Death of my art?

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Well, sorry for being away so long but as I've just told a couple of good friends, the reason is less than nice.

I recently had both my laptop and backup drives stolen which has left me without models, completed art and the software I created them with. Right now, considering the effort and time that it will take to replace, (let alone the cost), I'm not even sure I have the wherewithal to do it.

Should things change then you, my dear viewers, will be the first to know trust me. Until then I have a few images Stashed so there'll be a little more to come. 

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Well, that just plan SUCKs! If anyone hasn't said so... You should start a Go Fund Me page. You did great stuff! Waaaah! 
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shame to hear i personally love your art take solace in the fact that being a thief he wont use anything on them as most don't have the brain power to comprehend day to day operations and will most likely pawn them and who knows someone will buy it and then return it while they rot in a jail some wheres XD. still love your artwork.
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So sorry. It's quite a tragedy in itself to lose something we actually love and cherish. Still don't get discouraged I'm certain you'll be back in the saddle soon. Best regards. 
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Not faving because I enjoy hearing about your suffering- just the opposite. I enjoy your work and want to stay informed about this ongoing story
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I am sorry that this happened to you. I always enjoy your artwork!
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sorry to hear man
You Are A Master, and I know you will recover, in time
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Damn, that sucks, man. Really sorry to hear about this. I hope they catch whoever did it. :hug:
Really sorry to hear about your oss.

That is was theft makes the blow probably double hard.

Heart Hug Heart

All the very best wishes for getting back on your feet.Into the swing of things.

Much cheers ot you and yours.
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There are no words to express my sadness about the theft of your artwork, laptop  and your backupsNo, I disagree! But I am much happier to hear nothing happened to you and while material losses can be restored you cannot. I only hope this is not the end of your artwork I always found great pleasure in viewing your excellent artwork; but whatever your decision know I and many others find great pleasure in viewing your work. Heart Hug Heart Heart Heart  
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Your sadness is my sadness.
Now the ordem is to breathe and start over.
Redo everything with calm and focus.
Material losses can be restored.
Re-beginnings will always bring advances and modernizations in every fields of material life and inner life.
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Nigel, if it helps, I have a LOT of work you did on the Nova Class.   
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????  How in HELL did they get both your laptop  AND your backups?!?  

(never mind...I can guess.  You had a houseguest whose "friendship" was less than mutual.....same thing happened to me about ten years back...!)
Sorry to hear what happened to you. It seems that whatever is going around these days, seems to target anyone with common sense and creative talent of any kind. I do hope that your gear will be returned to you quickly and in good order. And, whomever has committed said foul deed will face the full and unwavering weight of the law. 
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Sorry to hear of your troubles. :(
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That's harsh... 

I know how it feels to loose the car to those thieves... But loosing all those memories and work... that is a whole new level! 

There is no way i can tell you what to do, but i am sure you will make the best choices! 

Heads up!
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Oh wow... I'm sorry to hear that mate! Your art was always a pleasure to see! I hope against hope that whoever stole it is caught and your items returned!
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i got most of your art.  If you need it back, just ask
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At one point in time, I was seriously into photography as a hobby. Took lots of pics of cool military stuff, various landscapes/cityscapes in Bavaria and other parts of West Germany, got some really great stuff from the first Gulf War.

And then everything was stolen: camera, gear, pics, album, even negatives. I essentially gave up. At that point in time, the financial cost of replacing just the basic camera/gear was not feasible, but losing all of the great work I'd done just sucked the life out of me. I moved on, w/o my trusty camera rig as my near-constant sidekick.

That was quite a few years ago (we can literally say "decades"), and, in the intervening years, I've occasionally kicked myself for not "getting back up on the horse" wrt my hobby. Been re-examining that decision of late, pondering the feasibility of getting back into it.

Upshot, and long-story-short: don't abandon your passion. Your life will be...less...without the thing that put a smile on your face, that painted a "smiley" on your soul.
Sorry to hear about this. All my best to you.
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Nige, i hope your luck will change soon.
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Sorry to hear that. That sucks and I hope criminal charges are filed!
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Only recently became aware of this great archive - very sorry to hear you've run into troubles.
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Sry,to hear that
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