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I've been playing Dota a lot since the first map came out in 2005.

Though Abaddon the Lord of Avernus has never been the favorite of mine, but to celebrate the coolest design of him in Dota 2, I spent 10 mins for this quickie. Hope you like it.
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damn, this is awesome.
abaddon is my favorite hero and it's kinda sad to see him doesnt get much love.
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I love this so much i'm going to use it for my desktop wallpaper! But really.....only 10 minutes to make this "quickie" amgggggggg I want you to paint me something for my living room :) send me a message if you are interested.
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Incredible artwork.
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Awesome one of my favorite heros <3
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This is breathtakingly good. Seriously. I dirtectly featured it in my Fanart Blog. You can check that out here.…
Please do more Dota-related Art. For now, I have a new Screensaver. ;)
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I just realized, that the Resolution of the Picture is pretty low. Do you have a higher resoluted Version, too?
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really nice


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yes...i think Abaddon is one of hero with greatest design in Dota2
and really love this image
u made it really lovely and look so powerfull
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He just reminds me of Ring Wraith, which is overpower !
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this pist is great...astonishingly great for me
may i know what program or software u used to made this image?
thank you before
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just a quick sketch wit PS
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well...that is great
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I really love Abaddon's design, I just wish I could play him (like so many heroes). :/ 
Awesome drawing. I definitely wouldn't mind more Dota 2 art. ;)
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More heroes to come :) Wait until terrorblade come out 
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That's really neat-looking.
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At first I thought the title is according to Guild Wars ;) Very climatic art, love it
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I also play Guild Wars :)) Abaddon the Forgotten God
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