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Radio Interview (another meme whyyy)
Good afternoon, folks!  Next up on our Luminaries program, we've gone the whole nine yards and brought you the Twelfth Hour's star crimefighting team: the Interminables.  That's right!  Edmund Templeton is the Hour Thief, complete with hat, cape, and bitchin' sideburns (come on, ladies, you know you love 'em), and he is in the studio right now side-by-side with Dr. Istvan Czernin, better known to our hypothetical European audience as the spooky Devil's Doctor.  When we make a promise, we deliver!
Now, this is no ordinary program!  The two of them have graciously agreed to answer a few questions about each other - questions asked by you, our rapt listening audience, selected from a frankly staggering pool of write-in requests.  
Welcome to the program!  Anything you'd like to say before we get started?
Istvan: Only that I'm quite happy to be here, though we'd best not be too long.  We're quite busy, you know - an infirmary doesn't run itself.
Edmund: Yes. I may have the time but
:iconunosombrero:UnoSombrero 2 1
So, what's your story called?
Did you have any early/working titles?
    Current title is the early/working title.  It stuck.
Why did you choose the final title?
    "Interminable" means something that is endless or that can't be ended.  Considering the nature of the protagonists, it seemed apt.  When turned into the name of a team it also sounds a bit like a comic book, which plays into things nicely.
Was it easy or hard to choose a title?
    Fairly easy, once I put my mind to it.
Who's the protagonist?
    There are two: Edmund Templeton and Istvan Czernin, also known as the Hour Thief and the Devil's Doctor.  One is an immortal wizard who got that way through some very morally questionable magic that, among other things, lets him ask for five minutes and then take them.  The other is a spectral avatar of the First World War and the world's best surgeon.  They're both unkillable (hence the title), but that doesn't always
:iconunosombrero:UnoSombrero 3 5
Meme: Not all Shapeshifters are Werewolves
Hello!  It's extremely nice to meet you.  What is your name and gender?
Dr. Istvan Czernin.  And, ah... male.  
That's a great name!  Now, what is your species or race?
Thank you.  My parents were Czech but I know nothing of the language, I inherited a number of unfortunate features, I was born in Hungary, and it's overall more convenient to claim Magyar for the census.  Oh, species?  Human, naturally.  Or I was.  Being dead seems to muddle things.  The technical terminology holds that I'm a sundered spirit, which is what happens when you tear a man's soul to tiny pieces and then recombine it with something suitably awful.  The Great War, in my case.
Ah, I see.  Very interesting…  Now, if you would please describe yourself to our readers…
Ah... male, as I said.  A bit tall in my day, but nothing remarkable now.  Sharp features, awful Mongolian cheekbones, Caucasian, hmm...  I suppose I'm in decent shape for a dead man.  I've black hair and my eyes wer
:iconunosombrero:UnoSombrero 2 1
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The Interminables
The soft blue-white glow wasn't natural. It spilled onto the rusted steel walls of the cargo container like a thin film, almost a cloud that carried its own illumination in every particle and just happened-- by design or fortune-- to be centered in a conveniently portable glass sphere. Light, but nothing like the harsh halogen of the dock lamps. It hadn't stopped glowing since they'd put it on the table.
Tito Madrugada tapped it with a finger. No sound. It felt like glass, but when it came to provoking a thud or a chime or a clatter it was like it didn't exist at all. Why? No idea. Probably no one knew. Stuff like that was what made things like these so valuable.
He ran a hand across his tattooed skull and glanced from face to face, all seven of them. His gang. His brothers. This, finally, could be their lucky break. "Where did you find this thing?"
"Dumpster out near the Black Building," offered Vicente. He sketched the outline with crooked fingers, a spire of dark steel and unlikel
:iconunosombrero:UnoSombrero 6 5
The Devil's Doctor by UnoSombrero The Devil's Doctor :iconunosombrero:UnoSombrero 3 8 A Civil Disagreement by UnoSombrero A Civil Disagreement :iconunosombrero:UnoSombrero 2 2


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Life Management
Dear Human,
This is to inform you that life as you know it has been binned. There were a lot of complaints regarding life as it had been, so it was decided that a new system be adopted, which will hopefully be pleasing to everyone. As of now, life is an RPG. There is no need to worry; this letter outlines everything you need to know.
First things first. You will not age! That does away with the whole search for everlasting youth thing. No need to bother scientists with genetic research and the like. Convenient, huh? Instead, you will gain experience points as you defeat monsters on the field, which will allow you to move up from level to level and become stronger. This will allow you to be able to kill stronger beasties and become even stronger, until you hit the roof, level 99, at which nothing will pose a challenge to you anymore. At this level, you can either choose to revisit old areas and watch adversaries shrivel up at your mere presence, or you can head towards one of the crazy-
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Wow it's been a while.

So I guess I should mention I've now published two books - The Interminables and Immortal Architects - and that they're available on bookshelves most places!…

Also I've started a Patreon, like the cool people do-

-and I'm working on another book in another universe now.  :D
Random inspiration strikes again.

This line starts with one head and moves up from there, so it's clearly quite accomplished at growing heads. One head -> two heads that fight each other -> two heads that are now more like octopus limbs and a central directing head.

This doodle came about because... well, those weird wing/ribbon things on the original design kiiiind of look like they have jaws on the very end if you squint so

Actual limbs are atrophied because it just levitates around eating stuff now

Colors by plangkye 
Wow it's been a while.

So I guess I should mention I've now published two books - The Interminables and Immortal Architects - and that they're available on bookshelves most places!…

Also I've started a Patreon, like the cool people do-

-and I'm working on another book in another universe now.  :D


When in doubt, explosions.


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