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It will be easy to forget you
I just can't look up at the sky
I can't stare at the sea
I won't think of the look in your eye
Or the sweet things you told me
I can't eat my favorite food
I can't smell my favorite scent
I won't listen to music
Or remember the time we spent
I won't write
I won't draw
I won't dance
Or recall anything at all
It will be so easy to do
I can put it back on the shelf
It will be easy to forget you
I just have to forget myself
:iconunsc3n3:Unsc3n3 1 0
Beautiful Lie.
If you look in my eyes you just might see
The faded negative of what used to be
Where once was a light, it died away
And it made me what you see today
There used to be trust
There used to be love
There wasn't a push
There wasn't a shove
At once, it came so naturally
Then ceased to be so suddenly
I remember those days not long before
When you would say "I love you Jae"
And I'd reply, "I love you more"
Looking back, it's so far away
After that, which took place today
Erased was all trace
I offered my love
You say need space
But I've had enough
It is sometimes so hard to say what is right
I don't feel like walking on eggshells tonight
And you know what I'm going to say
"You've pushed away by this game you play."
My words are silent
They fall on deaf ears
Being together
Is something you fear
When I sleep, you infect my dreams
I live in the place, in between
I reach out beyond a dark void of space
My arm just tangles in the sheets
My pillow meets my lone embrace
Pain of realizing that you'r
:iconunsc3n3:Unsc3n3 0 8
All For You
I have something, which belongs to you
I've thought this through, about what to do
I always knew this would happen from the start
This thing, which is clearly now falling apart
If you can believe me; used to be a work of art
I wanted to keep it safe, so I hid it away
I thought it might be worth something one day
It was brittle, so I wrapped it in tissue
Then I trapped it in a little cage
However, I was still concerned by the issue
That when time passed, it would ruin with age
In an attempt to protect it better, and preserve it well
I buried it deep with a letter, under a shell
Around the shell, I constructed some walls
Also, I dug deep holes for trespassers to fall
I thought no one would find it, until you came along
You dismantled my work and proved me to be wrong
You avoided the falls and broke down my walls
You discovered my shell and uncovered my cage
You laughed at my letter and burned every page
You tore through the tissue, then with nothing to say…
You gave it one look, and you
:iconunsc3n3:Unsc3n3 0 1
Lost or Found
These thoughts move too fast, your mind is too slow
To name the last frame in this picture show
Rewind to the time when everybody you know
Had an opinion about which way you should go:
"Chin up, go forward, fly right, move toward the light"
Tonight, don't fight the plight that tortured you
Just do what you're supposed to do
But you can't find the line between a lie and the truth
It's so sad that you try, it's too bad that you lie
To yourself, in this game when you're to blame
When you look up from the ground and no one's around
So twisted, don't know if you're lost or found...
And sometimes it's so hard, when your mind is so scarred
That it turns a single inch into the whole nine yards
And each yard is a mile, and each mile is a trial
And each trial has a file, and the files start piling
You know you'll never win, but you try to keep smiling
Even when you've never been in so much shit
There's so much shit; you can't believe it
And you're throwing a fit because you just want to quit
:iconunsc3n3:Unsc3n3 0 1
I hope you can understand all the reasons why I ran
There has to be a plan, a path, a method through the madness
Just kiss me now because I don't know how long it will be
Before I see you and you see me
It could be years, months, days, or weeks
But I can't sleep well until this hell without you is done
So, just one more kiss for the road
Turn this toad into a prince
I'm convinced that you're the one
You're the sun that brings light to my world
With my finger curled around your hair
My eyes rise to meet your stare
When our lips were close; almost there...
