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      animation 2.0 by Untraceablemystic

I can make a variety of things and have them available up to order in several mediums. I do traditional hand drawn artwork, and occasional digital work if requested. I have added a few things recently so there are more things available for me to create.These are the categories I cover are: 

* Fantasy
*Fan art
* Fluff
*Sonic /cannon and fan characters
*Bendy and the ink machine

*Artistic nudity
*Comic strips/pages
*Weapons design
*Clothing and fashion design
*I will also draw fan characters from other franchises as well as original characters.
* I can also make custom adopts/characters if requested. 

*Also note that A speed paint time-lapse video of your commission can also be requested and I will let you know if it is possible depending on your order.

Examples and prices : some commission types will be points and cash, depending on detail, material and difficulty. Others will be cash only, depending on how much more work goes into them.
You can pay me through PayPal.
                      Cherry Blossom ~ Divider by NimyluCherry Blossom ~ Divider by Nimylu

Pencil art commission
Of Nightshade and Poison Root by UntraceablemysticPoofy by Untraceablemystic    Toony Vee by Untraceablemystic

Pencil art is a fully drawn and shaded piece with the use of both mechanical pencil and normal pencil for detailing and shading.
Price stand at 500 points or $5.00.

Custom Adaptables 

 Pitra trendy kitty  (Open Adoptable) by UntraceablemysticCamille Piarro (bio old reuoload) by Untraceablemystic   

I can do a variety of adopts : they either are made up by me or created upon request. I do anthro, sonic, fan character, original characters, human, fantasy, and exc. they come in either flat color or mixed media. Some adoptables will be more detailed and complex while others will be more simple in design. Will alter the prices Depending on the color and complexity as i will sell these both randomly or upon request. They come with no bio so it gives the bio artistic liberties besides the base design it's self.
  You can request digital or traditional for these commissions although either one takes and costs the same amount.
  These are some of the few of my commissions not listed directly on my page. I either make them or they are requested.
Base prices are 500 points or $5.00 through paypal.

Character and clothing reference sheets
(Traditional reference examples)
Fennel Eri character reference (bio in descrption) by Untraceablemystic Aspen rose Lombard river-rose queen (bio and ref) by Untraceablemystic
(Digital examples)
Outfits For Rosy by Untraceablemystic
Yetta clothing reference by Untraceablemystic
I can create a detailed reference sheet or outfit sheet for upon request. i will send you a rough draft so as to make corrections, if approved ,I will  the finished work. I can create one to four outfits including accessories and can also include varying hair styles to the side.
These can be done in either digital or traditional upon request.
   These are 700 points or $7.00

Digital painting (small)
Angelic Sorrow (speedpaint) by Untraceablemystic Sherice  portrait by Untraceablemystic Twin Angels (speed paint in description) by Untraceablemystic
I can make a small digital pic for you of whatever you like, can be a simple picture or a minor background.These aren't as elaborate as my other works but can be made in a short period of time depending on what was requested. The size is between 1000 X 1000 and 1100 x 1100. Other sizes are negotiable. I use Clip studio pro for my work but I also use krita software as well.
The price for these is 800 points or $8.00.

Inked portrait
 Inktober Day 24: ink rose by Untraceablemystic Inktober Day 9: Precious Angel by UntraceablemysticInktober Day 3: tranquility and roasted deathcaps by Untraceablemystic
An ink drawing that has full lighting, shading , and detailing. The ink pieces take me a short amount of time to do and are very detailed and dynamic. Both inks are drawn with my sakura pigma pens, Dip pen and nibs, and brush pens. I also use deleter ink or speedball Indian ink for a more fluid look.
        I also have colored ink pens so if you wish to have your work in a color other than black, feel free to request it! I have : sepia, dark brown, green, red, blue, and purple.
  I can use gray scale pens upon request. Prices are 1000 points or $10.00.

Alcohol Marker works
Inktober Day 8 The Gardener (speedpaint color) by UntraceablemysticLeisurely Lotus Eater by UntraceablemysticMoths And Mohair by Untraceablemystic

These are made with alcohol based markers and give the work a clean smooth look. I use winsor and newton promarkers for these works. They create vivid colors and smooth blends and are the better of my materials. 
price: 1200 ponts or $12.00.

Mixed media art
 black berries in winter (Gift) by Untraceablemystic 
(Above: pen and color pencil mix )

 Ice shards (Contest entry) by Untraceablemystic  The lilac monarch by Untraceablemystic

(Above: marker with colored pencil. Creates a soft look)

 Baroness is pleased to meet you. by Untraceablemystic (Arrow Right  from) The Baraness's linework by Untraceablemystic 
(Above: Inked mine work with digital coloring.) 

