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This group is not to offend people, but to help them. We put artwork into a bigger audience of people to get the exposure and attention that someone's artwork deserves.

For starters, in case you're curious on the group's name, the group was meant for "the freaks" and "weirdos" of DA :3 Because I'm one myself and I'm proud of it. It was based off this group:… It then became an art group.. After a difficult day or two.. People accepted it as an art group and not a hate group. I learned how to organize it, etc. So, for a summary: This group is to expose people's art into a bigger community of people giving that artwork the exposure and attention it should get.

Next: To upload artwork you follow these easy steps:

1. Go to the group Gallery

2. Look for the folder you would want to put your artwork into.

3. Once found, click the little + next to it and it'll bring up two options: "Submit a new Deviation" or "Contribute an Existing Deviation"

4. Click on "Contribute and Existing Deviation" and it should bring you up to a screen with your artwork on it.

5. Select the artwork you'd like and click submit.

If this doesn't work, you must've messed up on something. You'll know you've submitted because the artwork will turn green and say: "You Artwork Has Been Submitted"

I hope this helps :3


Founder - Mezelznha

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Feb 16, 2015


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16,827 Members
12,511 Watchers
511,321 Pageviews

A lot of my old adopted OC's are collecting dust...

These are the only ones up at the moment.

Here is a better look at them

My logo and JPG is protection for the designers!!!
Once I have received the payment, you will get their real files
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Not Today Satan by Lynxinto
Concept art: Mother in law by OneOut
... by ItsAikochan13
Cool content by eskikirikCD
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Twilight Sparkle by jackyleo738
Then I'm Self Taught - Part 5 by jackyleo738
Happy Valentine's Day 2024 by jackyleo738
Visual Dream Journal 978 by LordFrankeh
Stories and Poems
Giantess Story - Tinys Gym VisitA short and hopefully humerous picture story from us, to see if you guys and girls like this kind of thing, if you do, please fave and comment! If this does prove popular, there will be more "Tiny Adventures"!Tinys Gym VisitTiny (Who readers, actually was a Tiny Little Man living in a Normal Sized World) had taken a girl he was really really trying to impress to the Gym, but Tiny was so very small that even though the normal sized girl was only lightly jogging, he had to run as fast as his little legs could carry him to keep up with her on the running machine.Although Tiny considered himself as big and strong as any normal sized man, he found this really tiring on his little legs, but Tiny kept running really really fast, in fact as fast as he possibly could, as he liked to try to prove to everyone (Especially pretty girls) that his size didnt hold him back at all.Tiny ran and he ran for all his little body was worth...,Tiny had to run so very very fast on his little legs and he had tried so very hard to keep up with the normal sized girl he was trying to impress, that he was now really really tired, he was so tired in fact that he accidently tripped over his own tiny little legs, narrowly avoiding being crushed to death under the pretty girls huge (to him) feet, hurting himself and his pride quite badly in the process.So Tiny sat down to recover, just for a minute though, as in his mind he was as big and strong as any normal sized man, despite his tiny size...,Shortly after Tiny sat down, darkness descended as his normal sized friend, the girl he was really trying to impress, also sat down, accidently right on top of him! Unfortunately for Tiny, despite considering himself as big and strong as any normal sized man, he wasnt, and for this reason and with a strange sound (a bit like "Schlooop") he disappeared right up and into her ass.When the girl couldnt find him she stood up to take a look around the Gym for him. Gravity now allowed Tiny some hope of release as he fell back out from between her cheeks, but just as he thought he was free, his tiny head remained wedged inside her enormous and very muscular ass. As she walked around the Gym looking for him, Tiny was left swinging in the air with his little head now firmly trapped between her muscular glutes. Tiny tried so hard to call for help, but his head was stuck so far up her Ass that his tiny voice just couldnt be heard.The girl he was trying so hard to impress didnt find him until she went to have a shower around an hour later, Tiny is still recovering and swears he will never go to the Gym again, the girl he was trying so hard to impress has also stopped returning his calls.Poor Tiny...,There will be more "Tiny Adventures" if this set proves popular...
Between, Before, And After - Kraisee vs Korawai by Asmodaiyaban
Web Comics
_Happy_World_  - chapter 05  page 14 by UchihaSama224
Main characters  ( 1 / 2  ) by UchihaSama224
Prince of Love~ by UchihaSama224
(OPEN Price Drop) Chibi Adoptable #84 by momo00chi
Comix and Logos
Found A Little Butterfly by jackyleo738
Then I'm Self Taught - Part 6 by jackyleo738
Otterly in Love #BetterTogetherTutorial by LiquidFrogStudios
Salva-nos (Save us) Remaster 064 and 065 by Templarpt1993
Typography Folder
Lavan Hazbin Hotel Angel OC Commission by Yoitefriend
Vivziepop Adoptables 28 by Yoitefriend
Let your demons run by sambRRR
Vivziepop Clothing Adoptables by Yoitefriend
Mature Content stories and Poems

Mature Content

Operations Planning v.1 by Von Trapp Photo 2015. by VTphoto
Dixies Pregnant Scene by HentaeGuy

Mature Content

Total Supremacy - Femdom Toilet Slavery by DivergentArtGB

Mature Content

On Your Knees - Shemale Dominatrix by DivergentArtGB

Mature Content

Face Mount - Domination Wrestling 2 - Commission by DivergentArtGB
Tied Up - Cammy Has Juri Where She Wants Her... by DivergentArtGB

Mature Content

Motorboated - Domination Wrestling 1 - Commission by DivergentArtGB
Doodles, Tracers, Reference Sheets
[Frozen] Lonely Water 3D by FromArendelle
[Tangled] Corona Lights by FromArendelle
[C] Kary and Joy by Meryosie
Tethered Heart by BluuLeopard
Stories and Poems 2

Mature Content

Artist and Model by Gesperax

Mature Content

The Ruler by Gesperax

Mature Content

The Legend of Sister Blisters. Epilogue by Gesperax

Mature Content

The Legend of Sister Blisters. The End by Gesperax
Memes 2
[OPEN] ADOPTABLE AUCTION #015 by alennkiyoshi
Web Comics 2
Emily 662 - That Sucked by Cartoon-Admirer
Comix and Logos 2
Main characters  ( 2 / 2  ) by UchihaSama224
Horror 2
The Heart Who Laughs  by BlackLotus56
Typography Folder 2
_Say Cheesseee~ by UchihaSama224
Anime Manga 2
Hasta La Vista Baby by Suzarte88
Artisan Craft 2
Tifa Swimsuit ver by Emerald--Weapon
Animation 2
[OPEN] Adoptable #78 [AUCTION] by KimiPony
Comedy 2
A Tiny Story 3 - Wheres Tiny? by DivergentArtGB
Adoptables 3
Adopt auction: Planets and Gods|Uranus m. OPEN by Amenorium
Doodles, Tracers, Reference Sheets
DogDay by Hellbound-Hellhound
Digital 2
Pumped - Cammy White - StreetFighter by DivergentArtGB
Fanart 2

Mature Content

Surrender now! by Gesperax
Digital Art

Mature Content

Detective JC Prozac by TecMysT

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EricNyx #2 by xXMaeWrightXx
EricNyx by xXMaeWrightXx


Hi :3 If you have anything to report, any questions, or anything to do with this group, you can always contact either me, The Founder, or any of the Admins in a Note or a comment on his/or her page.

Eric Nyx, The Freaky Founder

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