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V Sky Fighter ortho

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Skyfighter - Unknown modeler
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I remember this; in the show, iit was obviously a kitbash out of the shuttle model, IIRC but I found it interesting that the weapons were controlled by a gunner in the rear cupola. That was an interesting little design wrinkle.
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Neat little ships.
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I loved the original, and sad to see the horrible 'remake' a few years back. Love all the tech pages!
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V was an awesome miniseries - and still superior to that horrid reboot a few years back. I love these shuttles too.
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Very cool, I remember wanting to fly one of those back in the 80s. Just one minor critique, I know your not responsible, but the leading edge of the wings should not be vertical, they should be angled back slightly to match the intakes above  
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Yeah, I spotted that from some of the images I found online. I was just surprised to find these out there on the web (by accident no less!) It's a shame I don't know who actually made them as there's another one to come :)
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Nice! Brings back memories!
80s memories  :)
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Awesome,i was just thinking of this tv show the other day too lol
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  Good thing that some one remeber the classics of the 80's.  And it so beautiful.  My question is where you got the dimensions?
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Check out the link below the image :)
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Read it.  WOW.  And thanks, I mean it, thanks.  I am a techno freak who lovbes all this.
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Love the classics. :D
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Very good. Yep......I need one to get around.
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