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Sonic Adventure 3 could be happening (UPD)

That's right, you heard it. After 20 long years, the next chapter in some of the best 3D Sonic games might be on it's way and maybe just in time for the blue hedgehog's 30th anniversary. There are three different articles that say that SA3 is being teased by SEGA on Twitter. There is this close up of Sonic's face when he is in super form and there is a hidden number 3 on his cheek. This speculates that SA3 might be one of the many games coming on Sonic's 30th Anniversary. How true that is or big the chances are that it might happen, I don't know, so for now we can only speculate. Here I tell what we can expect in a possible SA3 and my wishlist. You will find the links to the articles at the bottom.

Sonic Adventure 3 would be awesome for Sonic's 30th anniversary. SA1 and SA2 are two of the best and the most loved 3D Sonic games ever made. Many fans have been asking, when will we see SA3? Many have been demanding a SA3 after the sucess of the two first games. I myself have also been waiting for SA3. I like the Adventure games a lot, and their anime adoption Sonic X is the best Sonic media ever made. The news about SA3 are exctitng... Well, actually. They are interesting, but not exciting, because I am also worried. Why? Just look at how SEGA have been handling the Sonic franchise and what games and media (including live action movie) they've made since 2010. Then there are the 2017+ IDW comics.

The 2010+ games and media (including live action movie) are stupid, goofy, childish and immature, with stupid, childish, goofy, immature and dumb as fuck characters that take nothing seriously and the villains are dumb and pathetic wannabes. The IDW comics are set on the two world and have more humor, comedy, stupid and goofy characters, while the Archie was the opposite. Then there is the goofy, stupid and idiot show Sonic Boom and the dumb, goofy, childish and immature live action Movie. There is a big chance that Sega might screw up and turn SA3 into another Colors, Lost World or Generations game. A game flooded with humor and comedy and goofy characters. They might also add Classic Sonic and 2D gameplay. What if they go back to the one world and make GUN and Shadow Sonic's enemies? AGAIN. Please Sega, DON'T SCREW UP ON THIS!

They need to follow the original script from SA1 and SA2. Now what do I mean by that? You might wonder. SA1 and SA2 have more action, less humor, less comedy, no goofy stuff, serious, smart, grown up and mature characters, competent and serious villians in them. That is what SA3 needs to feature. It should also be a direct sequel to SA2 and not a prequel or spinoff. Red Dead Redemption 1 was released in 2010 and in 2018 they released RDR2. You'd think RDR 2 is a sequel that takes place after the events of RDR1, but instead it's a prequel set years before the events of RDR1. So SA3 has to take place after the events of SA2.

The game should be rated at least 7+ and maximum 12+ with PEGI. Rated at least Everyone (E) and maximum Teen (T) with ESRB. (…).…………………

. Sonic Adventure 3 teaser could be coming in 2022. 

A Russian website that publishes news about video games have some interesting rumors about the SA games. The article is in Russian but thanks to Google Translate web translation, the article was fully translated into English. The info was originally published at 4Chan by a employee at SEGA of America. SA1 and SA2 seem to be getting remakes and teaser for SA3. The debut video of new products will be uploaded to the network in the second half of February. Full trailers of the remakes will be shown at the end of March. The release itself should take place in June 2021 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. By the way, SEGA has no plans to release Next-gen-patches, limiting itself to basic framerate and resolution improvements on PS5 and Xbox Series S / X.

With Sonic Adventure 3, the situation is slightly different. The game should also be announced in March, but its release will take place no earlier than Q3 2022. Most likely, unlike remakes, the third part is created with an eye on the new generation consoles. However, the insider does not specify this particular point.

Of course, all this should be taken as a rumor. However, the rumor is very convincing, since the author of the topic gives very interesting details of the inner kitchen of the publishing house. For example, he said that the announcement of all three games was supposed to occur at the end of 2020, but SEGA decided to postpone teasers due to the ongoing pandemic, which forced the authors to work remotely.

But by judging the direction the Sonic franchise has been going since 2010 and with the popularity of the goofy Sonic Movie, I am doubtful that this might happen, so I won't get my hopes up. That is because the SA games feture more action, less comedy and smart, mature, serious and grown up characters, which is why they are some of the best games in the franchise.

NOTE: These are just rumors for now, so take this with a grain of salt.

The info at 4Chan:…

As for the plot, I know nothing. But I will upload a wishlist though.

The game should be released on Xbox Series X, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC, it can't be an exclusive game. So anyway. This is all I have to say about the possible upcoming SA3 for now. I will update this when more new info comes out. Sadly, there haven't been any updates 

Link to the articles:………

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MadmanRB's avatar

I think the ship has sailed on SA3 Long ago sadly.

As much as I want a return to the adventure formula myself its a pipe dream at the point at best.

Sega will likely blunder things though its almost guaranteed.

I share the sentiment its time for sonic to evolve but it wont as long as sega holds the keys.

I hope is not a lie.

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Sonic Adventuress is Awesome

picking up Awesome new abilities at some area's in the level's

hatching and raising Choa's maybe they can make the Chao lands larger and more Fun

SpyderSoup's avatar

This again? Ugh! Look, can't you just give up on this? It's never happening. Besides, 06 was the long awaked Sonic Adventure 3 simply because of the many, many similarities, even though they never confirmed it, it undeniably was.

I'd say Sonic 06 isn't the sonic adventure 3 we wanted, it's clearly "Sonic Heroes" .

SpyderSoup's avatar

You think that because it was originally going to be called Sonic Heroes. Also, that game isn't exactly Sonic Adventure 3 while 06 was exactly like a Sonic Adventure game.

i don't get what your saying (cause i've never played 06 but seen that it sucks)

SpyderSoup's avatar

OK, go to the fifth part in Clement's 06 review and skip it all to after he talks about the boss fights. He'll fully explain it better than I can explain it.

SpyderSoup's avatar

I have no idea why many people don't point at it as the Sonic Adventure 3 that they were waiting for, even though it was purely because they never state it or never implied it and that they instead point at Sonic Heroes or Sonic Unleashed purely because they were meant to be called Sonic Adventure 3. I made this conclusion based on story and gameplay similarities and not based on their development history.

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