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The Girl who Lived in a Tree

At the end of the world when there were just trees amongst waterscapes and tiny islands, the last girl lived in a tree. The three doves who had taken the stray girl in, did this out of the kindness of their hearts.

Even though they knew it was her kind that destroyed the world they had happily lived in.

Even though they knew it was her kind that killed most of their species.

Because unlike human beings, the doves did not mind sharing.

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The scenery is absolutely beautiful
EvranaWolfsong's avatar
Gosh, that's beautiful, and the prose add so much to it!
LightOverpowers58's avatar
*cough* still awaiting news on this wonderfully amazing novel you have promised your [im]patient followers ;P

In all seriousness, amazing really highlights each and every emotion we, as humans, feel...from the joy to the pain to the mystique and curiosity.

As always, I hope you are doing well and that things with K are better than okay :)

UntamedUnwanted's avatar
Hahaha, novels take time. I'm having some writer's block issues with mine. :P
LightOverpowers58's avatar
Take your time, hun...we this to be the best we know you can write

(I'm just extremely impatient when it comes to things I truly read your book is one of the main ones ;P)
together-we-fall's avatar
I feel like this should be an entire book, or movie. I would totally pay to witness more of this universe.
UntamedUnwanted's avatar
WOW! Thank you for saying that! :hug:
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This is a fantastic idea for a novel.
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TehAngelsCry's avatar
Gorgeous work! I feel like the entire piece is a little grainy however... 
UntamedUnwanted's avatar
Thank you so much, my dear! I know, its a little bit grainy and it really annoys me that it is actually...I think I used the sharpen tool a little too much. :( :(
EveLivesey's avatar
Very beautiful - love the colours and the soft reflections
UntamedUnwanted's avatar
Thank you dearest! :)
EveLivesey's avatar
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This is extremely gorgeous work; somehow, just by looking at this picture, with its harmonious blend of colors and fantasy-like setting, brings a sort of tranquility to the viewer. Your little backstory for the picture is the icing on the cake, bringing a whole new thought-provoking dimension to this piece. Very beautiful.
UntamedUnwanted's avatar
Thank you for that beautiful comment. It truly made my day!!
SpiderwebWisher's avatar
This work makes me feel all warm and calm inside. :)
SpiderwebWisher's avatar
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love the colours. the transitions between the stocks is flawless you can't even tell! it sort of reminds me of life of pi hahha. just the calm see with the lights of the sky reflected in them. wonderful. keep up the great work!
UntamedUnwanted's avatar
Thank you soooo much!! :hug:
snowfeatherr's avatar
Truly beautiful?
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