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Prince Blueblood - Prince Charmless

By unoservix
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haha okay wow that took forever, turns out when you're off playing grownup, you don't have time to make big dumb My Little Pony song mashup comics

anyways i have been pretty well out of the pony loop for a while so have an idea that i had months ago and never got around to actually finishing until now. also, you are now introduced to the incredibly hilaribad movie from which this song came, and you can thank me for that at your convenience.

also in my headcanon Rarity is from Pittsburgh and her father is Mike Ditka but he is a pony and there's nothing you can do about it.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro, et al
"Prince Charmless" (c) ...UAV Corporation? Lionsgate? the public domain? certainly not me
Ponyville road background (c) :icondrewdini:
Twilight's library vector (c) :iconboneswolbach:
scroll vector (c) :iconm99moron:
Canterlot background (c) :iconhawk9mm:
banner vectors (c) :iconvectorshy:
Equestrian flag vector (c) :iconbb-k:
alicorn amulet vectors (c) :iconfureox: and :iconmewtwo-ex:
elements of harmony vector (c) :icongrievousfan:
got the idea for Blueblood's armor from here

as always, feel free to make recordings and such, as long as you send me a link so i can show everyone else.

EDIT 8/5: that didn't take long! have the song part of the comic set to the song by :iconrandina42:

EDIT 8/8: and have the entire comic voiced by :iconmrkyuubi:

EDIT 11/9/2014: eeeeeee have the song part of the comic by :iconmonstersintheclosets:
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I honestly really love this strip. It always bugged me that Blueblood is never elaborated on in the show given he's a royal and that raises a lot of questions. I've been working ona collaborative project to remake mlp:fim into a new public domain property with very similar characters and world building. I was wondering if you'd be willing to join the discord and participate and share some ideas. I want to do something with the new blueblood character inspired by this strip.

Ninjago Kai:Sigh I'm ashamed my voice actor is affiliated with you.

Mandarin:Let's dispose of this vermin

Prince Blueblood:Ha ha I'm screwed

LOL. I love Prince Blueblood in so many ways. He's such an ass, but in a cute way. The song was adorable too. Hardly Harmless! I'm Prince Charmless! Love it.
I saw someone sync this to the song on youtube, I had never seen that doofy movie... and yet, I looked cause I heard guns cocking in the song... They literally 'shotgun cocked' 'flink-lock pistols' in the animation XD like... WTF?!
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yeah, you know they mean business when the pump-action revolvers come out
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Stuff you jerk show over go home 🏠
Please say there's a part two coming up?
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:iconfillynyxplz::iconsays3plz:(adult appears in flashes) LEAVE THEM ALONE!
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so what happen next?
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Ooooooo!!!! BlueBlood looks friggin EPIC!!! >=3
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AGAAAIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNN......i'm not a brony (i LITERALLY SAY THIS EVERY TIME I SEE MLP FANART), my mom watches the show, but i notice that they APPARENTLY live "human based lives"
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King Sombra: Suddenly, being shattered into a million pieces by my own thralls sounds merciful compared to being the prisoner of this clownish buffoon.
Prince Blueblood: You're just jealous because I have the amulet.
King Sombra: At least I am not an upper-class nincompoop.
Prince Blueblood: Well, at least I wasn't beaten by a baby dragon.
King Sombra: Nooooo.... you were defeated by cake frosting.

*Flashback to the Best Night Ever*

Rarity (covered in cake after being used as a shield by Blueblood): You, sir, are the most UNCHARMING prince I have EVER met! In fact, the only thing royal about you is that you are a royal pain!
Prince Blueblood: Eww! Stay back! I just had myself groomed!
Rarity: Afraid to get dirty?! (shakes the cake frosting off of herself and onto Blueblood, making him stagger and fall over)
Something tells me he intends to get dirty with Rarity later.
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Probably not wrong, though. He is calling her his queen, after all.
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Who tells you she'd be willing?
Rares doesn't exactly takes the whole coup-d'état thing very well.
Even less the gloating Blueblood makes.
I never meant to say she's willing.
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