given to them by the SMILE Agent known as the Obsidian Jetstream who was secretly following Shadow and Luster by orders of Sunset Shimmer. There were names thrown none thought were going to hear like Bright Courage is Jack’s Real Name and an Alicorn in disguise and Lady Imago which gives chills down the spines down both Thorax and Pharynx’s spines and much to everycreatures surprise, except for Sunset is that Shadow is in reality an Alicorn and that his Element of Life gets stronger the more living creatures are around. Unknown to them, Sky Supporter is actually a Renegade Changeling Spy masquerading as a Royal Guard. Dragon Lord Ember:(Thinking, Saddened, Worried, Hiding Emotions Behind Stern Look)My Poor Shadow… Thorax:(Scared)Imago…She’s still alive!? Princess Twilight Sparkle:Who is she, Thorax? Pharynx:Imago was Chrysalis’ Second-In-Command and there were rumors that she was her daughter, but they were dismissed instantly after Chrysalis made me Captain and demoted her. But what I found strange about it was that on the surface she was furious about it, but in reality when no changeling was looking, she was happy to be demoted. Princess Sunset Shimmer:So there’s a chance she is Chrysalis’ Daughter? Thorax:She doesn’t look like Chrysalis, but her personality resembles her in every way. She disappeared after we reformed. She was one of the many Renegade Changelings that left the hive and went after Chrysalis. At one point we were worried that they would rendezvous with Chrysalis and start a Civil War, but the next time we saw Chrysalis, she teamed up with Tirek and Cozy Glow but none of the Renegades were around. Gilda:(Annoyed)Well as acting leader of Griffonstone, I have a problem with something here. Ember? You are Shadow’s Foster Mother, right? Ember:(Annoyed)Your Point!? Gilda:(Furious, Slams Claw On Table)How Long Were You Were Going Keep The Fact That Shadow Is An Alicorn!? Ember:(Looks Away) ……………………………………………………………………… Prince Rutherford:Yak Don’t Care. Black Pony Trustworthy. Gilda:THAT’S NOT THE POINT!!! Obsidian Jetstream also disclosed to us the Prophecy involving him and the crimes that the other Alicorns with his name has done! At one point when he turns Evil, he’ll be the one to end Twilight’s Life. Princess Sunset Shimmer:(Furious, Royal Canterlot Voice)WATCH YOUR WORDS, GILDA!!! I Will Not Allow You To Throw Slanderous Statements At Platinum Shadow! Gilda:I have nothing against him! I actually enjoy his company, but if he’s going to be a danger to all of us, we need to take precautions. Spike:You don’t need to worry about that. Ember has already taken steps to stop Shadow in crossing that line with Thorax’s help. Gilda:You Knew Too!? Thorax:Yes. I did. Ember told me all about it when Krystal mysteriously evolved into a Queen-Type Changeling. I mean…Ember and me are going through a similar situation. Our Foster Children possess a strange heritage like theirs. Everycreature:(Shocked)HOLD IT!!! KRYSTAL ISN’T YOUR BIOLOGICAL DAUGHTER!?!?!? Pharynx:We found her while we were doing a patrol near the hive. We found her in a very cute basket with a very cute pink letter. “Please Look After My Pure Krystal”. We also found tear stains on the letter and they were still wet. Meaning that Krystal’s Real Mother was around and wanted to make sure to leave her with us, so she might’ve been hiding nearby. Maybe Imago threaten Krystal’s Parents. I wouldn’t put it past her since Imago’s Personality is just like Chrysalis. She’s One Evil Changeling and she can be far worse than Chrysalis if you cross her even if you are a fellow Changeling. Fluttershy:That’s horrible. Discord:Stardust…Is everything you told us about her true as well as her true heritage? Princess Amore:Yes. It is true. My Teacher was the True Founder of the Crystal Empire. But she never wanted to be known as that; instead she chose me to be the First Ruler of the Crystal Empire. None knew of her except for myself and a select few. Cadance:What was your teacher’s name, mother? Princess Amore:Stardust Memory…Just like Platinum Shadow’s Mother. Everycreature:WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!?!? Princess Amore:I know what you are all thinking, but my teacher was an Alicorn, not a Pegasus. Celestia can attest to that fact. Princess Twilight Sparkle:You met the Alicorn with the same name as Shadow’s Mother? Celestia:No, I never did meet the Alicorn with that name. I did meet my best friend, but never once she wielded the power of an Alicorn. Ergo, My Friend…Shadow’s Mother Is Not An Alicorn, but I know she is the descendant of that Alicorn. She would always talk on seeing the Crystal Empire once it returns from Sombra’s Curse as she considers it her mission passed down from Mother to Daughter for the past 1,000 Moons. Sombra:(Distraught)I…really need to ask Shadow for his forgiveness for what I did to his mother. Princess Radiant Hope:Please don’t. Not yet. From what we know he is still hurting. Confront him about it now and he will do something he will regret. Princess Sunset Shimmer:I agree with Radiant. I know Shadow. When it comes to his mother, he can be very emotional.(Saddened)The same can be said for those who are too close to him.