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Chocolate Mint: Pegasus - OTA {CLOSED} by UntrimmedLines Chocolate Mint: Pegasus - OTA {CLOSED} :iconuntrimmedlines:UntrimmedLines 5 10 Rainbow Dash Alternate Design by UntrimmedLines Rainbow Dash Alternate Design :iconuntrimmedlines:UntrimmedLines 11 0 The Lost Queen (Redraw Comparison) by UntrimmedLines The Lost Queen (Redraw Comparison) :iconuntrimmedlines:UntrimmedLines 13 1 Andromeda (Ref Sheet) by UntrimmedLines Andromeda (Ref Sheet) :iconuntrimmedlines:UntrimmedLines 4 0 Titania (Ref Sheet) by UntrimmedLines Titania (Ref Sheet) :iconuntrimmedlines:UntrimmedLines 4 1 Nova (Ref Sheet) by UntrimmedLines Nova (Ref Sheet) :iconuntrimmedlines:UntrimmedLines 6 5 Demon Bois by UntrimmedLines Demon Bois :iconuntrimmedlines:UntrimmedLines 4 1 Modern EriFef by UntrimmedLines Modern EriFef :iconuntrimmedlines:UntrimmedLines 9 0 COM: Baby Berry by UntrimmedLines COM: Baby Berry :iconuntrimmedlines:UntrimmedLines 7 2 One Spidey Boi by UntrimmedLines One Spidey Boi :iconuntrimmedlines:UntrimmedLines 5 0 Twinkle by UntrimmedLines Twinkle :iconuntrimmedlines:UntrimmedLines 3 1 Fire and Ice by UntrimmedLines Fire and Ice :iconuntrimmedlines:UntrimmedLines 5 2 Marco by UntrimmedLines Marco :iconuntrimmedlines:UntrimmedLines 3 3 Mousse by UntrimmedLines Mousse :iconuntrimmedlines:UntrimmedLines 3 0 Matt and Cherry: Part 1 by UntrimmedLines Matt and Cherry: Part 1 :iconuntrimmedlines:UntrimmedLines 0 0 Art Request: Logan The Wolf by UntrimmedLines Art Request: Logan The Wolf :iconuntrimmedlines:UntrimmedLines 1 3


Pillowing Base Free to Use by PixelRaccoon Pillowing Base Free to Use :iconpixelraccoon:PixelRaccoon 241 58 Kurosia : Yehkshir Whelp by WeirdHyenas Kurosia : Yehkshir Whelp :iconweirdhyenas:WeirdHyenas 142 21 i have these lucid dreams by fluffideer i have these lucid dreams :iconfluffideer:fluffideer 333 12 i want blood guts and an angel cake by fluffideer i want blood guts and an angel cake :iconfluffideer:fluffideer 301 5 .:Sirene!Maxwell //DONT STARVE//SFW:. by RMLProduction .:Sirene!Maxwell //DONT STARVE//SFW:. :iconrmlproduction:RMLProduction 5 0 .:DragQueen.William//DONT STARVE//:. by RMLProduction .:DragQueen.William//DONT STARVE//:. :iconrmlproduction:RMLProduction 11 3 running in the 80's by fluffideer running in the 80's :iconfluffideer:fluffideer 306 9 stamp on the ground, jump, jump, jump by fluffideer stamp on the ground, jump, jump, jump :iconfluffideer:fluffideer 292 6 pacify her, she's getting on my nerves by fluffideer pacify her, she's getting on my nerves :iconfluffideer:fluffideer 327 13 i need you tonight, take me to the other side by fluffideer i need you tonight, take me to the other side :iconfluffideer:fluffideer 349 5 my phone has no signal, it's making my skin crawl by fluffideer my phone has no signal, it's making my skin crawl :iconfluffideer:fluffideer 265 8 shine like rainbows by fluffideer shine like rainbows :iconfluffideer:fluffideer 295 11 you should see me with a crown by fluffideer you should see me with a crown :iconfluffideer:fluffideer 318 5 you're in my heart, in my heart, in my head by fluffideer you're in my heart, in my heart, in my head :iconfluffideer:fluffideer 280 4 sad souls and dark clothes by fluffideer sad souls and dark clothes :iconfluffideer:fluffideer 326 8 you're lovable so lovable but you're just troubled by fluffideer you're lovable so lovable but you're just troubled :iconfluffideer:fluffideer 284 7



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Paige Davis
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Profile pic drawn by! Go check them out PLEASE! They're a GOD!

Fun, loving chick who LOVES video games, art, and music!

