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My crochet commissions and examples . Maybe it is that cold time of year? Or maybe you just want a memento for a relative? Maybe you want an item for your favorite show/game? Or any combination !? I can do it all here , feel free to ask. 

Redo by Untraceablemystic    

I can do:
*Amigurumi /Stuffed animal plushies
* bags and purses
*Slippers (Ever wanted sonic's shoes in slipper form?)
*Bow hairclips
*Capes (Legit, I can do that.)
*Embellishments and various accessories!

I also do all of this in various themes or series. such as;
    -cat-eared hats 
    - Harry potter (scarves, socks, and such).
    -Sonic and associating characters themes.
    -Mario and associating characters themes.
    -Various Anime items(Ask which one if interested).
    -Video games
    -Animal-eared hats (Just tell me what type.)
    - Mortal Kombat Theme
    -My little pony (Not generation exclusive, ca be any era)
    -Poke'mon (not generation exclusive, can be any era)
   -Sports teams and colors
    -And many ,many more

(If there is something you want me to make that is not on that list, feel free to ask.)

These are some examples of my crochet works. These commissions are separate because I work exclusively on Ebay which is how I am able to process and send your item.  Ebay works with Paypal but it can also use visa, credit, and debit, so it is very inclusive and open to anyone. 
     Depending on the item and the material you want will affect the price. I can give you the quote for the item itself but this does not include shipping. Shipping ranges from $2.40-  $4.89 depending on size and weight of the item as well as
your location. I do not ship overseas at the moment but I am trying to get it to where I can.
   Divider by snow-head

Hats, beanies, berets, exc.

Minty Ice cream hat (On sale) by Untraceablemystic  Loveball ear flap hat (sold but can be requested) by Untraceablemystic Darling cat eared hat (On sale) by Untraceablemystic  Panda beanie (Available ) by Untraceablemystic
 I can make cat eared hats, rabbit eared, dog eared, hats with themes, ear-muffed hat, beanies, slouchy-beanies, berets, and more. As seen here i can even make desert hats or pokemon hats as fandom themes are one of my forte.Just tell me your hat size (Small, medium, large, extra large, and include your hair.) , that will help me immensely as well.
My hats range from $7.00 to 20.00 depending on size and number of colors.

Amigurumi, Plushes, toys, and mementos:

Raspberry-Jelly fish (sold) by Untraceablemystic                  Lovely Heart owl (sold but can be made again) by Untraceablemystic  
       Blue eyed Lamb (Sold) by Untraceablemystic  Ming! the blue panda plushy (sold) by Untraceablemystic
(This is a specialty of mine. ^ ^) Size is an important factor. I can make many things: ghost, cats, octopus, squid, rabbit , owls, birds, bears , foxes, you name it I can probably find a way to make it.My yarn is as versatile as my mind! I can even do characters depending on their design.
Small $5.00- $10.00 , medium $10.00-$25.00, and $30.00 and up for larger plushies.

Scarves , scooties, hoods, and cloaks

Slytherin scarf by Untraceablemystic      Halloween scarf (On sale) by Untraceablemystic

Depending on the length and width you want will affect the price. But prices for a small, 2 1/2 foot one is 8.00 or a solid color. I scootie is a hood combined with a scarf for double the comfort! They start off at $20.00 and require more yarn. I can make you a small shawl/cloak with a hood or i can make you a large one. The small hooded shawl starts at $35.00 and go up depending on size and yarn amount of a color.

Bags,cases, and purses :
Cable stitch purse (on sale) by Untraceablemystic   Plum blossom bag with beaded accent (on sale) by Untraceablemystic
 Cookie Cat purse (for sale) by Untraceablemystic    Ribbon purse (Sold) by Untraceablemystic    
I make a wide range of bags and purses. (The cookie cat purse is from steven universe.)I even have a drawstring  pencil case that holds all my pens and pencils for school. I can add insignia to the bag or add a unique pattern to it.They come with a hand-sewn zipper, a button to close, or neither if requested. All my bags have sewn in cloth lining and are comfortable to carry as well as durable for regular use.  These can take a lot and back a lot and still hold together seamlessly. I speak from experience due fore mentioned pencil case being over three years old and still usable.
Bags start at $5.00 for a two inch bag and go up to $50.00 for a beach bag size. 

