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His Own Worst Enemy

By Unownace
...Dramatic metaphors, anyone...? XD

In case it isn't clear, the message I'm trying to get across here is that more than ANY villain, adversary or struggle, Ace's BIGGEST weakness will always be "himself". Not so much that Mirror Ace is his biggest threat, but that the risk of BECOMING like him is. In almost EVERY major struggle Ace has had to face, be it Darth Venomous, the Cyberoids, the Coalition and even cancer, it's always his own mind and body that he has to compete against the most in order to win without becoming one of the very monsters he dedicated his life to fighting. This is why he often considers himself a "Grey Jedi".

...And this may-or-may not ALSO be a little bit of foreshadowing for :iconquilaviper:'s next few comic pages... XD
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...If you think THIS is creepy to you, just because the characters are making creepy-looking faces, what exactly do you expect people TO draw instead? XD
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I mean, you are the only creepy person right now.
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...Can you EXPLAIN how this can possibly the case? Or are you just trying to be humorous now? XD
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Furious Eevee 
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The what the hell do you want me to DO,. exactly?! XD
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