Harvey Bennett Character Bio (Warning: Spoilers)

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Published: December 13, 2015
    For almost all of Bennett's childhood, he was never allowed to leave his room, and the only contact he ever had with another Pokemon was when his drunken father came up to beat him. One day Bennett's father was so drunk that he came upstairs with a crowbar and murderous intent. For the first time, Bennett decided to fight back, and in the struggle, killed his father first. The relief and new sense of freedom this gave him was the first form of joy and pleasure Bennett had ever experienced. For the first time in his life, the pain had stopped, and all it took was hitting someone over the head with a crowbar. Bennett was finally free to venture out into the world. The only problem was, he had no idea how to survive on his own. He spent the rest of his teen years homeless and starving, living off of the occasional wild Pokemon he killed for meat with his crowbar. It wasn't until he encountered Ace and his team, who offered him hospitality, that he discovered a form of joy beyond violence.

    While training with Team Enterprise, Bennett had trouble adjusting to civilized life, and would often nearly kill wild Pokemon in dungeons until Ace or another team member stopped him. While Ace berated him for every one of these mistakes, Dot tried to comfort him. Eventually, Bennett and Dot began dating in secret. Things were going well, until one night Bennett proposed to Dot, only to hear her reply, "Sorry, but... I just don't think getting married would be practical right now."

    Devastated by her rejection, the next day on a standard mission, the two got into a heated argument, until Bennett finally snapped, and stabbed Dot in the shoulder with an Iron Thorn. On account of this, Ace had to immediately abort the mission in order to get Dot medical attention.

    Even though Dot's injuries were minor and was told she would make a full recovery, Ace considered this act the final straw, and promptly fired Bennett that night. Though Ace thought at the time he was doing the generous thing by not having Bennett arrested for assault, both the rejection from Dot the previous night and now the loss of all he currently held dear drove him back over the edge. Once again, in his mind all he had to resolve his problems was violence, and like his father, Ace was now the source of all those problems.

    Bennett spent the next year waiting and training himself until Ace was weak enough to challenge. His opportunity came in the form of an offer from Blade, the tyrannical Bisharp leader of the newly-formed Coalition. The events of Explorers of the Final Frontier tell his story from this point until he learns that Lola was his biological mother, and that she regrets leaving him with his abusive father. Finding hope for joy beyond violence in his life once again, Bennett turns on Blade and buys time for the heroes to escape.

    Nothing is heard from Bennett for months since then, leading Team Enterprise to believe he's dead. Shortly after the Coalition War however, Bennett suddenly shows up at Ace's door, saying he's turning himself in. After spending a couple months in the regional prison, Bennett's uncontrollable violence towards the guards and other inmates is deemed too unsafe, and he's transferred to the Numen Region psychiatric hospital for the rest of his sentence. There he's given medications and therapies to help him cope with his PTSD, and he ever-so-slowly begins making progress. At the point in time that Instalments of Control takes place, Bennett sometimes acts as a consultant to exploration and rescue teams searching for dangerous criminals from within his cell, occasionally trying to humor them by quoting Hannibal Lecter or The Joker.
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Last night I just randomly decided to write up a short character bio for my Buneary character, Bennett. If you find any grammar mistakes in it, I apologize. It's been a while since I've written anything like this. XD

On the off chance that you haven't read my fan fic Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Final Frontier yet and for whatever reason still want to, you might not want to read the second half of this Bio in case of spoilers. Not that that really matters much now, anyway. XD

Name: Harvey Bennett

Species: Buneary

Gender: Male

Age: Late 20's (At the time of Instalments of Control)
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