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Game Night Flyer by n2n44
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Love's Imprint
I still find myself bleeding over the wound you left me, three years later. Some days you are the dull in my fingertips, others you are my inability to look a man in the eye. But mostly, you are my constant distrust. My body no longer feels set ablaze passing by your house, or hearing your name. But my mind remains bruised, even with years to heal and countless short-lived remedies. I've tried the pills, pot, liquor, and even flimsy lovers, but my friends still manage to say they miss the old me. The me that you took away. And between trying to still recollect the shatters of my heart and mind, I can't seem to find her either. No one told me love would do this to me, no one managed to tell me what happens after. If I knew what I did now, I would of saved whatever remaining sanity I had and left.
:iconbathroomstallstories:BathroomStallStories 8 1
A battle lost
A white flag thrown on a field stained by bloody tears
I submit
         give up
           Fuck you
People have no meaning any more
Eyes show the truth to the lies they spin like webs
I choose surrender rather than put you out of your misery
No more of your fear-fueled deceits
No more watching you waste your lives
Obsessed with consuming
Ignoring what is really important
 Creation                  Compassion
Now I choose to live in this self-made cave
I choose to no longer participate in society
I choose to become my art,
                     become my words,
                     live by my morals...
                                          ... as antiquated as they are
The dream of many but embraced
:iconwriterinacave:WriterInACave 9 10
I stroll lazily down the road.
I stroll lazily down the road. It’s a small road I realize, lined with shops just opening their doors at a comfortable ten o clock. It’s calm, for now anyways. As I walk I begin to hum, that’s when the magic happens. The people around me in this lazy little town get a new spark, that’s what I like to call it, a spark. The baker is first, spurred into action just by little me. Well little me and my voice of an angel. He just starts mixing, taking his dough and just throwing it back into the mixer. Soon the dough is gone but not the flour, or the butter or silverware. Outside, his clerk is still selling pastries, not noticing the commotion inside. When he’s not looking I run my hand over each and every one of those sweet fluffy clouds, I also snatch one for myself. The effect is instantaneous, after the first bite of any pastry I caressed with my soft hands, their will is mine. Well not really, they just become like my friend, the baker. By now the whole str
:iconeaglefeatherx1:eaglefeatherx1 1 0
Love and Secrets
                                                        Love and Secrets
              There are some situations that you are asked to keep something secret. It can be something minor or it can mean the life or death of the people we know or love. We keep secrets thinking it is the natural thing to do, but do we ever think about the consequences of what can happen from keeping that secret? I know I never thought about it before…. until now. Sometimes the secrets we keep can be the death of us.
              My name is Amara Monroe. I feel that my life is extremely dull. I am a Goth at a school full of preppy people, who worry about the next football game, who stole whoever's boyfriend, and other pointless things. I am forced to go to an elite school against my will because o
:iconinuyasharocks24736:inuyasharocks24736 3 1
Time Travelling Detective Timothy. Chapter 1
Time Traveling Detective Timothy
At 94 CrossedLine, an investigation takes place, involving a curious teen-aged detective and the confused Chief Inspector Kensakan. The teen detective stands in the centre of the room; the deduction begins.  
'You! . . . You are the murderer of the late, Mrs. Hington.' the thrill of the excitement shines in Timothy overflowing eyes of anxiety, his outstretched arm revealing the culprit in disgust. 'The truth never tells lies! It's none other than the victims brother, you! Mr. James Hullet! Is the only one capable of killing her' he slowly put his outstretched hand into his front trouser pocket, and continued to smirk slightly.
The victim was thirty-two years of age, Mrs. Jane Hington, was found when the maid came at 05:30pm. The maid came every other week on a Wednesday to clean the house up. Jane Hington was strangled by a smooth rope like object; such an object hasn't been found in the room.
'What are you saying? That's preposterous!! I have
:icondetectivejimmy:DetectiveJimmy 0 1
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The War of the Shadows
By Sean Hastings
     Sam Marks, a twenty-nine-year-old intelligence prodigy and high-ranking officer in the Counterproliferation Center of the CIA's National Clandestine Service, has been murdered in Atlanta, Georgia while trying to reconcile with his estranged wife. The people he worked with and commanded are shocked by his death, but hardly anyone is more saddened by his demise than twenty-six-year-old Arab-American officer Holly Assad.
