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Greetings earthlings! I discovered that there is an app for this site which makes adding folders a hell of a lot easier. I've organized everything by category now, so finding my freebies will be a lot easier! Sorry for the lack of updates, as I've been very busy. I've set up my patreon for those that wish to contribute, and with that said I'm going to be uploading some exclusive morphs before the end of the year. Most of these will be within the $5 tier so they'll be easy to get to. As soon as I have them finished, I will be posting an advertisement for them with a link to the patreon page. There's more on the horizon, so stay tuned! Update on the andorian. I've been held up with some side projects, but I haven't forgotten about them. This set is going to be bigger than the previous ones as it's going to include a second set of skins for the Aenar. Special thanks to Ryselle-chan for aid with the antenna and to RD500YPVS for bug testing with the kits. Ryselle was kind enough to do the rigging so they will be posable as well! There will also be a variant antenna for the Aenar. I also plan to include a neutral haircut that can be used on classic and Enterprise style andorians, and I will be including a static antenna based on the TOS look. I'm hurrying as fast as I can, but there are so many more things on my plate than before, so please be patient. More is on the way! Thanks everyone!

A motivating start of the week :-) by Ryselle-Chan, journal

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May the 4th: Celebrating Star Wars
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Star Wars and Star Trek have been a major part of my life since they first appeared and I've played in their respective sandboxes ever since :)

I'm not a particularly talented artist but I do have fun and hope you enjoy as well :D

If you DO like what you see and you'd like a commission done, send me a note and we'll discuss it :)

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May the 4th: Celebrating Star Wars
May the 4th
Scored 1st Subscriber: Congrats on getting your first-ever subscriber!
Scored 1st Subscriber
Deviously Devoted: Someone is your fiendish fan! 😈 (1)
Deviously Devoted
Gold Coin 2023: Someone thinks you're golden! (2)
Gold Coin 2023
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It's almost a month now and I'm sad to say that I'm no closer to returning to art creation. I'm also running low on items I had stockpiled in my Stash, but I have enough to keep my subscribers happy with Star Wars models for a little while at least. I'll be damned if I'll let this beat me, but I'm finding it so hard not being able to do what I love. Thank you for all the kind words of support and encouragement you have sent. It means a great deal. Hopefully, this won't be my last journal entry.
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So the good news is that I'm out of the hospital, but the bad news I'm still far from where I want to be healthwise. Thanks to text-to-speech I can give you updates, and I have pre-made renders I can do so now I'll be back to posting things. The problem is that I cannot create anything due to physical restrictions from a bleed on the brain. Physio and ongoing medical attention will hopefully get me there, but not just yet. Subscribers, you have stuff coming. Watchers, you too! So bear with me guys and girls. Thanks.
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Just a quick update. Nigel is still quite poorly and I'll be away for a week because of work. If you don't see any updates for about 7 days, Nigel says "sorry" but once I get back I can continue posting some of his already prepared items that have been sitting in his stash.
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Dear Unusual Suspex, Do you ALSO happen to make internal compartment artwork? I need your email address. I need the last 15 compartments of my ship done, with Deck Battlemats: Nova Class: All of Deck 8; Impulse Control Rm Deck 1; Small Science Lab Deck 1; First Officer's Office, Deck 1; Ship's Library Deck 2; Bio-Lab 2, Deck 2; Planetology Lab, Deck 3; Space Science Lab, Deck 3; Forward Observation Lounge, Deck 3; Security Complex, Deck 3 (includes Armory and Brig); Torpedo Loading & Launch Tube Bay, Deck 4; Shield Generator Rm, Deck 5; CARGO BAY 4, Deck 6; Conference Room B with Lounge (Portside Deck 7); Astrometrics Lab, Deck 7; Anti-matter Pods and Injector and Ejection, and Landing Ramp, Deck 8. The main ones I need, are Cargo Bay 4, First Officer's Office, Astrometrics, Biolab-2 (with biobeds), Security, and the Torepedo launch tube bay.

Twilight Deck 2
Twilight Deck 3
Twilight Deck 4
Twilight Deck 7
Twilight Deck 6
Twilight Deck 8
Twilight Deck 5

Sadly, to create all that would not only be a very long process, but the amount of time input would prove extremely expensive. As far as your request for my email, it should be in your notes folder ☺️

Well, can you at least do two or three of the compartments, then?

Time to learn Blender I think and do this modeling your self. Seriously.

This is a massive undertaking you have there. I build a lot of my 3d-models and backgrounds myself and I just cannot fantom how much time this would take me. I can't even put a price tag on it.

If you're brave enough to venture out into Blender, start, once you know the basics, with something small, don't try to build everything all at once just slowely build up and out.


I posted another Nlian swamp animal pic! Let me know what you think!


Comment posted on image ;)

Love this profile so much

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