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A Nod to the Kaiserschutzen

By UnoSombrero
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"Is... is that... dear Lord, is that color?"

Suddenly actual historical research in clothing.

Istvan now has a proper Austro-Hungarian infantry top with actual pockets in addition to probably the best hat ever. Seriously, the thing unfolds and unbuttons and is pretty much an optionally cold-weather neck-and-face-protecting Transformer, which was very useful to the Kaiserschutzen regiments who fought in Russia and the Italian Alps (and who, in my own history, Istvan accompanied throughout much of WWI).

The things on his collar are supposed to be an Edelweiss, a kind of flower associated with the mountain units. If he'd actually belonged to one, those feathers on his shoulder would be on his hat, but he was very much an unofficial addition to the line of battle and therefore has no rank or unit markings, either.

His "webbing," (belt and bandoleer) has been modified to more closely resemble its historical counterparts, though it's still pretty darn nonstandard. Especially the buckle. He does finally have a sheathe for his knife, though (pulled from a German pattern but there was some sharing of equipment later on). Standard puttees remain standard. Boots have poky things to climb stuff better.

He has exposed buttons now, despite the fact that shiny objects tended to attract snipers and were quickly stripped from field wear for that reason. This is because he doesn't care about snipers and does care about looking good.


Which brings us to the matter of color, because if he weren't a ghost and therefore sadly greyscale he would be a) a walking "shoot me" sign, and b) totally fabulous in the best old European Imperialist tradition. Red pants and gold piping were for the cavalry in his day, not line infantry, but who's going to stop an avatar of war from wearing whatever the hell he wants? Certainly not the cavalry, who were sniped in record numbers until they started dressing more plainly.


Essentially, Istvan is wearing a representative last hurrah of ornamental field gear even as he embodies the war that put an end to it forever. Splendor isn't quite the same in shades of grey.


I needed to know colors so I could figure out the greyscale. Also, I like the new design and I'm sticking to it.

Istvan is mine. Color, however, belongs to everyone (but him).
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Looks great!
Glad you haven't copyrighted Color so I can still use it too :)