[I woke up]
This was no nightmare, this dream was real
As real as the grinding steel wheels
That race me through the darkness
I already miss your scent, your smile, your laugh
I have to find a way to get you back
It's not too late for us
I trust that things will be alright
But tonight, the light seems dimmer
The line to walk seems thinner
Like a tight rope, a wire
It slopes up and spires always going higher
It pierces through a ring of
:iconunsc3n3:Unsc3n3 0 0
It's probably for the best, but I'm still depressed
I feel dead inside, but you never lied to me
You always told the truth, but the roof is caving in
These walls are thin and I can hear through them
"It's over, I can't take anymore"
Was the last thing I heard before you shut the door
I can't trust that things will be all right
Not tonight, at least not without a fight
But this is a battle I can't win this time around
The only sound I hear is the wind blowing past
It happened so fast, things were fine, you were mine
I was yours, our hearts entwined and I ignored the signs
But not anymore, my heart's grown cold, and I'm too old
To play this game, where nothing's gained and all is lost
The cost is too high, whether it's truth or a lie doesn't matter
The dream still shattered, because everything has an end
I can't mend it, I can't fix it, so I give up on this shit
And I'll run away, and today I'll pretend it doesn't hurt
But it does, and it's so much worse than I first thought
Not that it
:iconunsc3n3:Unsc3n3 0 1
There once was a girl who I happened to meet
That stopped the whole world and swept me off of my feet
When she smiled at me, it could of lit up the sky
My heat skipped a beat, and then it started to fly
She had porcelain skin, and soft features to match
Yet the look in her eyes stopped me dead in my tracks
For once in my life my fears melted away
The fine line distorted between the black, white and gray
As cliché on the surface as it seemed to be
It was like I was made for you; and you for me
I could hardly believe that this fantasy
Suddenly for me turned to reality
Every second together, we'd hide away
From no one in particular and I liked it that way
The world brightened up and it started to turn
Oceans of emotions swelled, caught fire, and burned
All the doubt had erased, it faded away
When I imagined us both turning old and gray
As cliché on the surface as it seemed to be
I felt so alive, so free, I could finally breathe
When that time finally came, we lost what we made
It slipped
:iconunsc3n3:Unsc3n3 0 6
I can run, but I can't hide
I tried to confide in you
These thoughts, my feelings
Yet they forever reside
They subside inside
I'm lonely by default and
It's all my fault
That it's come to a halt
I'm the one to blame
Like salt in a wound
I'd twist the knife again
Broken promises I never meant
My regret in a letter I sent to you
It didn't matter, you always knew
That I couldn't stay
I always found a way
Between the black, the white
Was a shade of grey I used
To get away and evade the blow
Where I go, who knows
Who cares
I've been climbing up the stairs
Brushing past
While the rest descend
I won't last
I can't defend that but
It never ends
This plot is only pretend
As the years rush by
An impatient lie
Is gaining on me
Stalking like a shadow
Across the darkened sky
I want so badly to run to you
Not away
I remember those words you'd say
Into my head you would play
Into deaf ears you'd pray
I run like the night runs from the sun
The stars are erased and angry that
A new day has begun
I plea
:iconunsc3n3:Unsc3n3 0 4
Every opportunity is constantly escaping me
You simply cannot disagree that you don't see
Doors shut on me
Society's gift of apathy
Is inducing the very atrophy of...
My slim chance to surrvive
To make it out alive
Be independent
Take care of my own
Keep a job
Have a home
For some, that's all they've ever known
Apparently, that's the way it's supposed to be
Never questioning the reasoning behind the lie
The illusion
There's no conclusion
They live in emotional delusion
Wallowing in naive mental seclusion
Entertaining a still-born conception of life
They live for the tomorrow that will never come
Looking for that special someone
To take it all away
I'm rambling again
Acting the part of a ranting, raving lunatic
Because I'm sick
Sick of the thick shell we all pretend to see through so well
This smoke screen
All things
It seems the dreams of kings and queens...
rings false
Life isn't what it's cracked up to be
...or maybe it's just me
Maybe I
:iconunsc3n3:Unsc3n3 2 2
Head Down, Chin Up
Set up for Failure, it's my tailored Defeat.
I greet my old friends again, long time no see.
I was free for a while, I'm not long for here to be
Without you both smiling down on me
I missed your company...
You're my self-fulfilling prophecy
I can't escape, I'm constantly raped
Held down, scraped and spread thin across the board
I can't afford to live this way, but it looks like you're here to stay
So for today, you'll be my companions
My stand-in
My make-shift friends
In the end
You'll send for the rest of them
To finish me...
It's unfair, and I'm afraid -- I'm scared to go out there
It's cold.
It's lonely.
This is getting old.
There's no home for me.
I'd be relieved if I believed that it's okay; would work out
But it's not and it won't
So don't
Don't try to lie to me, it only makes it worse
I'm cursed
It's not the first time
I've seen it all before
My friends: Failure and Defeat...
I'm your exclusive whore
Once again, I'm out the door
I implored not to go
:iconunsc3n3:Unsc3n3 0 0
The more I pushed, you pulled away
The distance grew everyday
Then while I sat, all alone
I realized I forgot the way to get home
It seemed all the signs that lit my way
Had faded while I'd gone astray
I found myself searching for another path
Yet, it didn't add up; I couldn't do the math
Sometimes I swore I could see your face
Then I would awake in an empty place
My shadow had become my only friend
Burdened to follow, until the end
I couldn't run, I couldn't hide
It never mattered how much I tried
Silent words fell upon deaf ears
Clouded eyes never saw the tears
Never again would I know your smell
Or touch your face... it was then I could tell
That nothing would ever taste as sweet
Then my heart broke, with one last beat
And in the end, I finally knew
That I was lost without you.
