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City-Eating City Kaiju

By UnoSombrero
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One of Shokat Anoushak's magical monstrosities, active during the Wizard War and one of the reasons the Wizard War was not a good time for anyone.  Modus operandi: erupt beneath a city like a huge rock-swimming crocodile, destroy it, incorporate the rubble into its own structure, rinse, repeat.  The cloud surrounding it is a storm akin to a constant hurricane that does much of the incorporating.  Oh, and traveling through rock works basically like a teleport, so they don't have to waste time slogging through countryside to get to the next population center: they just dive and then pop up again somewhere else.

There were more of these things than anyone really cares to remember and their remains are way too big to ever really clean up, so in the present day there's a bunch of these huge quasi-mechanical, magic-leaking monster skeletons sprawled across multiple (former) blocks of several major cities.

One of them has been turned into a memorial site, with names carved into its sides.


First real try at SAI
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i think i saw one of them at my local McDonalds. XD
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The buildings on its back actually remind me of the skyline from my city, wich just makes this all the better. Or worse. I t depends on your point of view. Also where you live.
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Definitely depends on where you live.
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This one reminds me of my kaiju OC, Mantiizuby. protanaarchives94.deviantart.c…

Awesome job.
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I can see how in terms of sheer scale, it might!
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It seems rather nice lol.
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No problem! Really concept! :)
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Wow, that looks really cool!
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I spent most of the day on it, haha
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Reminds me just a bit of Wakfu, Season 2 Episode 2.

Turned up about eleven notches.  :)
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I had to look that up, but I see what you mean now, haha.   It kind of does!
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Or worst, depending on who you ask :P
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