    Holly, a skilled linguist and intelligence analyst, was Sam's protégé. She also had feelings for him, kept unrequited because of Sam's loyalty to his wife, despite how rocky his marriage to a civilian may have been. Motivated by Sam's death, she finds herself working with the lead investigator of the crime: Inspector General Special Agent Daniel Marston, an African-American with a Counterintelligence and Marine Corps background. Travelling to Atlanta, where the local po
:iconsouthernwriter2:SouthernWriter2 2 9
A frail infant girl lay crying among the ruins of the once-proud kingdom of Dahl, which had been destroyed by the army of the Orwellian king Ivan-Alric Desanti the day before. Wrapped in a small white blanket with burnt edges, the child coughed weakly as the minutes passed, with her body losing out to the harsh winds of the coming winter.
Then by Heaven's grace came Sir William DiMather on his white horse, who was one of King Ivan's noble knights. Sent to Dahl to scout for any war survivors to take prisoner,  Sir William heard the infant's cries and found her just in time - right before Death could put out her flame of life.
Getting off his horse frantically, Sir William decided check for any wounds on the child's body that might need treatment. To his relief, he found none but when he set his eyes on the child's back, he nearly dropped her in shock, for there, between her shoulder blades, he saw a flame-shaped marking, which made this
:iconjunewralley:junewralley 22 54
A Christmas Gift
"She'll give you the money, if you..."
"If I get rid of her. Course she'd say that!" He bowed his head guiltily and she pressed her forehead to the window, her red lips leaving berry stains on the window of his office. She straightened up and stretched her arms back. It was only then he saw the bulge against the loose fabric. "I can't, not just for the money."
"How far along are you?"
She smiled. "About 4 months. She's growing well too. I really do understand what Joy said about morning sickness though. How is Laurie?"
"Doing well. He just had his third birthday. He was asking for you."
"I miss that boy. And his mum's doing well? You're treating Joy well, right?"
"Yes, of course. I love that woman. What about the child's father? Is he still a part of your life?"
"No, not once I got pregnant. I couldn't keep living like that..."
"Sometimes, I think I should have told her, the first time I had to bring you home. Maybe then you wouldn't be in this state and I would still be able to get yo
:iconwhildchild:whildchild 4 13
Lucy, a Mare's Unfortunate Life
Chapter 1

I couldn't believe it! One minute I was foaled and the next day, ‎men had taken me away from my mother.‎
What cruel fate rested upon me, I wasn't sure. All I wanted to ‎do was go back to my mother. My stables, my home…‎
I wobbly walked around my new-but-dark chamber. It was big ‎enough for me to roam around inside. I felt hay beneath my tiny ‎feet. The only light was from a super-tiny window in the door.‎
Just then, the door opened and many men-figures came in. ‎Most of them had ropes-one of them had a leather strap, I could ‎scent it. Being away from my mother was bad enough but now this. ‎What cruel world am I living in?‎
They came around me. I couldn't escape. The door shut after ‎the last man came in. The man's image with the leather strap came ‎up to me first. He quickly wrapped the leather around my nose. It felt ‎tight around my nose an
:iconteen-lyoko-fan7777:Teen-Lyoko-Fan7777 2 19
Alien story
Chapter 1‎
Homeroom; the most tentative period of the day. I looked at ‎the clock on the wall. The time read 2:59. Come on, I urged, ring.‎
Five seconds…four seconds…three seconds…two…‎
Yes, I'm free! No more school for the rest of the day. What ‎luck! I went over to Kayleigh Berger's locker and saw its owner ‎figuring her combo. The beautiful, smart, blond-haired girl beat me at ‎Dodge ball in PE today, but I didn't let it hurt me. "Hey Kay," I called.‎
‎"Hey, Cassidy," she said.‎
‎"Well, I'm going to play Guitar Hero at home! Do you wanna ‎join me?" I asked, showing my crooked-in-front smile.‎
‎"I'm sorry, Cassidy, I can't! 'Maybe next time?"‎
‎"Aw, don't sweat it!" I said undaunted, walking to the exit. "Bye, ‎Kayleigh!"‎
‎"Bye, Cassidy!"‎
As I walked out of school, I felt something hit me from behind. ‎I felt something on my
:iconteen-lyoko-fan7777:Teen-Lyoko-Fan7777 2 0
They're finally fixed! Huzzah!
Thanks to :iconmetarex12: for helping me out!
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