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SWaPT Didnapper Mod Preview 2

One of the two previews for upcoming missions in Sticky Wraps and Perilous Traps (SWaPT). This is a new quest revolving around a new location in the world and Suki being sent by the guild to raid it. You'll be given 3 grunts and Athena as you try breaking in. This mission has several different paths to the objective, where winning is sometimes not always the answer, along with several side objectives or quests to complete along the way.

Want more information on SWaPT's upcoming update? Go here:…

Want to play the previous version to understand what this mod does? Go here:… (Note: It is a tech demo and not representative of the final product (Much has been added since then)).
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How can I get here?

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Not available to play yet

I am very excited for this mod. It seems wonderful, can't wait for it to be finished

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We're still working on it! Thank you for the interest!

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Do you have any ideas when this will be finished? just wondering

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Maybe on release, but not for previews. Maybe a .gif later on perhaps.

I just arrive and I already wanna play it:woohoo:

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We're still working on it, we hope to have some more progress soon. :D

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Can't wait for a demo of your progress so far. ^^

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