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----a Scrapbook + Contest entry----

There had been a small town, once descendants of local native American tribes-now mixed in with the blood of immigrants of all flavors. Within this town had been a small sect who unlike the world around them, stood concrete in the old ways of the Spirit.

They had liked to think , their pure blood was capable still of channeling the Great Spirit like in days old. However over the progression of years it seemed only the children in their earliest of youth were capable of this feat.

The sect which fallowed the ways of shamanism derived a grand idea, one which would deliver a True Shaman -and thusly a connection to the Great Spirit once more. A small child, pale as honeyed milk, blonde as sun streaked wheat would be scarified for the good of the town.A child stolen away from someone's home. They felt her near albino condition ment she was pure--and thusly most receptable to thier ministrations.

The practice of shamanism is different cultures around the world. With that siad, closer examination reveals many commonalities. Specific beliefs and rituals differ, but certain thematic elements and practices are repeated in societies that had never once had contact.

One of such commonalities was the right by dismemberment.Those who are destined to become shamans enter a trance, wherein they are town apart by spirits ( or demons, depending.)Thier body parts are purified or are remade , read to bear shamanic power. The person is restored and awakens. The people of the town had awoken many times prior-all fruitless in their attempts.

Luckily for most, this dismemberment occurs to the persons spirit body in trance, not to her actual flesh and blood. The village mused, "purhaps-this is how we have failed?" "The Spirits were strong, if not lively! in the time where our ancestors existed. In such bleak days of mechanized monotony- much more severe approaches must be taken!"

Such was the way the town's child would be brought forth to the spirits. Rites, Chants and blood were spilled--all of which was the young childs. Unable to stir the spirits from their long slumber-the Coven ripped the young girl to pieces. Arms torn from sockets- blades danced across flesh.The Resulting corpse was dead, of course, but the spirits brought her back to life as a Promethean. Ramune, she was called, came back from her sojourn among the spirits with senses unaviable to normal humans. She could see into the immaterial existence surrounding matter and witness the gathering of spirits and ghosts.

Her kind were called the Riven- in reference to the terrible scars they bear.
((from Old Norse rīfa; akin to Greek ereipein to tear down))
In referance to the endless sleepless nights- haunted by the ephermeral twilight.

Ramune prefures bright lavish colors and UV reflections- her vision of the tangible world is very under saturated and out of focus at times. Neons are a special treat to her Human Eyes.

Due to the childhook trauma and not always fully understanding the prenatural sights she sees-- Ramune always seems slightly tipsy. As if shes looking at all through a daze, always a light smile to her lips and eyes far off somewhere you cant see.

Her human body is unusual only in the fact that its well, in shambles. It requires the occasional mending but overall she passes as a grotesque mortal. Viewed with spirit eyes her form is shrouded in ravenous spirits, constantly pulling at her aura and being absorbed within. A tail of bone spirals from her tailbone, cradling around her. Fingers extend forward like rusted hooks. Her face sees distorted, pulled outward and forward at the nose.

--------------Character for :iconanzubi: 's contest.
What am I drawing?
A character to match the name Ramune and following the criteria below :
:star: Female!!
:star: Atleast one neon color in her design. (no more than 3)
:star: Make her a unique species/race of your choice. (ghosts, tanuki, zombies, mythical creatures, nymphs, etc.)
:star: An eccentric style (or mix thereof). (i.e. stars, bandanas, studded belts, piercings, striped socks, layered clothing, etc.)
:star: Must have a long tail.
:star: Long Hair (preferably styled interestingly).
:star: Semi-intricate markings. (not too many).
:star: Personality is a bit fun-filled and happy.
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