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I forgot to post this over here on a Journal as well because I was so busy working on the comic pages. Sorry. uwu;
This is my original post regarding the poll for Template's pen to vote on. I closed the poll by deleting the entries and named it 'Penny' as I intended in the first place. It's not much of a deal, but it was important to me to explain everything regardless. I have plenty of reasons for this, and if you're interested as in why, feel free to read the whole thing. I hope I didn't upset anybody, and I hope everyone understands.

Here's the original blog post:


Phew, this is gonna be a long one. Get ready.

So, I made a poll yesterday about naming Template’s Pen and… I took the links down now, I’m not gonna go after these names. I had a night to sleep over it and now I believe it was wrong to have a vote about this. 

I’ll name the pen ‘Penny’ regardless of the poll’s outcome.

The thing is that, while ‘Digi’ was first place and certainly isn’t a bad name in general, I realized that it’s just not working out for Template. If one good thing came out from this poll, it is that I am now certain that its name is gonna be Penny, and I have various reasons for this.

You may not know or realize this, but both Template and Pale are not just characters I made for fun, or to design Swap versions of Error and Ink, but instead I care very, VERY much about them and almost everything in their design and their ways is constructed around core ideas and their personality. And of course nobody else could possibly assume what I would go for with them. It’s just an impossible task, so this wasn’t fair from me to make an attempt to vote on it in the first place, which I apologize for. ;w;

I don’t wanna play the “he’s my character, I do what I want” card, so instead, I will list a few reasons as to why I decided to go with my original idea and name the pen Penny instead. I want you all to understand my reasons behind this and hopefully, after a little consideration, you may find that you agree with my decision. So, here goes:

Template wants to be just like Ink, and while I think Myebi never really said anything about the name of Ink’s brush or whether it even has one, ‘Broomy’ or ‘Brushy’ are common names used for it. So Template calling his pen ‘Penny’ follows the same fashion

- Speaking of which, ‘Penny’ is also a word for a different thing. While ‘Broomy’ is a little more straight forward, it also names Ink’s brush after a thing that it’s not. (Just an extension of the previous reason)

- I can only repeat myself: Template idolizes Ink heavily and wants to be like him. He has a pen, while Ink has a brush. Ink has nothing ‘digital’ about him, but Error does. But Template wants to avoid any comparison between him and Error, so choosing a name focusing on exactly that part of him is contradicting his goals. In other words: there is no reason for him to name his pen Digi because it would defy his personality

Template is not as creative as you’d want to make you believe, so going with the first best answer is to be expected of him. Heck, I was debating whether he’d name his Void just ‘Art Zone’ for the lack of anything more creative and fitting and to be fair, and I couldn’t come up with something else so far myself that would be more in character, so… *shrugs*

These are a few reasons personality-wise. but hold on, there is more fun stuff!

First of all, cuteness and coolness are something entirely subjective, and while that suggested name DOES sound really cool to me (sorry :p), it would defy Template’s whole personality by putting a “404″ in his pen’s name there for the same reason as calling it ‘Digi’, which would be admitting his relation to Error.

But I’ve got good news for you: Penny IS a cool name. Why? Because it’s a girl’s name. 

Have you ever seen a movie, show, or game where the guy gives his weapon a female name? It’s a common trope, and since his pen is not only, well, a pen, but also his weapon of choice, it would make sense for him to actively go along with this trope and use a female name. He might also use female pronouns occasionally for his pen from now on to make it fit ;D

Also, here’s another good idea:

And actually, I love ths! Not as in calling the pen like this, but imagine Template occasionally writing letters to his ‘pen pal’ Penny in a kind of diary fashion. I can totally see him do that! :D

So… yes. That’s pretty much my reasoning. I really don’t want to talk anyone and their opinions down, so instead I tried to make you guys understand as to why I, as the creator of the character, think this name is a better fit. I’d like to think of a character as a jigsaw puzzle, and you only get a good result when all the pieces fit. And this piece of naming the pen Digi just… doesn’t.

Penny was still in second place, so I believe it’s a name that most people still find appealing and it’s not throwing everything off too much…

I appreciate all the interest and suggestions massively though, and I am horribly sorry for this mess… hence the length of this post. .w.

I’d be really grateful if you just didn’t hit the like button, but instead tell me your opinion in the comments. This whole situation worried me since it all started because I made such a silly mistake. Once again, sorry. I hope you understand. uwu;

Thank you for reading ♥

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umm can temlate use strings like error ı realy wanna know
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