D.Va main by babykttn

Art status button by Xipako Art status button by Xipako Art status button by Xipako Art status button by Xipako

American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Japanese language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy French language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Russian language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

Kaos Stamp by kaosplz Stamp: kaos by StephDragonness stamp: Team Kaos by StephDragonness Skylanders : Kaos Stamp by WeirdHyenas

Hey! Here to offer ya'll some cheap comms for those of you who wanna purchase, but don't have the money for comms anywhere else.

All commissions can be transparent, if you wish. Usually comes with standard background. Automatically cell shaded.

Bullet; Green  Repost the art with credit given back to me
Bullet; Green  Use it for a profile picture, background, etc.
Bullet; Green Use it as examples for character refs
Bullet; Red Claim the art as yours
Bullet; Red Remove my signature
Bullet; RedRepost the art without giving credit
Bullet; Red Alter the picture in any way

I WILL draw
- Furries
- Ponies
- Humans
- OC x OC, OC x Canon, Canon x Canon
- Slightly sexual themes
- Gore
- Fanart
- Mythical creatures
- Feral creatures

I will NOT draw
- Homophobic, racist, sexist; any kind of hateful art.
- Rape, molestation, any form of sexual abuse
- Any sort of 18+ content; essentially, I will not draw breasts, genitalia, and the sort.


Attachment-1 (30) by UntrimmedLines

20Points Each


Untitled by UntrimmedLines

40Points Each 

Half Body:

Attachment-1 (14) by UntrimmedLines

60Points Each

Full Body:

Untitled by UntrimmedLines

80Points Each

+ Character is 10Points 

+ Specific background is 5Points   

  • Listening to: FRIENDS - Marshmello, Anne-Marie
  • Playing: Don't Starve
  • Eating: The Souls Of The Innocent



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Chocolate Mint: Pegasus - OTA {CLOSED}
Offer whatever you want! Paypal>Points>Art>Customs

"What can I do with my adopt once I've bought her?"

You CAN:
- Redraw the character
- Change the name, species, and gender. You also may slightly change the design, but please make it recognizable.
- Use the ref/character in any way (roleplay, profile picture, commission reference, etc)
- Claim the art as your own. Yes, this character IS yours, but I drew this reference. If you repost it, PLEASE credit me.
- Buy it if you plan to change the majority of it. Others would LOVE to buy it as is, so if you want to make something INSPIRED, that's fine. You can do that for free.
- Edit the reference sheet. If you want something changed AFTER you buy it, just come to me. I will do it for no extra cost. 

Happy offering! I will include a pfp for no extra cost if you want it! 
Rainbow Dash Alternate Design
I fell in love with :iconhioshiru-alter:'s alternate designs of the mlp characters, and just had to draw Dashie :3

Find them here!
Alternate designs pack by hioshiru-alter
The Lost Queen (Redraw Comparison)
Lost Queen/Kurosians belongs to :iconweirdhyenas:

Wow! Look how much I've improved in just three years!

I would like to take this time to acknowledge all of the artists watching me as well, due to this discovery: keep drawing! Please! In even just ONE year, you can improve so much! Never give up, ESPECIALLY if you enjoy drawing! I've still got a long way to go myself, but I'm proud of myself for making it this far, and I'm proud of all of you for continuing on your journey of art, despite all of the discouragements that come your way! You all are great!
Panda LOVE 
Andromeda (Ref Sheet)
Final part of my space pony trilogy! Thanks to :iconkingsillysmilez: for this absolutely BEAUTIFUL design!

God, I love working with gradients Panda Emoji-32 (Happy Blush) [V2] 

Andromeda is a pegasus born as an only child to a female earth pony and a male pegasus. She is known to be rather submissive, though not shy, only backing down when someone begins to overpower her (which is surprisingly often). However, she is very compassionate, and is always willing to lend a hand (or hoof) to anyone in need. She was born in the dead of a fatal winter to many, and though expected not to live due to the cold, she managed to power through and continue her life with a love for cold weather. She's a friend to many, but a best friend to few, reserving her true compassion for those who truly deserve it.
Titania (Ref Sheet)
Adopt from :iconaestheticstuffs: Part 2 of my space pony trilogy!

Titania is an 18 year old BRAT, to say the least. It's always her way or the highway, and growing up, other ponies learned to either do as she says or stand out of her way. She grew up with 7 other ponies, being the oldest, therefore having a natural superiority complex over her siblings. She is a fan of music and racing, often getting very competitive. Her biggest weakness is her protectiveness over others and her mean nature, normally driving other ponies away. However, she has been known to be rather kind when she warms up to you, and will lend a hoof if you need it.



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