(Thinking)Like Me, Sonata Dusk, Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze. Shadow…My Shadow would always fight for us even though we were fighting each other for his affection. Princess Amore:So it is settled. Sombra, you are forbidden to talk to Shadow about what happened to his mother. Sombra:I…understand, Princess. Rarity:So who is this Obsidian Jetstream you keep talking about? Princess Sunset Shimmer:(Smiling)He’s the best agent I have within SMILE that both Bon Bon and Lyra are jealous that I give my most important missions to him. I’ll introduce you one day, I promise. Right now he’s off duty. Scene 20.4: Location: ???, Area: ??? (Cutie Map Room?), Time: ??? At Blight Terrors’ Throne Room, he is surrounded by his Top Generals like Volcanus, Lady Imago with Shell Shock by her side, Limbo and a Pegasus Pony with the same colors as Shadow (Platinum Mane, Dark Coat and Glowing Emerald Eyes) and he is wearing what appears to be a futuristic cybernetic suit that makes him look like a cyborg pony. Jack-Of-All-Trades and Jewel La Flaga are not present. Lady Imago’s Appearance resembles Chrysalis in every aspect for the most part with similar body type with sharp pair of fangs, her limbs and torso being very slender except her horn isn’t twisted but curved and sharp like a cutlass similar to Chrysalis in her youth, her legs, mane and tail aren’t full of holes and her colors are mostly different; for Lady Imago has Glowing Ruby Red Eyes with Elongated Oval Pupils. She has a Crimson Red Mane and Tail, Yellowish-Red Chitinous Plating over her midsection, and she wears a Golden Crown similar that The Alicorn Princesses wear complete with rubies in contrast to Chrysalis’ dark green eyes with elongated oval pupils; teal mane and tail, blue-green chitinous plating over her midsection, and small, black crown tipped with blue orbs. But her face is just the same as Chrysalis, but luckily her colors except for he black part makes sure nobody confuses her with Chrysalis. Blight Terror:Is this everyone? Volcanus:Jack and his assistant aren’t here yet. Blight Terror:They’re in their lab working on the new variants of the Black Heart Crystal. Just because they are not present, that does not mean they aren’t aware of this. They are monitoring us through the laboratory’s comm. Thank you for all of the information Limbo…Clyde. Clyde (Black Pegasus):(Suave Hispanic Accent [Similar To Antonio Banderas’ Voice])It’s the Obsidian Jetstream, but whatever rocks your boat, Compadre. Blight Terror:Rarity will be miffed if she finds out you are both alive and working as a double agent. Clyde:I’m doing this for her. She won’t mind how I am doing this. Blight Terror:So Platinum Shadow defied Princess Twilight in not giving her the Alicorn Amulet. Limbo:(Evil Laughter)Just like I said: He values the life of others more than his own. Of course he’ll defy her and protect Darkness. Blight Terror:(Evil Chuckle)The Element of Life becomes more powerful the more life-force is in the world. The only way to destroy it is for the Element Bearer to commit the unforgivable sin: Ending A Life. If A Life Is A Cursed One Like An Undead, Then It Doesn’t Count As A Sin. Has he thought on how to give Darkness a body of her own? Clyde:Not yet. But he has considered in using an Automaton Body for that. There is also cloning, but since he is the Element of Life, Cloning using a Necro Seed is not a viable option since in order to use one, you need to be a Necromancer or an Agent of Death. Blight Terror:What about his friends? Lady Imago: ……………………………………………………………………… Clyde:As Slipstream’s Superior, she’s doing great. Flurry Heart is finally attaining her individuality the more she interacts with Shadow. Gatz is getting wiser by the day. Yavish and Florid Harvest are the life of the Party and I believe they will finally confess to each other soon. Too bad they aren’t like me and Rarity. We managed to confess our feelings in way that it got heated and then we had a mass— Bright, Volcanus, Lady Imago:NEXT!!! Clyde:(Amused Chuckle & Sigh)Party-Poopers. Luster Dawn is getting close to Shadow as Jack and you want, Blight. As for our 2 other Main Targets: Prince Blaze is becoming more like his Real Father and Krystal is straying away from her predecessor’s madness. Blight Terror:Platinum Shadow…Krystal…Blaze…And Then There’s Limbo Here…We managed to find 4 out of 5 Children of the Ancients. Lady Imago:(Slightly Out Of Sync Dual Distorted Echoed Quality Voice)Remember that Krystal is my Prey, Blight. Blight Terror:(Evil Chuckle)But of course, Lady Imago. I would never take away what is rightfully yours…Nor anyone else, Understand? Volcanus:(Annoyed Fire Scoff)I could care less for that Changeling. My Prey is Blaze. Limbo:And mine is Luster Dawn. I want to make Shadow my Prey, but it seems he’s already spoken for. Clyde:Well it looks like I am forced to take Slips as my Prey since the others are not that interesting. That leaves The Yak, The Kirin, The Griffon and The Alicorn Princess up for grabs. I wonder who will take them? Blight Terror:I am still recruiting for our Cadre. Please be patient until that time comes. Oh and Clyde… Clyde:Yes? Blight Terror:Go Back to Princess Sunset Shimmer and tell her that you managed to find out the identity of 4 of the 5 Children of the Ancients. I want the Leaders of Equestria to feel a little desperate to find the last one. Especially that we are also unaware who the 5th one is as well. Clyde:Should I tell them the identity of them all? Blight Terror:No. I want them to know we are aware who are they and I also want them to be fearful of our intentions when we try approaching Creatures they will believe is a Child of the Ancients. Try and make it as Dynamic and Dramatic as Possible. I want them to fear that the Downfall of The Equestria Golden Age Is Just Around The Corner. And…I want you to deliver this letter to Princess Twilight Sparkle by giving this to Sunset.