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Hawlucha: Obviously a Giant Hummingbird

By UnoSombrero
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Hummingbirds are absurdly aggressive.  Do not let them fool you.  Especially when they are this big, look like a Mexican wrestler, and train obsessively to perfect their moves.

I like to think that Hawlucha can fly okay but mostly uses its wings and absurd maneuverability to get above people so it can fall on them and beat them up.

Hawlucha is not mine.  It is, however, awesome.
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One of the most creative and original realistic Pokemon concepts I've seen in my life! :iconlainloveplz:

I've never thought of hummingbord for Hawlucha, because of my headcanon they're like eagle warriors and looking at stats I compare Hawlucha to eagle Pokemon.

But I can see why it has sense to you!

As for hummingbirds being aggressive, I haven't knew that! Thaaanks~
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Hummingbirds are basically tiny colorful attack helicopters that hate nothing so much as other hummingbirds (even fake ones!) and will beat the crap out of each other at feeders.

And yeah, eagle for a 'realistic' one also makes a lot of sense, but there are already pictures like that, so I wanted to do something different.

Also, hummingbird aggression.  Yeah.  Those things are basically Fighting-type already.

Thanks for the fav!
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I don't think I've seen this Pokemon before :o
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It's in the latest generation - Flying/Fighting, can learn Flying Press, which is a move that is simultaneously flying and fighting.  The real version of it is less hummingbird and more Mexican luchador, but its proportions and viciousness reminded me of hummingbirds, so.... this version happened.
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aaand action! Hawlucha is a quite awesome Pokemon, but I never thought about it to be a hummingbird... It seems that you're right ^^
Well done~
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It was mostly the proportions that did it - front-heavy, big head, oversized combative streak, etc

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I love this pokemon.
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