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Hey - the art and designs here are fantastic, may we use them in our ST:New Horizons Mod for Stellaris, providing full credit and a note of thanks?

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Hi Nige,

I have send you a message asking for permission to use some of your awesome images for our card game. Hope you will say yes.

Kind regards


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A little civility goes a long way.
I would very much like to use your work on Star Wars model expositions to base sprites off for a SW mod to implement the ships into Rimworld.
I will credit you and provide a link to the wonderful gallery on the mod page once it is released.:)

Kind Regards,
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Hi there, sent a note asking for permission to use an ortho of the Raven's Claw for a YouTube thumbnail.  The stream is Saturday so I've already got it made and I'll use it, but if you see this after the fact, I'll make a different thumbnail.  Thanks!
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Hi there! I wrote you a note with a link to my YouTube stream asking for permission to use some of your artwork. Thanks!
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Hey mate! I sent a note to you but I dont think you caught it! :(

I am currently working on images for a game called FULL THRUST. I am making SSD'S and would like to use the pictures you put up as the basis for my SSD'S. Its all free, so i will not be profiting from your work except seeing players showing off your pictures! 

Net can be shoddy where I am, so can you send me a yay or nay via email or response here? If you do by email, I will show you exactly what I am doing! I appreciate your hard work, and of course the modders work! 

email is

Thank you! :D

Clark, Robert J.
SPC, E-4
U.S. Army Retired.
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Yea sorry, been a bit caught up with RL :(

However, the answer is no problem mate. :thumbsup:
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Want me to update you with the finished product?
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Hello, could I get a permission to use some (actually quite a few) of your ship side views in a ship size comparison video? It would make it a lot easier if I didn't have to make everything myself. I'd of course mention you and the modeler.
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I always do my best to at least mention any original artist/modeler which I based any of my work(s) on in the description, at least. However, I don't always get the information and my memory is terrible. If you can find anything in my gallery that is based on your work, please let me know so I can properly credit you.
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Gee, Nige, I ALWAYS mention your name (or AKA) 

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And that's really appreciated mate, seriously. 
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You are QUITE WELCOME!!! :)

See your wonderful artwork that I added to a Sweatshirt with hood? :)
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Yep!! Looking good mate :)
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When art is created by you, it is at the time of creation "copyrighted" with you as the owner.
 You do not have to register it to consider it copyrighted, but that does give you more options,  *such as collecting punitive damages* against infringers, and it of course makes it easier to prove ownership if you choose to prosecute anybody.
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That is more than reasonable.  I suggest that like Falke, you put a small inconspicuous "usualsuspex" near the bottom of each picture.

By the way, how come you haven't yet posted my Twilight?
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Wanted to wait until you gave your ok to post it :) It's your piece after all :salute:
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Well, naturally I wanted it posted !  :)  

If I pay for a beautiful piece like this, please feel free to post all over!

(It gives good publicity for my own writing.)

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Consider it done :)
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Howdy UnusualSuspex,

I really love your Star Trek artworks. Do you do Star Wars stuff too?
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Check my gallery, there's more Star Wars than Star Trek!!
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Hello, I would like to request to use some of the images from here (mostly starbases) to use in a free Star Fleet Battles mod I have designed to be played on Tabletop Simulator. 
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Not an issue. Thanks for asking :salute:
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