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Hey! Here to offer ya'll some cheap comms for those of you who wanna purchase, but don't have the money for comms anywhere else.

All commissions can be transparent, if you wish. Usually comes with standard background. Automatically cell shaded.

Bullet; Green  Repost the art with credit given back to me
Bullet; Green  Use it for a profile picture, background, etc.
Bullet; Green Use it as examples for character refs
Bullet; Red Claim the art as yours
Bullet; Red Remove my signature
Bullet; RedRepost the art without giving credit
Bullet; Red Alter the picture in any way

I WILL draw
- Furries
- Ponies
- Humans
- OC x OC, OC x Canon, Canon x Canon
- Slightly sexual themes
- Gore
- Fanart
- Mythical creatures
- Feral creatures

I will NOT draw
- Homophobic, racist, sexist; any kind of hateful art.
- Rape, molestation, any form of sexual abuse
- Any sort of 18+ content; essentially, I will not draw breasts, genitalia, and the sort.


Attachment-1 (30) by UntrimmedLines

20Points Each


Untitled by UntrimmedLines

40Points Each 

Half Body:

Attachment-1 (14) by UntrimmedLines

60Points Each

Full Body:

Untitled by UntrimmedLines

80Points Each

+ Character is 10Points 

+ Specific background is 5Points   

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