Wallet and coin purses:
Stripped clutch (Available.) by Untraceablemystic
 Wallets, coin purses, and small bags with optional: beaded accents, clasp/button/zipper closure , and size variation.
Prices: $5.00 for small custom design and up.


baby blanket for my sweet-heart by Untraceablemystic

These take me the longest to make. I will take commissions for these but they will be few and far inbetween. The price will rise depending on the pattern and type of yarn. Simpler patterns won't take as long to make as a more intricate one such as cable stitch. A 28 by 28 inch single stitch blanket starts off at $27.00 and the price rises with stitch type, color number, and type of yarn.

Hair accesories:
Bow clips! by Untraceablemystic

I can make hair clips of bows ,flowers, scrunchies, whichever you like. They start off at $4.50 and 7.50 for a set of four.

Baby Items:

New Cousin's Gift by Untraceablemystic  
This example I did for my baby cousin. this is modeled after the Georgia football team. I can do baby items including booties , themed daiper covers, and blankets. Range from 10.00 and up depending on item and type.   The example above is $20.00.

Seasonal specials:

Turkey Pic by Untraceablemystic    Reindeer plush (Sold but can be made upon request) by Untraceablemystic

Depending on the season i hold specials and a few price drops. Depending on the theme or time of year.  I do Halloween, patricians day, Easter, Christmas,  Valentines day, exc. These go by the same prices the other items cost only in holiday form. Ranges from $8.00 to and up depending on size.
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Examples of stitchings I can make;

Single stitch                                                                Double Stitch
Image result for single crochet stitch      Image result for double crochet stitch

Treble stitch                                                            Celtic weave stitch
Related image      Image result for celtic weave stitch

Fan stitch                                                                   Star stitch
Image result for crochet shell stitch      Image result for crochet star stitches

Scale/crocodile stitch                                                     Cable stitch       
Related image      

Bobble stitch                                                                            Waffle stitch! (Want a scarf that looks like a waffle?)

And more. All of these stitches I have done previously before but I have sold previous examples so I am using the images as samples of the look.
Divider by snow-head

Types of yard I use:

I work predominantly with red heart yarn and red heart LOVE. I can work with other yarns, from cotton, to bamboo, to even angora rabbit. I can work with bulkier yarns too. So if there is a particular yarn you want me to work with let me know ahead of time or show me an example and I will tell you what I can do.  Keep in mind that it needs to be a crochet yarn as I can not work with yarn specifically meant for knitting needles.

Here are some examples of different yarn types and…

*Note that I have red heart yarn readily available and If I already have the color you request (i will link you to an example I have) it will not affect the price Unless I need more of the color.  If you want a different yarn type, I purchase all my yarn myself, It will raise the overall price of the item by both cost and number I must get. *

 Divider by snow-head

I will be adding more examples to the list as I go.  But do not hesitate to ask if i can make something for you. If you want a bag with an insignia on it, I can make it for you. A themed pencil case? I can make that too. Do you want a set, let me know. I can do a lot of memorabilia .

   All information shared between the commissioner and I will be kept confidential. I will keep you notified on the progress of your item and let you know when it is to be shipped. Be sure to note me or contact me on my ebay to make your request.

My ebay account can be found… Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! 

I not only crochet, I make art as well! If you are interested in my art my commissions are here: 

I am holding a special for the next few days, I am trying to earn a little more
money and feel like this would be for both parties. The first three people to share
this journal will get a 30% discount and I will place their names in a slot 
with their orders for reference. So do let me know if anyone is interested.
This is my commissions list for my crochet work. 
Indigo-Demon Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Is there any chance you take dA points?
Untraceablemystic Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I take points for my drawn commissions but not for my crochet ones, sorry. i get a  crochet  order here , make it , then the buyer buys it from the ebay post so i can send it to you through there.
Indigo-Demon Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, thank you for response! I wish you a good luck with business <3
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