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The Evolution of Destruction

By UnoSombrero
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An infographic, done for class and tossed up here for the lulz.  Mostly an attempt to explain the disparity in casualties/results between two historical naval battles.

Intentionally stark, because stark subject.

...incidentally, as Jutland falls solidly into the WW1 timeframe, Istvan would know everything about the battle down to names, rivets, and snapshots of individual experience.  Not consciously; he'd just inexplicably know.  That's what he gets for being an avatar of an event.
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ah, I see. Thanks.
interesting, I had no idea the % of killed were so close. Did you factor in that most Trafalgar wounded would have died thank to primitive medicine and conditions, or are these strictly battle losses ?
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According to Mr. John Keegan, whose book I pulled these numbers from, surprisingly few of the British wounded actually died from their wounds (4 out of Victory's 102, for example), while most of the Spanish and French casualties ended up drowning in the storm that followed the battle.

It's mostly, then, battle losses - those that did or didn't survive the trip back to port.  Without the storm, there would have been a much greater proportion of wounded who would have then died as you stated rather than drowning.