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Loving Me
It's not about the pounds on my body
It's not about who does who doesn't like me
It's not about fitting a status quo
But feeling beautiful head to toe
I want to go on a diet
You say don't do it
You think I'm pretty
But it's about me loving me
I appreciate you
I appreciate what you do
But this is my insecurity
This is my idea of beauty
I think I'm ugly
I know I'm unhealthy
It's time to do a 180
It's time to change me
So the next time you see me
I'll be standing confidently
I might be 120 I might be 160
But either way, I'll love me
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But for now I'm in hiding
I'm too young to feel this way
To feel torn apart
Like I've lost my way
I'm too young to feel so hopeless
Like a bird astray
So, so restless
I'm too young to feel so tired of life
So worthless
I don't want to deal with strife
I am just a teenager
With seventeen years to my name
But I feel like a salvager
Collecting ashes after being set aflame
Aflame with what?
I do not know
A burning passion, a dream?
I think not
I'm too scared of fire
I'm a coward
A fear of desire
And what it will bring
I want to dance
I want to sing
I want to talk
I want to draw
It's not a roaring flame
But it's just as raw
Just as powerful
A steady simmer
A slow roast
It will stay inside
My apathetic ghost
Until I'm older
And ready to come outside
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Girl in Pink pt5
The girl in pink
Came to school today
I tried to talk to her
But she just walked away
Again, I tried to get her attention
She gave me a short nod and a glare
I don't know why she doesn't like me
And I don't know why I care
She's been adding some black to her wardrobe
I commented on it, said I liked the variety
She graced me with a jerky smile
But otherwise, she completely ignored me
I think I'm wearing her down
Because when I talk to her, here and there
Sometimes she doesn't just walk on past
The quiet her and the talkative me, I think we make quite a pair
The girl in pink did something spectacular today
I greeted her and asked "How are you?"
And she didn't just twitch or nod or the like
She responded with "Fine." She can talk! Who knew?
The girl in pink
Came to school today
I said "Hey, how are you?"
And she said, "Okay."
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Girl in Pink pt4
i went to visit her
the girl in pink
told the teacher
i lived on the way
i could deliver the homework
that was a lie
i live
miles away
i walked up to the front door
it was black
with a shiny, metal door-handle
i knocked
once, twice
three times
she answered on the fourth
and stared at me
with those gorgeous eyes
and with great surprise i
realized that those eyes
they did not
i waited it out
the silence that befell us
she stared at me
and i
stared right back
she was shocked
that i had visited
i remembered that
i had an excuse
and shakily held up the papers
her face closed off
and she reached for them
but i held them away
at the same time
i asked
where have you been
and she replied
and then she took the papers
said thank you and goodbye
and slammed the door
to my exasperated sigh
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Girl in Pink pt 3
The girl in pink hasn't been here. Not for days.
She's a striking girl. Though I am alone in my opinion of her ugliness, others describe her using words such as 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous', even I can't help but be drawn to her. That is why, I am surprised.
When I returned to school on Monday, expecting to see the girl in pink, she was not there. And when I say, she was not there. I mean, she was not there. At all.
The teacher took roll. The girl in pink, was not called.
During recess, when the other girls come to gossip. When they come to tear apart self-esteem. When they come to backstab each other and make lies. When they come. The girl in pink. She was not mentioned once.
I asked, you see. I asked. Where, where is the girl in pink?
And the teachers, they looked at me. Like they were unseeing.
Who, they replied. Who is this girl in pink.
You see, I am afraid. What am I, who am I, without the girl in pink? Before I knew it, I had centered my life around her. We were not. We are not. W
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Girl in Pink pt2
I've been watching the girl in pink. There are baby pinks, bubblegum pinks, hot pinks, and more. There are pink laces and satins, velvet and so, cotton here, and muslin there. Cotton candy pink, pastel pink, barbie pink.
I thought at first that she just wasn't picky. That maybe her colour choices are as apathetic as she is. Seems. It turns out that I was wrong.
She's a ghost, wearing her body like a mask. It's difficult to even try to look further. I looked and I looked though, because I'm in the habit of not giving up. A twitch, a softening in the eyes, I could ramble about her line after line like a poetry book undone.
But I saw something.
On Monday, she wore a soft, light pink. That day, she graced the world with a small smile.
Tuesday, the vibrance of her outfit shook us all with a surprising amount of intensity that nobody would expect from the girl in pink. Maybe I'm imagining things, but everything she did seemed a little more angry than usual.
Wednesday, the girl in pink was ab
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They're Just so in Love
Three years. Three years of dating. Of sex and fights and happiness and snuggling and pack and home and whispers at night and sexy possessive glares and growling and marking and touching and talking and just-
Stiles choked out a sob as Lydia rubbed his back consolingly.
