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Trixie - Trixie the Great

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you could say it's a real muenster :icontrollunaplz:

tip of the hat to :iconsonicgirl1001: for pointing me towards this song, because i sure as hell wouldn't have found it on my own. we'll call this a sequel to this. a prize* to anyone who can name every weapon Twilight keeps in her closet!

*not really

also, do you realize how difficult it is to come up with a suitable sound effect for a lightsaber? it is like F-Zero difficult.

"Cedric the Great" (c) Disney
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro, et al
cauldron vector (c) :iconschmychael:
books (c) :iconfriagram:
globe and bowl (c) :iconzutheskunk:
vase, candlestick, and chandelier (c) :iconmisteraibo:
Alicorn Amulet vector (c) :iconmewtwo-ex:
poison joke vector (c) :icon3luk:
Canterlot hallway (c) :iconsoren-the-owl: and others
Celestia's throne room (c) :icontamalesyatole:

as always, feel free to make recordings and stuff.

EDIT 1/31: have the inevitably awesome recording by :iconsonicgirl1001:
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Then Starlight taught her in a day how to teleport a major artifact to and from herself.
gmodfan88's avatar
wish the video was back up
TheOmniWriter's avatar
Nice Space Balls reference! ^w^d
Ashruka-Krusnik's avatar
This my all time fav villain song
ScottTheScout's avatar
The video is gone...

Oh well. Atleast I got to see it once before it went kaput.
Dragonjek's avatar
A crossbow from... things with crossbows, a chainsaw from every zombie movie/game ever, a crowbar from Half-Life, the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda, a lightsaber from Star Wars, the portal gun from Portal, the Fucking Blue Fucking Shell from Mario Kart...

I can't identify the glowy sword, the axe, or the gun, though. Maybe a bolter gun from Warhammer 40k?
unoservix's avatar
the blue glowy sword is Sting from The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, the axe is the Sharpened Volcano Fragment, one of the Pyro's weapons in Team Fortress 2, and the red gun is the Tri-Rocket Launcher from Jet Force Gemini
Dragonjek's avatar
Ah, got it.
I only feel bad for missing Sting, though.
LunarKnight316's avatar
That Spaceballs reference. I saw it.
Schrucy's avatar
This is very neat. Do you've made this video too? It's really awesome.…
unoservix's avatar
i didn't do the singing on that, no

that would be the work of the inestimable :iconsonicgirl1001:
Monkeyrofl901's avatar
That pun must be as gouda it gets.  Well, I cheddar get going.  Brie seeing you.
Dragonjek's avatar
Curds you for making such awful puns.

But I'll give you parmesan to live despite making it. Although I do have a question about the pun you mentioned --sorry, but I did nacho see it. Could you point it out to me?
Monkeyrofl901's avatar
The author said the pizza creature is a real muenster.  Muenster is a type of cheese.  Pizza is cheesy.
Dragonjek's avatar
Ack, missed that. Thanks.
BenRG's avatar
It's actually a slightly less-crazy-than-average day in the Sparkle/Lulamoon household.
Lyssas3DPonies's avatar
can i make a story out of this?
Lyssas3DPonies's avatar
sorry about the second comment, there was an error with both, they did not show.
Lyssas3DPonies's avatar
can i make a story out of this? or at least the queen trixie part?
unoservix's avatar
Cedric is very evil O.o
Spaceballs?? What spaceballs????
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