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USCSS Prometheus ortho


Prometheus - rustythe1
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Huh. there really is no canon size for the ship, is there?
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Like many of them :(
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Damn. Well, I'm still going to use some of your works and guesstimates for my chart, if that's okay with you. Credit will be given (if not I am a mess and forgot, and you please tell me).
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    To bad that it had to be blown up.  Still great looking ship.  I wonder can I used it in my RPG games.  Will make a wonderful ship for the team.  Once they claimed as salvage from the planet they were left on by their former employers.  The bad guys wanted more stronium 90 that the ship could carry.  So to make room well the team was left behind.  But payback is a bad karma.
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Nice ship, but a terrible movie.
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Wow, excellent job.
I am curious.
Are these modeled and rendered in lightwave?
I ask, because I'm learning Newtek's Lightwave right now to convert my hand drawn images over to 3D models.
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Lightwave (which I'm a total noob at!) and 3ds Max (which I'm slightly better at) :)
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Thank you for the info. :)

Just uploaded my first attempt using lightwave.
I am familiar with Blender, and Maxon C4 R15, but I am new to lightwave.
However, I like how LightWave's two programs complement each other and how easy it is to use both of them.
Worth the price methinks.
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Yea I think you're right. LW isn't as memory intensive as MAX and if I'd started with LW, I think I may have found it a better program, but at this late stage, I'm too old to start learning something new :D
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That makes two of us.
And you're absolutely right.
LW is a sweetheart with how little RAM is uses.
I was actually shocked.
Gives me the ability to save in PNG and open each camera still shot in Photoshop to make my multi-view image while also making corrections in modeler then saving to layout which of course instantly updates via the hub.
Very nice indeed!
I will enjoy learning this new program. :)
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Magnificent ship! :eyepopping:
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Thank You, & Please Put This In The Alien Outhos Section Will Ya? ;)
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