Rue the Mushroom Hunter by Untraceablemystic

(Above:Combination of marker, pen, and ink.)

These pieces have both:
  • color pencil/ink combinations
  • marker/ink combination
  • or traditional/digital combination.
  • or any combination of the three.
It is your choice depending on the look you want. I will use my polycolor pencils and sakura pigma pens to make these. I also use promarkers on some of the others. If there is a particular way or affect you would like me to make with these pieces let me know and please be descriptive.These come with full shading, lighting, and are higher due to the use of more materials
   Prices are 1500 points or $15.00.

Watercolor painting

  With a burning passion by Untraceablemystic Bunny lanterns and starry skies by Untraceablemystic Giggiling brute by Untraceablemystic

I use koi watercolor paints for these works and they produce vibrant and smooth results. I requested, I can add gold and silver paints/inks to the work with my Kuretake starry skies paints. I can do busts, whole bodies, create a scene or tell me what you would like and I will tell you if it can be done. I will sketch a rough draft before I paint the final work.

  I can also make it to where you can receive a physical work by mail if you wish. (Or if you simply wish to buy the print from the site you can.)
These are 2000 points or $20.00 through paypal.

Full color and shading art 

Hard to read by Untraceablemystic Soul bee by Untraceablemystic The inheritence of responsibility (Commission) by Untraceablemystic
These pieces have more dynamic shading and highlighting. They come with full color and detailing but take a few days to make. I can make fur patters, scale detailing, full lighting and shading affects, highlights in hair, even my style alters to allow and offers a more stylistic approach. I can do portraits, a scene, backgrounds with limited number of characters, busts, or a group pic.
 These stand at 2000 points or $20.00.

Custom comic pages (1-3)
  Remembrance pg 18 by UntraceablemysticBook of shadows pg 1 by Untraceablemystic
 Remembrance pg 6 by Untraceablemystic Verdure pg 20 by Untraceablemystic
These are available upon request but I will only take one at a time. It is absolutely important that you be as specific as possible with this so that I know how to place the panel and the number of characters or object you wish for me to draw. If you have references then they will be necessary too.
  Each additional page pass the large dynamic page or the three minor pages will be set at 100 points or an extra $1.00. Examples of what you can request are :
  1. Watercolor paint
  2. ink with marker
  3. Traditional-line art w/o digital color (Can come in grey or full color)
  4. ink/ line work
These take me the longest to make as comic pages are tedious to work with but the final results are well worth the wait. If you have any questions feel free to ask
3000 points or $30.00

( By the way, I make crochet commissons too for anyone interested:

  Cherry Blossom ~ Divider by NimyluCherry Blossom ~ Divider by Nimylu
What I will not draw are: 
*Any fetishes,no exceptions.
*anything pornographic
* anything I deem is uncomfortable or too disturbing.

  • These commissions are for personal use (Like icons, computer background, ect.), if you wish to use this in official projects please notify me to negotiate further.
  • If nothing further is discussed , do not repost said art or claim it as your own. 
  • do credit me.

If you have a questions feel free to ask me. Open communication is very important after all. I will add more to the list in time, such as pixels and animated gifs possibly.

I reserve the right to deny you service or your request, should I feel it necessary. But know I will approach all of you respectfully and with tact. 

Lastly, while I am working on your commission , Please do not ask me before hand if it is finished or rush me during the time period. I will show you a work in progress sketch, this is the time period to make corrections. So if there are Any mistakes or add-ons you would like me to make then is the time. 

The money I make will go to school in pursuit of my degree, books, and better art supplies and equipment. Anyone who is interested please and thank you , I appreciate you stopping by. ^v^

 cherry blossoms a cherry blossoms a cherry blossoms a cherry blossoms a cherry blossoms a  cherry blossoms a cherry blossoms a           

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Ignise Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017
Hello, I would like to commission a three page, nine panels, expositional comic. Done in watercolours, is that okay? I'll Pm you the full details.
Untraceablemystic Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Alrighty , i will look into it. watercolors would be fine.
SilverMystion Featured By Owner May 24, 2017  Student General Artist
How many characters can you do for the full color commission?
Untraceablemystic Featured By Owner May 24, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Well I can do up to three, maybe four, depending on the profile and level of detail.
SilverMystion Featured By Owner May 24, 2017  Student General Artist
Ok :)
mysterysneeze Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017
These are easy to follow and you show great examples! :D Really nice job setting this up.
Untraceablemystic Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you, I wanted to have good visuals so who ever was interested could get a good idea of what they wanted.
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