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Ultra Probe ORTHO


Ultra Probe - R.J. Andron
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I remember the episode this ship appeared in. All and all, it's a believable future spaceship. Well done!
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Applause & Kudos !
chaos-sandwhich's avatar
Loving the Functional Realism of the show's ships, some of the most convincing i've seen, even standing up against some modern sci fi  vessels
DaleCar's avatar
Great show. but i loved the spacecraft.  They seemed more believable than most others
Nuclear-Fridge's avatar
The episode of Space: 1999 that gave me nightmares! Recalling "Dragon's Domain" still gives me a shiver, even today...
cadwaladr's avatar
It was dammed creepy.
Nuclear-Fridge's avatar

The worst part - for me - was Tony Cellini, trapped in the forward cabin by a jammed door, frantically trying to get to his shipmates... as they're being swallowed alive, one by one, by the monster. The poor guy gets the door open just in time to fail to save his last comrade...:no:

I haven't seen that episode in over 20 years, but it's left a lasting impression.

cadwaladr's avatar
Yeh that was nightmare material right there for us kids back then. That was even as a vet Dr Who watcher who laughed at most of those monsters. For me the music haunts me most.
Nuclear-Fridge's avatar
Another 1999 story that freaked me was the one with Ian McShane's power-plant technician taken over by an 'energy vampire'. The scene where he's stalking a woman down a corridor on Alpha Moonbase and all the lights are cutting out as he passes them - draining their power - is scary as hell. No blood, no gore, just... menace.:fear:
cadwaladr's avatar
Oh yes, Id forgotten about that one.
Nuclear-Fridge's avatar
The bit where he flash-freezes his colleague is another stand-out. The poor guy just topples over onto the floor, turned into a human popsicle...
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Thanks for starring all these wonderfull spaceships.  space 1999 is probably my all time favorite scifi show.
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