"I mean-I mean, I just thought that- I didn't think it was just me! He would say stuff during you know, sex, like calling me his mate like it was going to be forever! And whenever we were out if there was a baby and I ended up cooing over it, totally in a manly way just fyi, he would get all soft and he'd hug me and I thought for sure that somehow this would end up in us and maybe I don't know we'd adopt or something but I thought-" Stiles gulped for air, wiping at his eyes.
"I know sweetie," Lydia hugged Stiles in towards her and kissed his head while he geared up for another rant.
"Three years! Three years! I thought that maybe he didn't want to claim me back before because I was still a minor but now I'm nineteen! I
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Mature content
You Can Push Me Away But I'll Come Back :iconunusedemotion:unusedEmotion 3 2
I've got an o-b-s-e
Double s, i-o-n
With a guy initials LB
And he doesn't even
Know me
I won't say it
No no oh
But have you heard of
Some little thing
Called love
It's got four letters
Not too hard to spell
But so terrifying
To me
Is it overboard to say
His smile makes my world
Light up and my day
Seems so much shinier
And he probably thinks I'm a creeper
He's got a g-i-r-l friend
It's so unfair I never got the chance
For a love story to begin or end
No dashing prince, no fairy tale, no ball
But can I help that he's my all
How do you end this longing
How do you quit this pining
Ing ing ing ing ing
I'm trying
I think that's what's
Happening to me
But it will
Never be
So g-double o- d
I will s-double e
You next time m-a-y-be
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Girl Who Wears Pink p1
         There's a girl who wears pink at school. She's really, very ugly. Gorgeous black hair, fine as silk that falls just below her
shoulders; clear, pale white skin, sapphire blue eyes. She's something out of a story. Everything about her makes sense, when you look at
her you feel it's logical that she should be beautiful. Gorgeous. And yet, she's ugly.
         Maybe it's the way everything about her is so perfect, how every feature on her face is eerily symmetrical. How her eyes are
such a brilliant, striking blue. How her lashes are dark, a bold contrast to the intense colour of her eyes. How she seems to have missed
out on the wonders of teenage acne and her skin is baby soft, a curious miracle of white. How she's slender, her body proportions
completely natural and yet something out of a magazine. How nothing about her is out of place.
         Maybe it's the way her eyes dart around, flitting from here to there, never truly landing on anything. How they never narrow
with anno
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The girls ask why I wear all black
The girls ask why I wear all black
And I'm hesitating to answer back
To tell the truth or lie
To give up a chance or try
Explain my petty insecurity
Tell them how they all laugh at me
Risk that they'll just do the same
Risk the humiliation, the burning shame
Drag them into my pity party
And endure all of their fake sympathy
A second of hesitation has gone by
Too late, the only word is goodbye
I could have said how I feel so fat
How I feel like I'm the one everyone is snickering at
But what would they know
With their slender waists, what I undergo
I could have said how I feel so ugly
And hear their false assurances that I'm pretty
I could have told of how people think I'm annoying or creepy
And watch their glossed smiles tell just how I should be
And the ones that call me their friends
Keep me for amusement, and then it all ends
They invite me to sit with them while they eat
But it's on the outside, that sits my reserved seat
They've already chosen their allies
And it's up to me to real
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Facing Forward
They don't know who I am
They don't know what I've gone through
        And even when it hurts
           And even when there is pain
                 I wonder
       They could
                  Survive the same
Their words may sting
  Their laughter may
           Make me
                      But there's no way
I'm going to let
                Life pass me by
                                                And people may talk
                                                And they might judge
                                                But it's who I am
                                                Who I was meant to be
And nothing
      Could ever take that away
                                                From me
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They hate
Who I am
They love
Who I'm not
They want
What's not there
They scorn
What is existing
They kill
What is left
:iconunusedemotion:unusedEmotion 25 47
:iconunusedemotion:unusedEmotion 12 22
Skeleton fingers
Dancing up
And down
My spine
A tingling
Of premonition
An inkling
Of devastation
This fear
I have
Deep inside
Is manifested
In these
:iconunusedemotion:unusedEmotion 21 38
I was an unused emotion
A little while ago
It was a bit lonely
All the other emotions
Becoming friends
As they were used more
And more
But now I can see
That they must
Have had some sort of
I became a used emotion
And now
And now
Now I am a
Now I am a
Broken emotion
:iconunusedemotion:unusedEmotion 14 21
I'm an aspiring writer who would really appreciate it if you could read one of my poems (no need to favorite or comment), it'd mean a lot to me.

For more information, click here:

Okay, you can still read that link but- just. Oh my God. The cringe. I mean, it's all pretty much true (or it was) but that's still just such a god awful thing I wrote. Please no.


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