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I needed to do something free and wild. Not sure why. I'm pleased with how it turned out though, most of it was happy accident. Other than glancing at this [link] a couple times I didn't use any ref, so if you find anatomical issues please tell me. I haven't had any training or studying in anatomy, I just go by what's in my head.

I suck at titles. >.<

Time: around 4 hours
Art © Megan Behrens 2009
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this is truly amazing! I absolutely love it!!! great job! :D
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Ooo, it's awesome! I love seeing stuff from you again; your work is always lovely!
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*sniffle* I need to post more often, I know. I'm so horrible at consistency! {fail}

But thanks! Glad you like it.
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The name is perfect!
I love the piece!!! I don't see any problems with the anatomy at first glance but the fingers in the right hand are a bit long
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You think the name works? Good to hear! I couldn't find anything that really matched what I wanted, and I liked the sound of "rush" better than anything else.
Gah, hands always give me trouble. Thanks for pointing that out!
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*points to two places*

Thee dancer's right hand seems a little awkward. Perhaps it's just the colors n shades of it, but the fingers seems unusually long.

As for the back, the left shoulder blade seems to be lower than the right one, which looks rather unnatural.

Asides from that this is rather fantastic. While I agree Rush may not be the best title, it is a good one in the sense that I got this sudden rush of movement from the painting as everything was a blur much as dancers are when they are in motion. And such an exotic outfit with the little gold....oh what are they called...thingies (I'm going with that) ...It must be a treat to watch that woman dance~ A dazzling blur of silk (or whatever that is made out of, thingies ( :P ), and such lovely hair upon a beautiful dancer.

....And now I is done.
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I think you're right about the shoulder blade thing. I totally missed that before. O_o Whoops.

Hehe, your ramblings near about match my own. Cookie for the comment! ^^
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*noms** >.> typos Dx
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Cookie! *nows on it* <3
This is great. It has a warm quality about it. I love the sense of slight movement you get from it as well.
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Thank you! I'm glad to hear that, since I was kind of going for that.
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Whoa. 0.0 I don't see anything wrong, myself. Just a really amazing painting.
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thank you, Naomi!
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You're welcome. ^_^
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I LOVE THIS!!!!!! i love how it almost has a dream quality to it, this is just amazing it is very beautiful :+fav: for sure :)
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:hug: Aww, thanks! Haha, it probably seems dreamy because I did it at 3 in the morning. ^^
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lol 3 in the morning, thats when im usually up and working on my stuff :)
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It does seem to be the most productive time for creative people. We're all vampires at heart or something like that. ^^
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:rofl: i agree with you, i know im a vampire at heart :D V""V
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