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It has been SOOOOOOOOO long since I've been here, it seems like forever. I'm afraid I won't be around quite as much as I was because of health issues but there'll be some here and there :)

Thank you to everybody who has continually been checking out my artwork and commenting, as always it's appreciated.

I'm back!! Kind of ;)

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Sorry to hear about this. Hope the issues can be resolved/ managed to your satisfaction.

You say on your main page you aren't a good artist.

I must take you to task on this.

Your orthos for Star Trek and Star Wars machines are the best out there, and you should be proud of them.


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As long as you're well enough to be anywhere is okay by me. Take care of yourself and be well! We'll always be here whenever you are.
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glad to have you back!
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Welcome back. I'm glad that you are still in one piece
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Thanks for all the art you've shared and best wishes on a full recovery.
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Your work is always appreciated. Feel well, Admiral.
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Welcome Back Sir ! Please take care of you, you're too important. 😉
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Good to have you back. 
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Get well soon ;) (Wink) 
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Please recover quickly!
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Awesome blog template! :)
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Welcome back and looking forward to more of your art!

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It's good to hear from you.
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