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So, due to recent problems with a random deviant posting art that did not belong in the gallery, I am reinstating the voting on incoming gallery submissions. Now, any submissions to the group gallery will require the votes of two admins, and the cap of 3 deviations per deviant per day still stands.

Also, I recently added PhaseChan, The-Cosplay-Scion, and VC427 to our Contributors, so they will be helping out with running the group.

Oh, and one more thing. I would LOVE to see some Cortana fan art of her design in Reach. :aww:


Rules and Guidelines
:icongoodnewsplz: Good news everyone!

Ever since deviantArt switched over to the horrible ver 7, neither myself or the other 2 admins have been receiving messages of incoming art submissions. Why? Because dA removed the group messages from the user menu at the top of the screen...:icontantrumplz: The only way we can access them now is to dig our way through the Admin area. Isn't that wonderful?

So, to counteract the problem, I am going to change the gallery so that you can add art without waiting for approval. BUT, I am doing this on good faith, so I expect you to not only put your piece in the proper folder, I also expect you to not submit anything against the set guidelines we have established. I am also opening up favorites as well. If anything is submitted/faved that does not follow the rules will be removed.

That's about all for now, and I expect everyone to behave. :iconanimefaceplz:Have a great summer, play lots of Halo, and remember that Reach is coming out in September!


Rules and Guidelines
Hello members!

I just want to apologize for the delay with voting on submitted deviations, as well as affiliation requests. Our fellow admin, Cortana2552 is currently without internet, so she is not able to vote on everything that is coming through. I am looking into fixing it so that we will only need two votes for submissions to be accepted/denied. :aww:


Rules and Guidelines
:below: Rules and Guidelines for Joining :below:

:bulletblue: You must be a fan of Cortana, Master Chief and/or the Halo series in general.

:bulletblue: You don't have to submit anything to become a member, this is a fan club after all!

:bulletblue: All art mediums are welcome, especially cosplays!

:bulletblue: Please respect fellow members. No flaming or bashing other member's or non-members alike. Doing so will get you permanently kicked out of the group

:bulletblue: If you wish to submit art, please follow these small guidelines:

:pointr: You piece must have Cortana in it somewhere. It doesn't matter where, how big/small.

:pointr: No half-assed sketches/drawings. I am not going to turn this into an elitist art group, but I do want some kind of quality control in order to showcase Cortana fanart.

:pointr: You are allowed 3 submissions a day. If you violate this rule more than once, you will be put on a 1 week probation where you will NOT be allowed to post anything!

:pointr: Screenshots are allowed, but they must be submitted in your Scraps, as per dA rules.

:pointr: Please, no violet/bloody/gory hate art.

:pointr: As we all know, Cortana is basically a nude woman, so saying that such art is not allowed is totally stupid. But, you must keep it tasteful, no hentai, yuri, etc, also per dA rules.

:pointr: All art submitted is subject to vote by myself, Cortana2552, and DarklordIIID

Any questions, comments, etc, please feel free to contact us!

Have fun, and keep your head down. There are two of us in here, remember?

Welcome fellow Cortana fans! After talking it over with Miss Cortana2552, we decided to start a Cortana fan/art group here on dA! I am sorry to say, but membership is closed atm so we can start getting everything set up and whatnot; mainly because we will have just a few small guidelines and rules for joining, but fear not, we'll be open to anyone and everyone who wishes to join in just a few days! :dummy:

Hope to see this group grow soon!

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