(Teleports Letter To Clyde) Clyde:(Shocked)This Writing…!!! Blight Terror:(Sinister Laughter)Indeed…That letter is a declaration of a certain nation. “Comply And Honor Our Request Or There Will Be War! Insult And Offend Us, There Will Be War! And We Want The Following Creatures To Serve As Your Ambassadors! There Names Are…” As Blight Terror reveals the names of who he wants to go to this nation, he laughs heinously as they all know this will bring disaster is everything goes horribly wrong; and that’s why his name is “Blight Terror”.Episode Bonus:Apple Bloom’s Update Letter To Princess Twilight SparkleDear Princess Twilight: It’s been a while since I wrote a letter to you. I bet everycreature is on the same boat as me. Anyhoo…I learned so much being around Shadow ever since he and Rose saved my life. I can now see what his Ma, Stardust wanted for him now that he is my little brother because of the power of his element. I always wondered what it was like to have a little brother or sister because of how AJ and Big Mac treated me while growing up and now I have both. For the past 4 days…the Biggest Jerk in all of Equestria has been a real sweetheart around me. I have never seen Shadow behave like this. I kinda like it, but a part of me misses the Cynical Jerk that made fun of all of us just because he could. As for Rose it is the same deal. I remember both Rose and Shadow hating each other when they first met and now they behave like they are really brother and sister. Looking at them now as they are sparing using their swords, all I see is them having a good time. I am a little worried that they might hurt each other if they overdo it. As I am writing this letter, I am right looking at them go at it while we are in the apple fields. I am sitting under the Apple Tree that was returned by Slipstream and Krystal, not stolen by them and I am watching the practice their swordplay. I would always fantasize AJ using a sword in a gallant way. I don’t know why, but AJ with a sword somehow feels right. Anyhoo…I have been using this word a lot lately. Well, I…I want to fulfill not just Stardust Memory and Starry Night’s Wish for Shadow, but I also want to fulfill my family’s wish to care for him and Rose. Seeing Shadow in this different light feels so natural like he was never a Cool Edge-Lord, World's Biggest Jerk, Maverick, Loner, Cynic or even a Smart-Alec at all…he’s now like…a normal and relatable pony. I am beginning to see what they wanted for him and I will fulfill their wish. Speaking of wish: I wonder how are we going to give Starry Night a body. Shadow is looking for ways to give Darkness a body of her own and I know he’s doing it without your approval, but…I have faith in him. I believe that Darkness will change if she sees how hard Shadow is trying and I know you will too. Speaking of trying…After being visited by Ma and Pa…I visited their tree they planted when they got married, made a memorial in their honor and I plan on visiting it once a week. I also made a spot for Stardust and Starry so Shadow can visit them one day. Right now I feel like he isn’t ready for that after what we all saw what Jack tried to do 4 days ago. I will admit that Jack had his issues, but he was never a bad pony and…I just can’t believe how desperate he looked trying to save Stardust. But…If Spike and me were still a couple…I feel like either of us would have done the same thing to save the other. Actually…Ma and Pa would have done it too…Now that I think about it, almost everycreature we know would do it. But what scared me out of all of that is…Shadow Taking Your Life? I Refuse! There’s just no way! I will admit he can be a little rebellious, but crossing that line? I will never accept Shadow taking your life, not even if I see it with my own eyes. Shadow is…Not that type of pony. This must be Starry’s feelings stirring within me, but…I agree with her. I know deep down you feel the same way, Twilight. Especially that…for what I have seen…You and Shadow are the same. Two cloths in the same stitch as Granny would say. I believe in you and I believe in him. I believe that both of you are going to make the right choices and…this “Prophecy” of Shadow becoming Evil…Deep Down I Know…He’s Not Going To Cross That Line. And I…I hope he can stop your Prophecy from coming true. Equestria still needs you now more than ever. Especially that the Pony of Shadows is working with somecreature who wants to destroy Equestria. We need your, my sister and everycreature’s strength to defeat whatever it is. I know deep down you will win…Always! Your Friend and Disciple, Apple Bloom.” Apple Bloom Arc Concluded.To Be Continue…
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