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June 25, 2015
[Stock & Resources] This clever tutorial teaches an artist  A quick trick to learning 3/4 eyes by Unseenivy253 Traditional and digital artists alike will find this tutorial incredibly useful. 
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A quick trick to learning 3/4 eyes

***EDIT***OH MY GOSH*** thank you so much for the DD!!!!!!!!!! I am literally speechless right now this is a total honor thank you so so much!! My hearts like exploding Yay! Eddsworld La diesfaint Faint 3 :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: 

Hopefully this was helpful~!Yayoi Takatsuki + Mami Futami Emote - Hug 

***and I forgot to mention this can be used in other ways too for different features of the face or body as well as with animals***

~~~An example of where this was used~~~…

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Cherry-Lei's avatar
Oh thank you, now I can draw better
UnseenIvy's avatar
Hey no problem I'm so glad that it helped you!
Sasukewerewolf's avatar
UnseenIvy's avatar
whahah no problem! I'm happy it helped!!
MerlinMiles's avatar
It really helped!
UnseenIvy's avatar
I'm so o glad that it did!
Lunnika-Horo's avatar
Oh my God! Every genial think is simple, its right! XDDDD Thank you very much!
UnseenIvy's avatar
hahah I'm so glad this was helpful to you! eventually there will be a companion tutorial to this one that talks about more realistic eyes and stuff!
Lunnika-Horo's avatar
Interesting to see what coming soon ^^
AxelAsh's avatar
So I was checking your page to see what kind of person fav'd my winter faun and I see this and I'm just over here like "THIS IS GOING TO BE SO HELPFUL!"
UnseenIvy's avatar
whahah! oh my gosh well I'm so happy this was helpful to you!! I know it helped me allot ahah!
model88's avatar
That. Is. Awesome.
UnseenIvy's avatar
thank you so much!!! I'm glad you liked it ~
Petit-Panda-Roux's avatar

Oh my god!
It's so simple..but awesome!

great idea! :)
UnseenIvy's avatar
Whaha oh my gosh thank you! I'm glad it was helpful! I certainly wish I had known about it sooner XD 
Amidasu's avatar
Thanks a lot for this! I've just made my own and it's awesome!
UnseenIvy's avatar
hey that's great I'm so glad this was helpful!
Raixander's avatar
I'm so glad that I visited your page for the Llama. I find this treasure!!!!  A well-deserved DD. Congrats. And thanks so much for making and sharing trick <3

Since you've mention about the trick for the nose......I think that would be another one deserving the DD. Well, and it will certainly help the people like me. Nose is another monster I have to face in every time I draw. 

Please..please ?
UnseenIvy's avatar
oh my gosh thank you so much:iconohyoublushplz: you're too kind!

I defiantly know what you mean about noses though they are beasts T^T I am currently trying to come out with a trick for them, hopefully a simple shape you can attach to this along side more detailed instructions on clean up, I will credit you as soon as I upload it so you will get an extra notice when its done !

I just need to finish a tutorial on wings and I can get stated on noses ~
Raixander's avatar
WHAT? :chairdance: :la: choir Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
Blacku-draws's avatar
where it was my whole life, haha, I'm always so bad with drawing the other eye... I'll try this c:
UnseenIvy's avatar
hahah! I know right, if I had done this when I started it could have cut about a year of work off I swear XD let me know if it helps you ~
Art-Ablaze's avatar
This is a damn good idea! :love: Love it, and definitely going to try it. Congrats on the DD by the way! You deserve it :clap:
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