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Tree K I L L E R

DAMN YOU, WRITER'S BLOCK!! :shakefist:

YES, I'm bringing back an old favorite of many deviants FULLY REVISED!

I've always loved this picture, but parts of the original (can be viewed here: [link]) really b u g g e d me.

SO THANKS TO ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS3, I messed around a bit and came up with this! I, personally, think it's better than my first go of the picture. No more border or line going down the middle of the background... and the slight shadow and recoloring that I added makes it feel more like a finished product. Cleaner.

I hope you enjoy it!
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I love it!  I am creating a book review blog.  I would like to include this in the header of my Writer's Profile page.  I am still in Dreamweaver without a domain yet.  I will post an web address as soon as I obtain one.
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Hullo, might I use this for a poem I wrote? I'll edit it a bit. Here's the link: [link]
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Trees were harmed in the making of this photo XD
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Unfortunately so, but IT WAS FOR THE GOOD OF THE ARTS!

I hope they understand.
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It's a nice shot, but it seems like you.. idk, sharpened it too much? .. o_O I can't tell. But yeah(:
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Honestly, it's amazing how some somewhat minor, yet major, changes can make a photo have that much more impact. More focus, less distractions, a definite improvement on an already good piece.
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THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :blushes:
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Not a problem, not a problem at all. It's kind of a reminder how revisiting a past piece can bring something new and amazing.
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Thank you!! And thanks for the :+fav:!
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A definite improvement, the tonality of this one is great, no more crazy colors just a solitary sepia-ed look. On that note, I would consider pulling in on the notebook and selectively desaturating that red, it pulls the eyes off focus and out of the image a little too easily.

Anyway, well done, and congratulations on utilizing CS3 (good job with the line removal). :)
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i love this picture.
and i so wish i had photoshop!!argh!!!
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yeah this one looks nicer than the first tho the first one wasnt bad
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That's great! :dance: And thanks for the :+fav:!
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Nice job!
Oh, the accursed plague that is Writer's Block! Grrr...
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:hug: Why, thanks! I'm glad it's getting a good response.
Yes, I think EVERY writer can relate. ;P Thank you for the :+fav: too!
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:nod: I sure know I can!
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Writer's block is THE enemy. It's the only thing that can make me lose my temper so fast.
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AGREED!! Thanks for the :+fav:, Rae!
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