:iconunsc3n3:Unsc3n3 2 5
Remember Me
Two halfs, one whole, two paths, one soul
You stole my heart, my goal: to start one trip
One path
Don't slip
Rewind the time
Follow the signs
Try to find the strength to fly
One day you'll see, exactly what you mean to me
For now let's try to break the ties
The lies, the eyes blinded
Rewind it now
I can't show you how
For now, you know you're on your own
Right now you've got to be alone
Nothing is ever writ in stone
But this is all I've ever known
For now, I'll wait
I'll face my fate
I'm at the gate
I hate to sit, suspend, stand still
...but I will... for you
Do what you have to do.
:iconunsc3n3:Unsc3n3 6 9
The Game
These are the rules to the game we play:
I move closer, while you move away
You need to go, I want to stay
There has to be another way
I can't take one more day of this
I cannot accept your stolen kiss
I miss the way you once looked at me...
[So lovingly]
Now you stare at me so absently
I know you want my empathy
But how can I feel your apathy?
I want to be what you want to see...
[You start to head for the door]
I implore, on the floor
I adore, you ignore
[Do you love me anymore?]
I feel jaded, and frustrated
I've waited; only to be evaded by you
Please tell me what I need to do
One day we can change our view
and we can start things again anew
[I feel so empty without you...]
Tell me that we'll work this through...
[Good Bye]
:iconunsc3n3:Unsc3n3 2 16
All that wasted time, pretending things were fine
I admit that I was blind; I regret the time I can't rewind
I put off and shined the things that I must do
While you showed me what was true
I wish I only knew then what I know now
Maybe then somehow, I could allow myself to see
[What you see]
What I'm supposed to be
Capacity to grow and be something more
To be someone that you could adore
[Instead of ignore]
I'm sorry that I didn't see... all the things you saw in me
What hurts the most is the ghost I host inside
It confides to reside within a lie
[A subliminal sigh of despair]
[A shallow, dispondent stare I share with you]
Part of my soul is swallowing me whole
An empty void, the darkness is black as coal
It's devouring the light in me
It's obscuring everything you see
It mocks with cruel intensity...
Please don't lose your faith in me
I'm grasping for humility
I'm embracing the opportunity...
To be the one you saw in me.
Please... just look at me.
:iconunsc3n3:Unsc3n3 1 20
Right back where I started from
I'm no longer young, just a bum
Staring at the sun, blinded, numb
I think I've come full circle now
Looking at myself, I wonder how
I ended up in this place
I disappeared without a trace
Stuck in this race
I'm being chased
All my hope has been misplaced
My future has been erased
The time I spent has been a waste
These are things I haven't faced
So, here I am... where it all began
I don't understand; I can't comprehend
All my mistakes, I cannot amend
I won't pretend that this won't end
While everything continues to descend
Here, where I escaped the womb
Only to return and accept my doom
I know I have to stop running soon
Endless miles, mundane trials...
...Still I try to run away.
To hell and back, then there again
Only to find myself here today
My past has faded; my present is hated
What's to come, I cannot see
Yet one thing's clear.
I shed a tear...
...I ran away from me.
:iconunsc3n3:Unsc3n3 0 6
The Curse
There's nothing worse to think in verse
It's like a sickness I can't nurse
It's a breeze that doesn't blow, to carry seeds that won't grow
On a mountain without snow; that melts to water down below
Where the river doesn't flow, to float the boat I cannot row
To the place I cannot go, to learn the things I'll never know
...Like why the raven always crows "Never more"
It's the hunger I can't feed
The prisoner that can't be freed
I need to breed this thing in me
This curse that I call poetry
Can't you see it's killing me?
It's the reason I can't sleep
It's the secret I can't keep
All because I went too deep inside my head...
It's the whore I took to bed
It's the source of all my dread
It's everything I've left unsaid
It's the monkey on my back
It's my fix, it's my crack
Emphasizing all I lack
My eyes are wet, my throat is dry
I try to smile while I cry
This helps me live and makes me die
I try to answer questions why
This makes me weak, it makes me great
This extention of love and hate
:iconunsc3n3:Unsc3n3 1 4


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is a total amatuer
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Personal Quote: A wise person doesn't say everything they know, but knows everything they say.
I've decided to migrate away from this account and just use it for my literature.  My new account for my art is:

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See you guys around.


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